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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter One:

Sometimes, it takes someone to point it to notice the elephant in the room.

"I slept with Kiba." The statement came completely out of the blue. The voice of the obnoxious blonde that was Ino held no shame or shyness. No regret, or questions. Pure gossip. It was no surprise to the pink-haired jonin that sat next to her best friend in the hot spring, warm and soothing water covering up to her armpits. Really, had the temperamental girl wanted was to relax and enjoy a quiet day. Sadly, when your closest friend was the epicentre of gossip in all of Fire Country, such beautiful times were easily ruined.

"Aren't you gonna ask about it?" Irritation was starting to manifest in her tone, warning the quieter kunoichi that her companion would soon throw a fit if she didn't show any interest in the topic. In truth, Sakura didn't even want to know. Ino's hyperactive love life only reminded her of how dead hers was. There had been nobody but Sasuke, and he was gone now.

"Does he howl like the rumors say?" The pink girl always preferred her own voice over the blonde's. There was no vanity behind it. It was a simple dislike for the high-pitched tone her friend's voice always had. Hers was always more even, a little deeper. If Sakura would have to choose one of her favorite features, it would certainly be her voice. Ino was quick to scoff at her, crossing her arms over her large bosom.

"Fine. If you're not taking interest in my incredible love life, I'll ask about yours. Or is still down the drain?" There was teasing behind the Yamanaka's words, but the girl on the receiving end failed to see it.

"Shut up, Pig. My love life is fine as it is." Sakura growled back, throwing a threatening glare her friend's way.

"No, it's not. Seriously, Forehead, you're as cold as ice. Isn't there any one that gives you butterflies when you look at him?" The chuunin had sprung to her feet, fingers tapping her lower abdomen suggestively. In a way, the jonin felt she had every reason to be jealous of her comrade. All that prevented that feeling from become full-fledged envy was that she really didn't want anyone. What did it matter if her chest was underdeveloped and her curves softer than Ino's outrageous ones if there was no one to seduce?

"Or there's not a guy out there that's up to my standards." Her temper threatened to flare, but she kept it in check for the moment.

"Come on, we live in a shinobi village! We're blessed with the hottest guys!" Her friend cheered, grinning lecherously as she wiggled her body enthusiastically with her fists pressed to her chin.

"Ugh, you're hopeless, Pig!" The jonin spat out, looking away as she crossed her arms on her chest.

"No, you are, Forehead! Come on, is there really no one that sparks a little something in you?" The blonde nudged her friend's shoulder, trying to coax at least a little something out of her.

"...Come on. Nobody?" Her voice dropped lower, a concerned tone finally lacing with it when the other kunoichi failed to reply after a long and awkward silence.

Even if Ino was a handful and downright bitchy some of the time, Sakura knew she cared deeply for her. And vice versa. They were best friends for a reason. It didn't prevent their tempers from clashing together most of the time, but they always made up. Returning the subject of their actual conversation, Sakura's mind wandered to the males that she knew.

"No." Her answer was simple and dry.

"Maybe you need to change where you're looking?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" The boisterous blonde stepped in front of her friend, one long slender finger poking her chin as she thought.

"Maybe you like older men." The jonin burst into laughter at her companion's suggestion, slapping the water as she tried to control her small outburst.

"You gotta be kidding." She replied incredulously, a pink eyebrow arching high.

"Not at all. You act like an old hag anyway." Sakura's mouth opened to protest this opinion, but her friend put a finger to her mouth, shutting her up.

"No, don't say a word! Listen!" Ino cleared her throat as she prepared her speech.

"How about Kakashi-sensei? Just think about it. Close your eyes!" The blonde was back to her upbeat and cheerful attitude, as if she had found a solution to Sakura's inexistent problem.

"Are you crazy? The man has his nose in a smut book all the time!" The emerald-eyed kunoichi sputtered in disbelief, eyeing her companion dangerously.

"Shut it, Forehead! We're talking about his looks only here. Now obey me and close your eyes already." She ordered, slapping her hands together, eyes shining with mischief. Her best friend huffed, shaking her head and muttering insults as she did as she was told.

"Okay. Imagine Kakashi-sensei. Think about it, he's one incredible ninja. He was almost named Hokage. He's pratically Konoha's most desirable bachelor when you come to think of it." Images of all the exploits Sakura had witnessed her other closest friend perform throughout the years she had been in his team. It was true that if you were after status, Kakashi was top-notch.

In the past three years, she and her ex-teacher had gotten much closer. After their other two teammates had left, they were each other's only bond to team 7. It had started with small greetings here and then, to weekly sparring together once her skills had skyrocketed thanks to the legendary sucker. They were quite close now. They didn't spend a ton of time together, but they always had their regular training sessions and one dinner together every week.

"You know how he always wears that ugly baggy jonin uniform? Well, once, I happened to get a glimpse of him in the public baths. I couldn't believe what I saw." Sakura was sorely tempted to block her innocent ears from hearing the rest. Not only was she talking about her ex-sensei, but also a good friend of her. This was awkward.

"He still had his damned mask on, but his body... Wow! He's definitely not bulky like Asuma-sensei was, he's lean and even maybe a little thin. But his body is still amazing. Just try to see it. Hot, irresistible sensei... With the mystery around him, his unapproachable attitude, yet he still looks so dangerous..." Feeling that the blonde might be going a little too far in her own fantasy, Sakura got to her feet and bypassed her friend on her way to the exit of the bath.

"You're gross, Pig."

Chapter Two: Click Here

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