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Behind the Porcelain Mask

When Kakashi returns to ANBU without so much as a warning, Sakura figures that something must be going on with the Copy Nin and decides to do what she can to help her ex-sensei, in hopes of saving him as he has so often done for her. This self-imposed mission will throw the kunoichi in situations that she couldn't have predicted, forcing her to see her friend in a new light and to question how far she is willing to go for this man.
With One Day now over, this is my main project. Expect it to be a rather massive story. I'm really putting all I have into this story and want to make it the best that I can. It's a test of my abilities, of some sort. Though, don't get me wrong on this. This story is by far my most important project. I've put a lot of work into its planning and researching Japanese culture to keep it true. I'm very attached to it and just can't wait to get it done!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

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