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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Fifteen: Touching an Angel

"So, Kakashi. Are you any more inclined to meet my demands now?" Koroku's voiced filled the room, even and as jovial as ever. He stood with his back against the door, his body slightly slouched and his arms crossed over his chest.

"I don't believe you need me to answer that." Kakashi's voice countered, his tone slow and deliberate. Mismatched eyes were fixed on the other man, determiation and silent rage giving them a new life.

"Hm. You guys really are an incredible pair." The taller man whistled before stepping towards Sakura. The girl's body tensed immediately but her head never moved from, her stare glued to her ex-sensei. The couple had been sitting barely two meters apart, simply facing each other as they waited for the next round to start.

No sound left the kunoichi's throat as Koroku grabbed her hair and tugged at it, prompting her to stand on her knees to relieve the pressure on her scalp. Pink lips pursed and emerald eyes squinted as the woman refused to show pain or weakness. Her gaze remained aimed at her partner, as if drawing strength and patience from him.

"Pinkie is turning out to be quite a surprise to." Her abuser whispered as he kneeled down behind her, distance barely existant between their two bodies.

"I'd heard about the fifth's apprentice, but I always assumed she was a softie. Fragile like her namesake." He continued with a gentle tone, his eyes roaming her body as they pleased.

"You haven't seen anything yet." The chuunin spat as her elbow landed a good jab at his ribs, making him lose his grip on her to grab at his painful torso.

'Pinkie' lost no time to spin around and throw a strong punch at his chest, effectively knocking the air out of his lungs and sending him to the ground. Before she could even move, Koroku's foot had connected with her jaw, causing her to stumble back with a loud grunt. By this time, Kakashi was up on his feet and about to join in but Koroku was already on top on of her with a kunai to her throat.

"Better not do anything rash now, shall we?" He growled as he grasped pink locks in his fist and pulled the kunoichi up to her knees again. The silver-haired jonin's hands fisted at his sides as he held himself back, a frustrated growl escaping his throat.

"You know what? I get why you like her, Kakashi. She's a fucking hottie, and she has guts. Quite the combination, isn't it?" Koroku rasped as he spun her before pulling her back flush against his chest.

"Oh, come on. Don't look at me like that, man. It's not my fault she's quite the temptress." He added as one of his hands slid down her neck to her shoulder, lowering the strap of her tank top with it. Her teammate gritted his teeth as he tried to contain his anger. This sad excuse of a man had no right to be touching her.

"She even seduced one of my men. I bet she's fun to be with. The girl can make you believe anything she wants, can't she?" His kunai slit the front of her shirt quickly before he removed the shreds of it off her body, revealing her torso to both their views. Sakura remained still, though her body was stiff and the fists at her side tightened.

"Too bad she's got so little to offer up here." Koroku growled as he cupped one of her breasts while his lips ghosted over her neck. A look of utter disgust took over Sakura's face. It would almost have made Kakashi laugh if he wasn't close to being possessed by his desire for murder.

He sat across from them, one arm propped on his knee while the other played with the material of his pants. He had witnessed women being raped on a few occasion before. It had never failed to make his blood boil. In a way, it didn't make sense. His dislike for seduction missions wasn't something he hid, but he wasn't going to stop aything from happening. It was a woman using an advantage against a man. But when that same strength was turned around against them in the form of rape, he couldn't take it.

Koroku's hand continued exploring her body with no shame whatsoever, stopping here and there to pinch of stroke before it went downwards and the tip of his fingers disappeared in her underwear.

Kakashi bit down on his tongue. It was all he could do to keep from lunging at his enemy to rescue his dear teammate. Koroku's hands retreated for a little, but only to push her underwear down her legs until they had pooled around one of her ankles. He averted his eyes from her body even though her own never left his.

"Well, look at that... The carpet matches the drapes! It really is a natural color. Look at this,
Kakashi." The missing nin teased as he played with the kunoichi's pubic hair. Sakura was clearly biting down on the insides of her cheeks, having trouble to keep from fighting back. Her ex-sensei still refused to look. He couldn't bring himself to, it felt as if he would be violating her as well.

Although, their little make-out session from yesterday had him thinking she might want him to, for a second...

"Don't be so sour, mate. I'm sure Pinkie will be upset if you don't look. She might think you don't find her beautiful." Koroku admonished before he placed small kisses to the side of Sakura's jaw.

