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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Five:

Sakura hadn't been out of her bedroom since she'd arrived. He'd spend half of the evening getting every peanut in the five pound bag he'd bought last week out of its shell. It had been a bargain, really. It was half the price of the two pound bag if you checked the price per gram. But then again, who needed five pounds ofpeanuts? He stared at the thrash can besides it, overfilled with all the shells. No one, was his answer. The distraction had been nice though. He was starting to wonder if she would actually come out tonight or not.

At midnight, after yet another bad movie, it was almost midnight. Really, why had he bought those things? He needed to be more careful whenever he spent money. This was such a waste. Not that it ever made a dent in his wallet, but still. They were better things to spend it on. He sighed and got up, making his way to her bedroom. He knew she wasn't asleep, he could hear her steps around the room every now and then. He hesitated for a while. Should he try and talk to her?

The answer was no. He simply went to bed. It was what he should've done all along anyway. When had he decided to make her his personnal business anyway? She would be perfectly fine on her own, she alway had been. Though he was still somewhat curious about what had upset her so much. He would just ignore it until she got over it and came around to him instead. He didn't chase after people.

The following week had been quite quiet. No sighting of the new missing nins had been reported.

They received no news either, but so early on, no news were good news. They were probably hiding out in Suna until they could get a better plan. Sakura was back to acting the way she had before. She scolded him whenever he slouched, ate something unhealthy or didn't take a shower every day. She scolded him when he was late. They had meals together, chatting a little then. But the rest of their time was spent apart. She visited the hospital a lot, trying to pick up a little work to keep her busy, but Danzo's order were strict. She was completely off-duty until her leg had healed fully. Until then she was a burden to everyone.

Kakashi, on his side, tried his best to keep busy as well. He was on guard duty around the village ten hours a day, six days a week until his pupil got better. It was boring, really. But it was better than staying home. He spent some time thinking about how to kick Danzo out of the Hokage tower. He felt they were only two solutions. They could either bribe or intimidate him into doing so, which was very unlikely to work, or give enough evidence to the elders that he plans that went against Konoha's best interest. Or assassinate him. Either would do. It would just be nearly impossible to do so without being caught and he really didn't feel like spending the rest of his days in prison.

He came home that night to find Sakura sleeping on the couch. She'd fallen asleep while watching ones of his movies. He smiled a little. It was somewhat nice to have someone to come home to, even if she barely talked to him lately. Sometimes he wondered if she'd ever have dinner ready for him on the table. It was quite unlikely. He didn't even think she was a good cook anyway, so it was better off that way. He deposited the take-out boxes on the cofee table before he walked to the couch and kneeled down in front of it, watching her a little before stroking her back to wake her up. A little teasing was in order.

"Hey, sweetie. Wake up, it's time for dinner.", he let out softly, grinning a little. He knew that Sakura talked in her sleep if she felt safe enough. Usually, it was the case when she was in Konoha.

"Hmm, no. I'm not hungry.", she mumbled sleepily.

"You'll be late for your date.", he replied, hoping to make her react a little more. And it did. Her head shot up and one of her eyes remained half closed while the other was perfectly awake.

"Huh? I don't have a date. Who is it with?", she answered, rubbing her eyes tiredly while she sat up straighter.

"No one, I was just teasing you.", the jonin said with a playful glint in his eye.

"Oh. You're annoying, Kakashi-sensei.", she shot back before yawning. How long had she been sleeping? She sighed and set her feet on the couch's cushion, hugging her legs loosely to her chest. Her eyes stayed locked with Kakashi's for a little moment. He decided to tug at the little thread she was hanging and sat beside her, a hand on her knee. She didn't react, which gave him a little hope.

He felt the urge to hold her to him. A selfish urge. It wasn't to make her feel better about anything. It was just to have her agains him, because he wanted it. He didn't know why. A little voice inside his head told him he just craved the physical contact because he hadn't had any in so long. Said voice was quickly thrown out an imaginary window. Since he was a selfish man, helaid down and pulled her over him before she could say a word. She was quick to sit up, though. Right on his lap. He was tempted to grab her hips and pull her forward a bit so she wasn't sitting on something to sensitive, but he was quite certain the gesture would earn him a well-placed punch. That wasn't desirable.

