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This is me. LolaLot. What to say about me? Well... I am currently 21 and I'm from Québec. My first language is French since it is my province's official language! I've been happily taken for the past four years and a half by the man I will spent the rest of my life with! ;P I have one sister, who has three kids. They're all lovely and I would love to steal them. Hm... I also have two cats! I could never live without cats. The male, about three years old, is Every. The female, two years old, is Mirri!
I have a high school diploma that I've obtained through completing the equivalent of a GED. I actually dropped out of school at fifteen for no apparent reason. I started going back to the 'adults' school when I was seventeen and completed my two years of high school on and off for the next year and a half until I obtained my diploma Next? I completed a semester of college and started another in biotechnologies, but ended up disliking it and stopped. I don't have an actual plan to go back to school, but if I ever do, it will definitely be for my writing.
Ah, writing. The whole point of this blog. I want to write full-time, which isn't currently possible since my boyfriend is going to university full-time and the rent won't pay itself alone! So instead, I work part-time and dedicate most of my free time to writing. I hope I can live off of it one day, though I realize it is a very hard thing to do. I don't plan on actually selling my work, but if this blog can generate any money at all from ads and whatnot, I would be very happy. Who knows, maybe I'll reach my goal and be able to do what I love at some point. ;)

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