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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Ten: Roses and Thorns

When Sakura was dragged out of the room by a scrawny-looking man barely her age, laughter almost erupted from her. It wasn't with a bunch of these guys that would keep her locked up, she just had to put minimal strength in her struggle for the guy to almost lose his hold on her. Either he was completely clueless, or a puny excuse of a ninja. Her gaze had locked with her sensei's before the door was pushed closed behind her. Those mismatched eyes never failed to spark a fire within her, giving her the courage and will to survive and fight for another day. One more day, that's all they ever needed to battle for.

Before she could be led towards Koroku's bedroom, she tackled her enemy somewhat weakly. Her body was pressed flush to his side and fear-stricken innocent eyes looked up to his own ocean-colored ones. He was barely an inch taller than her, but her body was leaned forward enough so that her chin rested on his shoulder. Bony hands still gripped at her arms, as if hanging on for his dear life, which he probably was. If he let her escape, he'd be a dead man.

"Please, don't bring me back there!" She cried out desperately, forcing tears to well up in her eyes. Delicate hands clinged to his sleeve and fisted in it, her lips quivering and her breasts squeezed between her ribcage and his arm. She could feel him tense against her, his eyes showing all the discomfort he felt. Truly, he didn't look like a bad man. But how good was a man who followed orders without question?

"I-I have orders, I can't just let you out of here." He blurted out, his voice climbing an octave or two. There was no question that she affected him quite a bit.

"I'll be most grateful to you if you can make just this one day less painful... You look like a good man, please don't let him beat me today, I can barely walk!" Her plea sounded genuine, desperation and fear evident in both her body language and her tone. Her heart was beating wildly against her chest and she was sure he could feel it.

"What's your name?" Her question sounded innocent, if not stupid, yet his eyes softened. Her teeth pinched her lower lip as she resisted grinning, she was winning this battle easily.

"T-Toohru. I believe y-yours is Sakura?" Toohru was trying to distance his body from hers, but it only resulted in the kunoichi falsely stumbling back to the wall behind her, dragging him with her as she never let go of his short sleeve. His hands had lost their grip on her, instead bumping into the wall to prevent him from bumping into her. The bulge in his pants that she felt against her thigh boosted her confidence. Just a bit more and she was certain to have an easy target.

"Yes. Please... Take me, somewhere safe..." She begged, barely above a whisper, the words rolling off her lips almost sensuously. It was obvious her little plan had succeeded when he grabbed the back of her thighs, holding her up while his body crushed hers. She swallowed the bile that rose in the back of her throat in disgust to the shameless why he rubbed his erection to her core.

Both of them froze when the door next to them opened and Koroku appeared, apparently very surprised to find the two of them in such a position. The two froze completely, not even daring to breathe as they waited for the boss' reaction and possible violent outburst. Yet, the only thing that escaped him was laughter. Laughter. It seemed to be the only thing he was capable of, Sakura thought in annoyance. She was well aware that his jovial behavior was nothing more than a fa├žade until he was ready to reveal another side of him, but it grated heavily on her raw nerves.

"Toohru, couldn't keep your hands to yourself, could you?" His deep voice boomed as he slapped the much smaller man's back. Toohru seemed at a loss for words, his hands quickly retreating from the object of his desires.

"Please forgive me, Koroku-sama!" He apologized deeply as he bowed to his boss, eyes shut tight as he apparently awaited a blow or worse.

"Toohru, come on! Stand straight, you're being ridiculous. It has been a while since a woman was in here. You want the girl bad, huh?" Something behind the cheerful demeanor of the man who kept her hostage nagged her. It was no good sign that he was being this compassionate to his subordinate. Said subornidate remained silent and his eyes to the floor as he straightened his back.

"Don't be ashamed, boy! She is a pretty one." He boasted as his eyes moved over to her, roaming her body appreciatively before he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. The kunoichi wanted to kick him for all she was worth. If her chakra wasn't locked out of her control, that was all she would need to kill the bastard.