"Why are you doing this?", she asked shyly, obviously a little uncomfortable about their current position. It's not like he was the one to put her in his lap.

"Because I wanted to.", he replied simply. It was the truth, he didn't have any better answer. He wanted her close to him so he did. In theory it was simple. He noticed a slight blush creep up her cheeks. It was cute. He carefully slid his hand up one of her legs to rest on her waist. The other one sneaked up to cup her gaze kept his.

Her cheeks were warm. Her cheeks were quite red now. He liked it. It was both cute and funny to see. His thumb ghosted over her lips slowly and she opened her mouth just a little. They were soft. They looked inviting. How would she react if he tried to kiss her, he wondered. His eyes roamed her body shamelessly for a few seconds, noting how well her shorts hugged her legs. How her shirt was a little loose on her, but had a V-neck than went a little lower than he thought safe. Was she wearing a bra today?

She wasn't stopping him, so he decided to find out. The hand that had cupped her cheek lowered to slip inside her shirt, sliding on her skin until he reached her ribs. He hesitated a little then. She was looking at him with unfocused eyes. She was clearly a little unsure, but she didn't seem to mind. So he slid fingers up slowly, until they touched the underside of her breast. She wasn't wearing one. Oh, Kami. He felt himself starting to harden but he couldn't get himself to push her off of him, instead, he tugged at the hem of her shirt to get her to lay down on him.

Sakura didn't know what was going on. She could feel everything that was happening, she couldn't lie about the fact that his hands felt great on her. They were warm and gentle. It was nice, even if it was in an innocent way. She had missed his comforting gestures. When he tugged on her shirt, she did as he wanted. He said he wanted this. He wanted her close. She didn't know what it meant, but she understood a little. It just felt nice to have someone to hold in your arms. To be held.

She set her hands above each of his shoulders, stopping a little distance away from his head that was leaned against the arm of the couch. The hand that had been on her waist slid down to hold the back of her thigh. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise. She wriggled a little to get more comfortable then, rubbing herself against him unconsciously. The Copy Nin closed his eye slowly, holding his breath to keep from showing his arousal. She obviously noticed how all this made him feel then, because her eyes had widened and she blushed brightly.

Right then, he wanted to pray for her not to leave. He didn't know where he was headed with this, he just didn't want her to leave his arms. She didn't. She leaned against him more fully, pressing his arousal against her crotch instead. He let his breath out slowly, both of his hands grabbing her hips and holding her firmly in place. This felt good. His mind wandered then. How would she feel around him? Was she tight? He felt himself throb almost painfully at the thought. She gasped in surprised at the feel. She was obviously very inexperienced and had never felt a man against her. He opened his eye again and looked down at her chest. Yep, her shirt was loose. He could see an entire breast from this angle. It was the same size he had thought. Her nipple was hard and he could feel it daring him to touch. He swallowed a little hard before giving in. His hand sneaked into her shirt once more, coming up to grasp her breast softly. She gasped again, though this time she closed her eyes.

Right then, he had no more questions hanging out around his head. He wanted her, and pretty bad. He glanced at his bedroom door. No, too far, he thought. Right here would be good. He pulled his mask down quickly before leaning up to kiss her. She was too stunned to move. She was still trying to process everything that was happening, wondering why she hadn't bolted the second she felt he was hard. Something kept her there. Maybe it was curiosity. Maybe it was the little jolt of pleasure she had felt when he throbbed against her.

The kiss was soft, though he didn't wait long before adding a little pressure. He tweaked her nipple between his fingers and smirked as she moaned in his mouth. His tongue took the opportunity to reach for hers, rubbing gently, checking for her reaction first. He felt her melt against him. He smelled her arousal. He restrained himself from the strong urge to just have her right then. His mind was reeling, thinking of every way he could get her to let him have his way with her as fast as possible. He grabbed one of her hands and let it down to the prominent bulge in his pants. She didn't protest at first, simply letting him guide her. He made her grip him, pumping up and down slowly. He let out a shaky breath as pleasure rushed through him.

