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Naruto has accidentally found out that Sakura is pregnant by overhearing Shizune tell her during her check-up. A few days later, he decides to invite the team out for ramen to celebrate. What he isn't aware of, is that the kunoichi hasn't broken the news to her partner just yet.
This is the oneshot I promised to write towards One Day's end! It turned out that option number one was most popular, so there you go. ;)
Full Belly

When Kakashi ignores Sakura in favor of Icha Icha one too many times, the kunoichi decides to take matters into her own hands and steals one of her ex-sensei's precious books. After threatening his perverted belonging, she pushes him to choose between it and her. How hard can the choice be?
One of the other options for the oneshot that I mentioned. I just couldn't resist!

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