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Monday, January 28, 2013

I Give Up

Today, I gave up. I bought this thing.

Yes, today I bought a microwave. This atrocious food-warming and flavor-destroying machine. Why?
Because I can't be bothered to cook. Or at least, to do the dishes. Somewhere between working, writing and trying to have a life with a boyfriend who's drowning either in university or job-related work, there's never a time where we feel up to do such a boring task.
I like cooking. I think I'm kinda good at it. Creative, at the least. What I make usually turns out decent. The thing is, we love eating out. So whenever we fill our fridge after a trip to the grocery store -- always convinced that this time we'll do it, we'll eat healthy! -- most of it ends up going to waste, which is sad in more ways than one.
Today we headed out to the nearby Wal-Mart, stopping by Harvey's to have lunch, and purchased it. 70$ with three frozen meals. Not bad, definitely cheaper than ordering in all the time.
Why make a post about such a mundane occurence? Because I hate microwaves, I loathe them. Nothing good ever comes out of them, unless it's just warmed up muffins.
Then why did I buy it? Because I've stopped eating. I've been living off Kraft Dinner (better named as Krap Dinner) because it takes so little time, effort and dishes. For weeks. Writing has that effect on me. I forget to drink, eat and that a world exists outside of my computer. Hopefully, this microwave will remedy the situation and get some nutrition in me. I'm not sure how much longer I can last otherwise. I've lost nearly ten pounds in less than three months!

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