"Sakura...", he breathed against her ear, closing his eye to focus solely on the sensations. His hand left hers, glad she was continuing on without him. He went for her shorts, slipping the hem without any trouble. He slid his fingers in her underwear and traced her slit quickly. His heart was pumping. He was in a rush and he wanted nothing more than this right now. Nothing else mattered.

"K-Kakashi-sensei!", she cried out, backing away from him quickly. She clumsily got off of him and ran to hide in her bedroom. He stayed still for a moment, processing what had just happened. He wanted to curse. Both at himself for doing this, and at her for leaving. He didn't know what to do then. He got up and made his way to her bedroom, knocking on the door softly.

"Sakura.", he called hesitantly. He heard the door unlock, but it didn't open. He pushed it open slowly and peeked in. She was sitting on the bed, holding her pillow to herself.

"I'm sorry, Sakura. I didn't mean for it to turn that way.", he apologized. He didn't know why he had done it. He had just wanted it and acted on it thoughtlessly. It had probably just been too long since he'd last been intimate with someone. His body craved it and he felt it was natural to give in. It would have been if she hadn't been his student and if he hadn't almost let her be killed just last week. He stared at the floor, unable to look at her in the eye.

Sakura didn't know what to reply. She hadn't meant for that to happen either. It just happened. It just had felt somewhat right at the moment. She had liked the feeling of his hands on her. She blushed once more at the thought, shaming quickly washing over her. She looked behind her at some tree outside her window. Anything to get her mind off of this.

"I know. It was my fault. Sorry.", she blurted out. She did feel as if she had provoked him at the least a little by sitting on him like that. She just hadn't thought. After all, he had been able to take a bath with her and stay a complete gentleman. Kakashi was quite surprised by what she had just said. Her fault? He was totally certain that it wasn't.

"If you say so. Let's jurt forget it happened, okay?", he let out hesitantly. At least this allowed him an easy way out. He just hoped she wouldn't be avoiding him for months after this. He wanted to be there for her. If he couldn't be there for her when her life was in danger, then he had the obligation to be the rest of the time, he assumed. Naruto and the ANBU would be there for the other part, he chuckled to himself.

"Yeah. No problem.", she replied quickly, fidgeting with the scratched the back of his neck, reluctant to leave. Something was tuggign at his heart, as weird as it sounded. He felt like he was a teenager who didn't know how to deal with girls. Well, he didn't really know how to handle a teen one, that was for sure, but he certainly had his fair share of experience with women. That moan while they kissed proved it.

"Okay. Are you hungry? I brought take-out.", he offered, motioning to the living room.

"Um, yeah. A little.", she nodded. Truth was, she hadn't eaten that day yet. After he had left for his guard duty, she'd just plopped down on the couch and decide to mope for the rest of the day while watching tv. Her leg was hurting quite badly. Chakra healing did wonders, but that didn't spare you the convalescence. The body needs to do its work.

She stood up wobbily, trying not to step on her foot. It just made it worse. She had ignored it when she had fled from him, but now she was paying the price. He was on her side in a second, helping her stand straight. They walked in silence to the kitchen, grabbing the boxes on the way. She smirked when she opened her box. There were some fried noodles with beef and vegetables. That, she liked.
But there was also another small container. With anmitsu. That, she loved. How did he know her so well when they spent so little time together.

"How did you know?", she asked while pulling her chopsticks apart.

"I have a knack for details.", came his simple reply. She shrugged and just started eating. She was starving.

After their meal, it was more than time for bed. His shift ended too late. He wasn't a morning person, but he hated going to bed in the middle of the night. He just didn't like waking up. Sleep was the only time of peace he had. To his surprise, just before he reached for the doorknob of his bedroom, slender arms wrapped around his mid-section. He stood still for a few seconds, waiting for her to say something.

"I don't want to lose you, Kakashi-sensei.", she let out quietly, evenly. He turned around to face her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry. I got lost on the path of life once, and I found my way back, didn't I?", he let out, half serious and half joking. He didn't want to tackle such a subject. Probably because he felt so strongly about it and it wouldn't do to break his stoic and aloof habits so openly. She huffed and swatted his arm.