"You know what? You two go ahead and have some fun. I'm sure Pinkie here finds this idea lovely." Sakura and Toohru both stared at him in shock when the words left the older man's throat. He sure was a generous boss. Not that the kunoichi appreciated the fact even one little bit. She was shoved back to Scrawny Man's hands, which held her tightly as if expecting her to escape. Where the hell would she run off to anyway?

"Off with you! Have some fun!" Koroku encouraged, sending off with a wave of his hands before he retreated to the room he'd come from. The other two remained still for a few seconds before the male started leading her towards what she assumed to be his living quarters.

Her assumption obviously turned out to be right. This man really had nothing to be proud of. Even the room she was kept hostage in was four times bigger than the closet he could call his bedroom.

There was space for the bed, then to be standing next to it. That was all the splendor of it. He seemed hesitant, offering her to take a seat on the bed. She sat down without questionning him, looking up expectantly at him. After several seconds, he scratched his neck and the chuunin wanted to laugh, almost ashamed for him. He had a willing girl and he just stood there? Come on.

"Maybe... You should join me?" She was hesitating between controlling the situation or playing the innocent part. For all she knew, he could be getting off on either. He obeyed her, sitting right next to her, their hips barely even brushing together. That was all he did. He wasn't making this any easier on her, was he?

"Did you want me to just... sit here?" She asked, her voice truly unsure. What the hell was he expecting? Did he think Koroku was about to break the door down and yell that it was just joke?

"N-No. I'm sorry. I'm just a bit unsure." He muttered, never once looking at her. It was almost unbelievable that this was the guy who had just been humping her five minutes earlier.

"Um, I'm really glad for your help. What's... wrong?" She tried, testing the waters. Whatever he was expecting from her, she didn't know.

"I've never..." Oh. Oooh, that was the problem. He had no idea what to do. Now that she had a better understanding of the situation, the kunoichi slipped into her role as if she had been born to play it.

"I see..." Came her response, just a gentle breath as she crawled up on the bed until she was behind him. She laid down on her back carefully, deliberately slow before her hands moved up past her head to grab on one of the poles from the headboard of the bed.

"Don't worry. I have no more experience than you do. Please be gentle?" She was already getting sick of this kind of play, but she couldn't drop the damnsel-in-distress persona now that she had started it. He watched carefully, as if expecting her to bite or something. She desperately wanted to roll her eyes, tell him to grow a pair or something. Even she hadn't been such an hesitant virgin.

He didn't reply to her, instead he moved to saddle her hips, standing on his knees above her as he contemplated what to do with her. His hands explored her upper body through her shirt first, taking their time to slide over her every curve as his eyes observed her hungrily. They played with her breasts longer than the rest, testing their weight and feel in his hands. This guy definitely had no experience whatsoever she assumed. His caress was clumsy and in no way confident. When his fingers hooked under her shirt and started lifting it up slowly, she bit her lip, feigning anxiousness.

"M-Maybe you could tell me more about yourself?" His cute blue eyes shot up to look at her face. He looked like a deer stuck in the headlights. Maybe he had expected her to not say a word.

"Uh... Well, I told you my name is Toohru. I'm twenty..." He seemed at a loss for words, as if his whole life was following Koroku's orders. People like him made Sakura want to retch. How could you have no greater purpose in life than doing what somebody told you to do?

"How about where you come from?" She tried to encourange, wriggling under him when his hands stopped their movements. If she wanted to interrogate this guy, he'd better be focused on something else than what she said. As dumb as he looked, she wasn't sure how loose his tongue would be if he wasn't distracted.

"I'm from Iwagakure. You're from Konoha, right?" She gave a simple nod, gasping when the warm skin of his hands came in contact with her now naked breasts.

"But how did you end up here? You look much too nice to be a part of such a group." She whispered gently, tilting her head to side in an attempt to her hide face in fake embarrassment.

"Actually my father is part of them. I've been here since I was a teen, I guess you can say it's where I grew up. I didn't really get a say in the matter." Guilt tugged at her insides when she heard his words. She was cruelly deceiving a poor virgin who had never had any choice from the start. The thought was immediately pushed aside by the kunoichi though, she couldn't stray from her goal. They needed more information before they could leave.

