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One Day at a Time

Kakashi and Sakura are captured on a mission and kept hostage, powerless to their situation and at the mercy of their enemy until they can find a way out. What will it take to break the famous Copy Nin? Love blooms in the strangest of places...
Note: Most of this story is unedited and completed.
This is my main story at the moment, the one that I focus on the most. It will be exactly sixty chapters long and may or may not have a sequel. I know exactly where this story is going action-wise, but how Kakashi and Sakura's relationship will be at the end of it is still unclear to me, I'm developing it as I see fit while I write. Updates should be frequent. Expect at least one or two a week, mainly on Saturdays or week-ends in general.

Sequel: When The Dark Clouds Clear Up
Chapter One                                             Chapter Twenty-One                                 Chapter Forty-One
Chapter Two                                            Chapter Twenty-Two                                Chapter Forty-Two
Chapter Three                                          Chapter Twenty-Three                            Chapter Forty-Three
Chapter Four                                            Chapter Twenty-Four                                Chapter Forty-Four
Chapter Five                                            Chapter Twenty-Five                                 Chapter Forty-Five
Chapter Six                                              Chapter Twenty-Six                                    Chapter Forty-Six
Chapter Seven                                          Chapter Twenty-Seven                           Chapter Forty-Seven
Chapter Eight                                           Chapter Twenty-Eight                             Chapter Forty-Eight
Chapter Nine                                            Chapter Twenty-Nine                               Chapter Forty-Nine
Chapter Ten                                             Chapter Thirty                                                     Chapter Fifty
Chapter Eleven                                        Chapter Thirty-One                                     Chapter Fifty-One
Chapter Twelve                                       Chapter Thirty-Two                                    Chapter Fifty-Two
Chapter Thirteen                                      Chapter Thirty-Three                               Chapter Fifty-Three
Chapter Fourteen                                     Chapter Thirty-Four                                   Chapter Fifty-Four
Chapter Fifteen                                        Chapter Thirty-Five                                    Chapter Fifty-Five
Chapter Sixteen                                       Chapter Thirty-Six                                        Chapter Fifty Six
Chapter Seventeen                                   Chapter Thirty-Seven                              Chapter Fifty-Seven
Chapter Eighteen                                     Chapter Thirty-Eight                                 Chapter Fifty-Eight
Chapter Nineteen                                     Chapter Thirty-Nine                                  Chapter Fifty-Nine
Chapter Twenty                                       Chapter Forty                                                     Chapter Sixty

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