"I was serious, you dumbass.", she replied, a slight frown on her face. He saw through it, though. He saw the mischief and playfulness behind it. He smiled a little and slid his fingers down her arm to her hand, holding it loosely before he brought it up to his lips. He blew on it. She quickly pulled her hand away form him with a high-pitched 'eek'. She was ticklish there. He'd learned that on a mission, from the way her fingers had moved around his hand when he helped her up. It was subtle, but nothing escape Sharingan Kakashi.

"That's not fair.", she pouted. How could he know all these little details? He just shrugged and hushered her to her bedroom.

"Nothing is fair for a ninja.", he lightly scolded. "Good night, Sakura.", he let out before turning around once they'd reached her door. He heard her bid him the same, though he just ignored it. He quickly locked himself in his bedroom and sat on his bed tiredly, sighing. He was tired. So tired. It wasn't his long and boring shifts as a guard. It wasn't the way that Sakura kept his attention all to herself when he come home.

It was all those times that he lost a teammate, or almost lost one and that wouldn't leave him alone. It was how he had taught Chidori to Sasuke. How he had failed to see where he was headed, thinking he could redirect him. Sakura's broken leg was a constant reminder. He knew he couldn't keep his loved ones out of harm's way forever. They would get injured, severely, as he had. As he so often did. It was the life of a ninja.

It was because he'd held back, because he'd underestimated Sasuke. He still wanted to believe that he would come back to them, that he wouldn't turn out like Orochimaru. He was wrong and his mistake had almost cost Sakura's life. Their little session on the couch was just another weight to add in his already large collection. He wasn't one to lose control, and he hadn't. He had just willingly ignored all these voices that screamed at him that she was his student and not the right person to use as a sexual outlet.

It wasn't uncommon among ninjas to use sex as a coping means. It relaxed you and made you forget for a little moment. It felt good to be held, to hold and to give yourself to someone for a little while. It was one of the rare times where another's presence so close wasn't a threat. Sure, you could be very close to your teammates. You could be great friends, but they couldn't fill this particular void. This loneliness. It was only natural to desire someone's company in more intimate ways, even if just to hug or cuddle. Every human needs warmth.

Sakura had just been there. It had been a long time since he'd last been with someone. He'd been too busy with missions, and now the reconstruction of the village. Without forgetting the resistance against Danzo. She was just convenient. Because she lived in his home and let him see under her shirt by accident on the couch when he was seducing her. He sighed as he felt himself harden again. It wouldn't go so easily tonight. He laid down on the bed and tugged his pants and boxers down, reaching down to stroke himself.

Even though he wouldn't admit it, just blame it on what had happened, his mind was filled with a certain pink-haired kunoichi. A girl who was laying below him while he ground his hips in hers, who was on her knees in front of her, head bobbing back and forth. Or her front against the wall of the shower while he took her from behind. He liked that one. He managed to stay silent when his orgasm came, grinding his teeth as he tensed and breathed harsh. The last thing he wanted was for her to hear him.

He relaxed after a few moments, breathing deeply, while he grabbed tissues from his nightstand and cleaned himself up. That felt good. Now he could go to sleep easily. He pulled his boxers back home and slipped under the covers, closing his eyes immediately. For once, sleep didn't take long to claim him.

On her side, Sakura's mind was reeling. She was thinking about the encounter with Sasuke. She didn't love him anymore, really. She had gotten over that childish love under Tsunade's tutelage. She hadn't only taught her how to be strong physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The Uchiha was unreachable and one day she would have to kill him. She had to be ready. Her resolve was strenghtened now. He had hurt Kakashi, and he would have killed her if the ANBU hadn't arrived. He was a lost cause. A murderer. Next time, she wouldn't be so stupid. She would be strong and she would kill him. To protect her own loved ones.

Kakashi crossed her mind again. Their little moment on the couch. Or in the bath. She had never imagined in her wildest dream that the Copy Nin would allow her so close. She didn't know why he did, either. That bothered her. She assumed that he did it all only for her benefit, to comfort her. The kiss on the couch made her doubt though. That wasn't for her. She hadn't asked for it, so it was for him? He had wanted it, that much was clear. She shivered slightly as she remembered how he'd touched her. It had been good. He was experienced, that much she could tell.