"That's such a sad story. Do you enjoy being here?" She replied with concern laced to her voice. He gave a shrug as he removed her shirt from her before taking a few seconds to just look at her. There was a small smile to his lips, he obviously liked what he saw.

"It could be better, I guess." He bent down to leave a trail of kisses on her torso, moving down from her neck to her ribs, his tongue taking a few licks here and there to taste her soft skin. She had wanted to move away from him but remained firmly in her persona.

"M-Mmm... W-What is this place anyway?" She gave a broken moan when his lips latched on one of her nipples. His touch was completely inexperience and uncertain, which she was glad for. She didn't believe she could be aroused by a man she seduced only for the sake of their mission, but she was thoroughly happy that it wasn't being put to the test. She held back a grunt when he bit the sensitive bud a little too hard. Idiot.

"It's our hideout. It's where all twelve us of meet." His voice seemed to lose the hesitance, getting more confident as his eyes shrouded with lust further. She'd better be quick about this if she wanted to stick with her plan. She cried out in imitated pleasure when he sucked on her nipple, his free hand toying with the other. A grunt escaped the man above her, indicating that she was definitely doing a good job.

"Um, I mean, what do you guys do? Why are you after us?" She gripped the headboard harder when he started rolling her panties down her hips. Damn, he was in a hurry or what?

"I don't think I'm allowed to tell you that, Sakura." He said after a second of hesitation. He parted her leg with his hands before they moved to his shirt, quickly getting rid of it. Sakura gulped silently.

"I-I'm just a chuunin, I really have no idea what you guys want, I'm being beaten and tortured but I can't even give you anything!" She half-begged, half-complained, trying press her thighs together when his pants started going down. Sadly, he had a knee between them and his patience seemed to be wearing thin.

"I'm sorry... I don't like this anymore than you do. I guess it doesn't hurt to tell you. We actually just collect information and sometimes jutsus to sell on the black market." He explained while he removed his pants and underwear, dropping them to the side of the bed. The kunoichi's mind reeled as he lowered his body to hers, trying to align them as well as he could.

"W-Wait!" She cried out when she felt his tip pushing against her pubic bone, her hands flying up to his chest to keep him at a safe distance. There was a flash of impatience and annoyance in his eyes. Shit, she thought. She'd better turn the situation around before he got mad.

"Can... Can I?" She offered meekly, lowering her hand hesitantly to the body part she tried so hard to avoid looking at. He gave a quick nod, apparently happy that she would try and touch him.

"It seems so big... I hope it won't be too painful." She lied through her teeth on this one. He was average, if not less. A bright blush warmed her cheeks when the thought that Kakashi's hard-on had definitely felt bigger than that when she'd been squirming against him yesterday. She didn't really know why she had done that. Changing where his thoughts where headed had been her first motive, but she wasn't stupid enough to convince herself that it had been the only one.

He groaned loudly when she added pressure, pumping her hand slowly. This was clearly the lowest she'd had to go on a mission yet. She could call this her first seduction mission when all of this was over. She was all too glad to have gotten an easy target.

"Where is that black market you were talking about?" She hoped she wasn't being too insistent, but the information was just too valuable to pass up on. A protest almost left his lips, but it died down when her thumb brushed against his tip and her speed picked up, only to return to her previous lazy pace once she was sure he wasn't going to complain anymore.

"It's at the border of the Earth country, somewhere in the mountains, I've never actually been there myself." He groaned, bucking into her hand, trying to urge her to move faster. Coming to the conclusion that this was a much info as he would be able to get from him, she did as he wanted.

He moaned loudly, letting her stroke him for a minute longer before he snatched her hand away from his member and lowered his body to hers once more. The kunoichi didn't have the time to protest before he thrusted into her with a loud groan. A strained grunt escaped her lips, surely in what he assumed to be pain. It did burn and feel uncomfortable, but it was really only from the effort of holding back from screaming.

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