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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Fifteen:

Their small group hadn't lost any time to put Sakura and Sasuke's plan into action. The sooner they were rid of Sasuke, the happier Kakashi would be. He had pratically refused to speak to Sakura in the past two weeks. Much to everyone's relief, they had travelled through a small civilian village and picked up warmer garments. Winter was almost comfortably settled, having sent snow their way quite a few times already. It was starting to stick the the ground, no longer melting on the following day. It felt good to be warm.

It had been agreed that only Sakura and Sasuke would enter the daimyos' mansions, attending their party as a young married couple. Of course, henges would ensure good disguise so no one could recognize them. Kakashi had strongly protested against this set up, but it was inevitable if they didn't want to leave traces. Sasuke's sharingans were necessary to dispell the old genjutsu and put up a new one in its place Sakura's role would be to incapacite the daimyos and anyone who interrupted their plans in an harmless way. Her medic skills were a must. There was nothing he could do about it.

The hike to the first mansion had been uneventful, if not exhausting. The snow had piled up quickly and the two weeks necessary to walk there had easily turned to three. Naruto, Sai and Kakashi would wait in the trees where the fake couple would make their exit once business was done. They were to wait there patiently and intervene only in a life or death situation. They watched expectantly as their teammates exited from their line of sight. Naruto was startled by the sound of Kakashi's gritting teeth and he watched the man as if he had sprouted a second head. The look he threw his former student probably scared him half to death. He dropped the subject immediately.

The mission had gone smoothly. Almost too smoothly. The daimyo was pratically left unattended the whole evening. Sure, there were guards at every door, but no one followed him around. They simply waited for him to excuse himself to the bathroom and they struck, swift and silent. No resistance was met as Sakura had hit the right pressure points to knock him out before he had even noticed their presence. Sasuke filled his part with no trouble as well. His genjutsu skills were nothing short of impressive. He had even set a time for it to override the old and start when he assumed he would be done with each daimyo.

Every target was caught and hypnotized as easily as the previous. The fact that they raised no suspicious made it relatively easy. If they were to be caught, the guard force would be increased, probably tripled to make sure no one could reach the remaining daimyos. It took nearly two weeks in between each of them. A month and a half had passed alredy since Sakura had been seperated from Kakashi by Sasuke. Their relationship was still incredibly strained because she still refused to spill the beans on the deal, but he'd refused to leave her side when he noticed his rival took every opportunity to get closer to the kunoichi. And that she didn't push him away.

He had racked his mind for possibilities. He was already giving up his sharingan. What else could that brat want? He didn't know what Sakura had to offer to him. She had released the seal on his sharingan since he needed it to complete his end of the deal. Surely, it wasn't to spare his eyes. That would make no sense. The idea of his clan repopulation brushed his mind, but he dropped it quickly. Sakura would never agree. Plus, why would he let his child grow in the village he hated so deeply? He wouldn't let his girlfriend be taken away, and the boy knew that. Nor would he allow him to have sex with her. He made sure of that by never leaving them alone. This was as usual, he came up empty-handed every time he tried to find an answer.

This was the last one. Sakura's heart pounded in her ears. The last one. Surely, Sasuke would request her to fill her end of the deal soon after this. She still didn't know how she could live through that. Many thoughts assaulted her mind. Some of him forcing himself on her, causing her to shiver in fear. Sasuke's hand grasping her shoulder had her crashing back to reality.

"Mameha, Earth calling." Her fake husband cooed, a charming smile on his face. She gulped before forcing herself back into her role.

"I'm sorry, dear. I spaced out." She replied, smiling shyly. She blushed brightly as she realized she had stopped dancing, causing quite a few glances to be thrown their way. Their resumed their positions and picked up where they left. She had such a hard time to remain in her role today. She didn't know when exactly he would come to her. Anxious was an understatement to what she felt.

"It's time." He whispered against her ear. She didn't miss the way he blew against it after his sentence. It sent shivers down her spine. In the past month, he had taken every oppoturnity he'd found to fluster her. Torture her with the thought of what she owed him.

"I'm sorry, Nabuo. Can we excuse ourselves?" She spoke evenly and smoothly. Her voice was like honey, and it disgusted her to no end. The only thing that she wanted was to throw herself into Kakashi's arms. She missed his comfort so much it hurt. He hadn't touched her ever since she had protected Sasuke. She missed his warmth terribly. Her husband nodded, hooking her arm in his as they headed for the washrooms. As soon as they were out of the ballroom, they had made a dash for the daimyo's private quarters, where he had just gone to refresh himself.

The guards out his door were no problem. A small genjutsu to hide them, hit a few pressure points and out they were. Sneaking behind the daimyo was no trouble as well. He was completely obvious. The ritual was the same as usual. She knocked him out, watched the door and guards until Sasuke finished his job. It was easy. Who would have thought the daimyos would feel so confident that they'd let their guard down. As soon as Sasuke was done, they ran towards the exit, but he snatched her arm before she could reach for the door and pulled her in another hallway.

"What are you doing? The exit's right there!" She shrieked in panic, fighting back against him to try and grab the doorknob.

"We have a deal to complete first." His words made her freeze and it was easy for him to drag though the hall, where he selected a random room to shove her in. A closet. Great, that would be comfortable. It was the first thought that ran through her mind and she wanted to smack herself for it. He was about to impregnate her and that was what she thought about? She could never hate herself enough.

"W-Wait, I can do this without you. We don't need to do this!" She protested, grabbing at his hands as he tried to remove her clothing.