"Kakashi." He heard her call, voice soft and almost pleading. "Look at me."

He obeyed her without a second thought. His eyes roved over her body quickly before they met hers.

The girl was damn beautiful. He already knew that. It was part of what made her so irresistible to him. He could see all the trust she had in him in those pretty emerald eyes of hers. But he could also see how much she needed him right then. Even though she remained silent and strong through this ordeal, the silent plea they held had him mesmerized with her.

At that moment, he couldn't see Koroku's hands moving on her body anymore. All he saw was her eyes and he focused on that entirely. Her expression softened as he held her gaze, as he demanded her whole attention solely on him without having to say a word. This was something that they shared often, not needing words to communicate their deepest feelings to one another. They understood each other. And it made his heart beat faster as he realized that this wasn't the same. Maybe it was how long they just stayed like that, or the situation... Or even just them that were different.

Whatever it was, he knew that he would need to break it off soon or he'd lose it. She was too attached to him. He was too attached to her. They could work something out together. Something was possible between him and Sakura and she was certainly coming to that conclusion too. He could just see it in her. That was the last thing he wanted. At his age, it was still a miracle that he was alive. It couldn't be that long before an enemy finally claimed his life. Maybe this mission would be the one, he could never tell. All he knew was that every day he always planned on returning home with his life, and that he did. But he couldn't take the chance to break her heart in such a way.

Sakura's pained gasp broke his little moment and he saw her close her eyes and bite down on her lip. A quick glance down her body explained this reaction. Koroku's hand was cupping her most private area, two fingers invading her body. Kakashi's hands raked through his hair as his head lowered in what felt oddly like defeat.

"Darn, is she a virgin? So hot and tight." Koroku groaned againt her neck as his fingers moved in and out of her, increasing the pace soon enough. The jonin could feel bile rising in the back of his throat. If he was to know such details about Sakura, he wanted to find out about them himself. Not through some sick and twisted bastard who used her to get to him.

"Stop." Kakashi let out, his voice strained and his anger flowing freely in it.

"What's that?" The other man asked, stopping his actions on the girl.

"I said stop." The Copy-Nin repeated, lifting his head to meet his opponent's eyes.

There was a moment of silence in the room, as their captor seemed to ponder over something in his mind.

"You know what, I just might." He let out all of a sudden as he pushed Sakura forward, continuing until they were at the jonin's feet.

"You want her too, don't you?" He made no effort to hide the sick interest he had for this situation.

Kakashi didn't bother to answer and felt no need to. Whatever he answered would sound like a yes to his adversary. Lowering his gase back to Sakura, he noticed that her cheeks were flushed and that she avoided looking his way.

"Okay, here's the deal. You guys give each other a big smooch and I let you off the hook for this time." Kakashi stared at him incredulously. He just had to kiss Sakura and it would be over for today? What kind of deal was that?

"Don't look at me like that. I have a sweet spot for love!" He exclaimed as he let go of Sakura and pushed her straight into her partner's lap. They looked into each other's eyes hesitantly, neither of them wanting to take the first step.

Seeing that she wouldn't budge, either out of embarrassment or lack of desire, he broke the ice and went forward to give her a quick peck on the lips. Even just that little touch of their lips was enough for the jonin to want to hold her close and never let go.

"No, come on! A real kiss. If you don't take your chance, then I will." The threat was plenty for Kakashi to put aside any doubts or insecurities he had towards the girl. He cupped both her cheeks with his hands and pulled her close to kiss her again, barely applying any pressure to her soft lips at first and then increasing gradually. The gasp she produced made him smirk against her, only making the small possessiveness he felt for her swell drastically. He took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, even if the woman struggled against the arms that now held her waist and kept her pressed to a strong male body, though it was weak and quick to die down.

So much for thinking there would be only one kiss. He wasn't supposed to kiss her again, but the situation had pushed him to. Now, he couldn't stop. There was a misplaced male ego that made him continue his assault on her already sensitive lips, telling him to physically claim her as his right then and there. Let Koroku and any other man know that he would never let go of this girl. It was easy to tell that the girl was having trouble remembering about the world around them, the faint smell of her arousal let him know that much. When his hands ghosted down her neck ad collarbone to her breasts, she quickly broke the kiss, still panting and face flushed. Her eyes even darted down to the obvious bulge in his pants, making him smirk again. Sakura wanted him. At least a little.