She was trying to figure the whole thing out, though. She needed to focus on that. Not on how her teacher had turned her on. Maybe he appreciated her presence. Maybe Kakashi could be lonely too.

After all, she'd never even heard of him having company besides Team 7 and the occasional meeting with Gai or the other jonin. That must have been it. He just wanted some company. She surely wasn't the right one to provide it though. She was his student. They couldn't cross that boundary. She pondedred biefly how he would do to invite a woman over with her in the way. She quickly crushed the thought though, she didn't want any more images of him in compromising positions.

That left her with why he was letting her invade his personal space, something she knew he held very dearly. She liked being this close to him. Being able to hug him every now and then, cuddle him while a movie. It made her feel closer to him, that she mattered more to him than he would admit. It was a nice feeling. She cared for him a lot. Even more so since she'd started living with him. She didn't know why, but there was just something that drew her to him. She wanted to be a part of his life, and for him to be a part of hers. She wanted more than the casual 'hello-good bye' conversation.
She wondered a lot what his past had been like. If he'd had girlfriends, or owned a different home. Had ever lived somewhere else. Anything. Anything that she didn't know about, she wondered. He was just so mysterious. It wasn't about the mask anymore, or the sharingan, but about what he didn't say. What no one but those who grew up with him knew about.

Then it hit her. He'd kissed her. He'd had his mask off! And she didn't even think to look! She flailed in her bed, groaning and battering her mattress with her feet. Goddamn it. Of course she'd be too distracted to see the one time he'd allow her to see it. Oh well, another time, maybe. Not.

The next day was relatively quiet. He left early and came back late for his shift. She staye home, bored. She needed to get something done. It was driving her insane to just stay there and wait for her leg to heal. In about a month, she'd be ready to go and as good as new. Until then, her life would be full of nothing. She tried to be productive. She cleaned everything as well as she could, though she didn't dare go in his room. His door was locked anyway. It didn't take too long since her friend was already quite a neat freak.

She spent some time trying to accelerate her convalescence by trying to heal her leg further. It did help, as she found certain cracks in the bone that hadn't been mended well in the haste of the first healing. It barely took her half an hour to get everything as perfect as she could. She spent the rest of the time working on her chakra control so she wouldn't get rusty. She sliced random bits of paper with her chakra scalpel, molded it in random shapes. Anything.

Once she was sure he'd be home soon enough, she got to cooking dinner. Pan-seared fish with steamed veggies. Nothing complicated, but if she didn't cook the fish tonight, she knew it would go bad. He came home just a couple minutes before it was ready. He sniffed a couple times, wondering what was going on. He stared at her when he noticed that she was cooking. So much for thinking she would never have dinner ready when he would come home.

"You made dinner?", he asked, unable to believe it. He made his way to the kitchen as lazily as ever and watched over her shoulder. Hm, it didn't look at that bad.

"Mhm. I was going crazy with nothing to do, so I thought I might as well do this.", she explained moving the fish to the plates. They flaked horribly due to her lack of skill, but they would still be good. She handed him the two plates, grabbing her crutches again so she could move to the table. He set the place and sat in silence, staring at the meal.

"It isn't poisonous, is it? I told you I didn't do it on purpose.", he let out, eyeing her. She shook her head and giggled a little. She liked this side of him. The paranoid one that joked. He had nothing to apologize for. He just did it so she would wonder what he might've done to her. It use to work, riling her up and resulting in her questionning him intensely until he'd finally give her an honest answer.

They ate in companiable silence, enjoying their meal. It wasn't delicious, but it was palatable. It served its purpose. Once they were done, she insisted on doing the dishes, though he wouldn't allow her to do it alone. His excuse was that she could barely walk. It obviously didn't take long since it was done after each meal, but it made for a nice little time together. They joked about anything that crossed their mind, exchanging friendly banter.

At that moment, even though they didn't say a word about it, both of them were certain that their relationship was good. That they'd be there for one another, no matter what the other would say. Neither of them were certain how to deal with the changes in their feelings for one another, but it was okay. They were both good friends and would stay so, they were just getting closer. Spending time together, cuddling a little. Nothing that really close friends didn't do, right?

Chapter Six: Click Here

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