"You should have specified that when we made the deal. It's too late." His voice was harsh and impatient. He didn't want to spend more time than necessary here. There was still a possibility that they would be caught and he didn't want that. Sakura bit the inside of her cheek, her arms dropping and her struggle died down.

"P-Please, Sasuke, don't do this..." She pleaded, her voice barely a whisper as he slid her underwear down her legs then moved on to lower her strapless dress below her breasts. Tears spilled down her cheeks freely. She had to bite her cheek until she drew blood to choke back her sobs. He wasn't stopping.

"Don't you dare make a sound..." He whispered in her ear just before his hands took a hold of hers, lifting them to the small pole that hung horizontally above her head. She gripped it tightly. Wether it was to obey him or to cling on for dear life, she didn't know. Her breathing quickly became hectic when he started fondling her breasts, his mouth attacking her neck. If he was trying to turn on her, he was losing his time.

To Sakura, it felt like he was taking his sweet time. He had lowered his head to her collarbone, planting soft kisses there until he reached her breasts. He gave one a few nips and suckles before moving on to the other. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She wished he could just do it and get over with it. His mouth travelled down to her ribs, where the thin material of her dress had scrunched up before skipping over it ghosting his lips from her just above her navel down to where her pubic hair started.

(You can guess what's coming. This isn't entirely consensual, please skip if this makes you feel uncomfortable.)

She tensed up when his fingers slid on the outer lips of sex before tracing her slit with a single digit. Her eyes were shut tight and she was desperately wishing to be anywhere but here. She whimpered audibly when his thumb rolled against her clit in slow circles. She cursed herself inwardly when his tongue replaced his thumb, resuming the same motion and coaxing a gasp out of the girl. She heard him chuckle below her. It was all it took to make her want to shoot herself right then and there. His hands grabbed a hold of hips and pulled her to him so she couldn't escape him.

"S-Sasuke, don't do this, please... Jus... hmm... get this over with!" She pleaded, unable to keep a moan from coming out of her. He stood up and she sighed in relief. It was a short-lived relief as he restarted his assault on her right after. One hand held her chin still while he kissed her, pinching her hard enough for her to part her lips in protest, but he only took this as permission to deepen the kiss. His other hand had travelled down to her core, resuming his ministrations to her sensitive nub.

"The sooner you give up, the faster this is over." He rasped against her mouth. A chill ran down her spine. He wanted her to orgasm? In this kind of situation? He was insane! She had been too distracted to hear him undo his pants. It had been a complete surprise when he rubbed his stiff member against her. She bucked against him, reacting to his warmth against her own will. Her breath came in short pants, her head rolled back against the wall as she tried hard to fight her teacherous body. Her thighs were quivering. It wasn't hard to tell he had her worked up pretty bad.

When the tip of his shaft began to slide into her, she tightened her hold on the metal bar above her head, new tears spilling out the corner of her eyes. Her legs flailed, miserably trying to hit her abuser but he gripped her thighs and held them still at his hips. She choked out sobs as he thrust into her slowly until he was buried to he hilt, far louder than she intended.

"It's okay, Sakura." He tried to soothe her, one of his hands moving to caress her back gently. Her hold on the bar faltered and she wrapped her arms around his neck, gripping his shoulders desperately. He silenced her sobs with his lips, crushing them against hers for a moment.

"It'll be fine, Sakura. I promise." He whispered against her soft lips, tender from his assault on them. She lost it right then. She coudn't fight him. It was useless. Her fingers moved up his neck to tangle his hair and she kissed him. He didn't hesitate to respond and deepen it once more as his hips started grinding in a slow pace against hers. She moaned in his mouth barely seconds later, arching into him.

"That's it, Sakura..." He purred against her. He sped the movements of his hips and clamped a hand around her mouth to stiffle any sound she made. She was close. He felt her tense up and her hand tugged hard at his hair. One of his hands move between them to rub circles against her clit. Her thighs gripped him hard and she bucked into him. He moved faster against her, panting and grunting as his own climax crept up on him. It was only a few more seconds before she squirmed and thrashed around him as she reached her peak, until it subsided and she went limp in his arms. He grunted and bucked into her one last time as he came, letting out a breath he'd been holding for several seconds.

(Alright, people who skipped, you can pick up here.)

She felt his hold on her legs falter and barely a second later he dropped them. The sudden weight made her lose her hod on, her limbs having turned to jelly by now. She fell to the floor in a completely ungraceful manner. She didn't move, simply trying to catch her breath.

"Pick yourself up. We gotta go now." He growled as he noticed her state. He gripped her shoulder and pulled her up roughly, fixing her dress for her. Once his hands were off of her, she bent down to pick up her underwear, gripping them tightly and biting back tears before she forced herself to put them on. She fixed her hair as she could without a mirror, hoping she wouldn't look too flustered once they made their way back to their friends.

She followed him without protest when he grabbed her hand and led her outside. He didn't hesitate to sprint once they were outside, causing her to stumble behind him. How come her legs felt like jelly when he could run as if nothing had happened? She swallowed the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes and picked her pace up, matching his. She wasn't sure she wouldn't crash half way but she didn't feel like she had a choice but to obey him at this point. The inside of her thighs burned and it was a painful reminder of what had just happened. What would come.

Barely five minutes later the tree their friends hid in came in sight. And a few later, their faces. Kakashi seemed relieved to see her. It made her smile weakly. Would he still love her if he knew what she had just done?

It didn't take long for his expression to change. His visible eye widened and she could see the branch he'd been holding onto splinter in his hands. He knew everything. She wanted to damn his sensitive nose to hell right then.

Chapter Sixteen: Click Here

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