"Well, I'll leave you two lovebirds. You look like you need a room. I'll see you again soon enough." Sakura stared in disbelief as the man exited the room, leaving them alone as he had promised. Surely, she hadn't expected him to be honest about this strange deal.

Now that they were alone, the confidence Kakashi had felt depleted completely. Her attention wasn't on him anymore. Their little exchange seemed almost forgotten by her, seeing the way she had her eyes glued to the heavy metal door. After several seconds, she turned back towards him to give him a funny look before she moved away from him to pick up what was left of her shirt. Sadly, it was impossible to salvage. Things might be a bit awkward from now on.

Her slender arms wrapped around her torso, trying to hide from him a little. It took a little while but she decided to come back and sit next to him, though she didn't seem to dare look at him just yet.

Silence weighed heavily on both of them. The fact that this kind of lack of dialogue between them was all too common just made it worse. Neither seemed to be able to think of anything, especially not to say.

"...Was it too much?" Kakashi finally asked after nearly fifteen minutes. Maybe he had really freaked her out by kissing her so... passionately. Heck, she'd surely noticed his bodily response. She probably thought he was one hell of a pervert now. Why he had gone that far was beyond him. He must really be depraved to kiss her like that, in such a situation to top it off. She wasn't even answering.

"No, I was just surprised." Her voice startled him for a second. He'd given up hope that she would give him any response at this point.

"What do you mean?" He threw back, a bit perplexed by her words.

"It's just... I didn't expect..." She growled in mild frustration and turned her head away from him, squinting her eyes as her cheeks grew hot. "I didn't think my you could kiss like that." She muttered quickly, hoping to avoid any further embarrassment. Kakashi was stunned for a moment. Where did that even come from? She couldn't expect him to have no experience at his age.

"I give that impression?" He let out curiously, wondering what had made her think such a thing. He wasnt bad looking, especially for his age, and he'd been quite active while his younger years, before taking a team of genin under his wing. Something about being around kids just seemed to kill your desire for sex. Probably because he couldn't see himself with any.

"No, I guess not. But you're Kakashi-sensei. I didn't think about that much before, is all." She tried to explain, making her wide gestures with her hands as if trying to make the point clearer.

"Why did you want a kiss from me in the first place, then?"

"I don't know." She said quickly as she stared down at her lap. It took her another second before realizing that she no longer had a shirt on her and her hands flew to cover her up a little. That was a blatant lie. If she expected him to believe it, she wasn't thinking clearly or something.

"I don't think so." He replied lowly, looking at her attentively as he searched for any clues of what had really been going through the girl's mind. A dirty was sent his way, but he didn't pay it any attention. He wanted to know why she had even toyed with him in the first place. He hadn't cared why she sometimes acted seductive around him at the time, but now it was nagging him. She couldn't have done it just for fun, she wasn't like that. There was something that she wanted from him, but that she refused to admit it.

"Sakura has the hots for her teacher." He deadpanned after a few more seconds, the statement surprising him as much as her. Luck was definitely on his side right then. If she'd had access to her chakra, he would've been sent flying through several walls. Had he said that because it was what he suspected, or what he wanted? The question was hard to answer right then. It annoyed him quite badly that the girl got to him that much. How hard could it be to just ignore a petty attraction?

"So what if I do." She mumbled before biting down on her lip and watching him for the corner of her eye. Even if he was thoroughly confused and taken aback by her answer, the Copy Nin kept his famous expressionless face and just stared at the wall ahead of him. Sakura was hot for him. That sentence repeated over and over again in his head as he imagined all the possible meanings. He had assumed that her attentions were quite innocent, just trying to get a reaction out of him, but now this made him question that theory. Maybe the kunoichi had really been aiming for his bed.

"Can you really blame me? I mean, you're one of the top jonins in Konoha, we're close, we've both seen each other pratically naked... And when Ayame saw your face she was almost head over heels in love with you. Then I had to overhear Kurenai talking about you and how-" Sakura was rambling, unable to stop the words from spilling due to her embarrassment. She even knew that he'd slept with Kurenai.

"Sakura." He called, cutting her off before she mentionned overly private details. The girl had really harbored an attraction to him, it hadn't been entirely innocent. "You were trying to get me to have sex with you?"

He regretted saying it so bluntly, but it was too late to go back now. He observed his partner closely, smirking a little as he noticed how bright her face was. It was easy for her to act without him knowing why, but now that he was aware of the reasons, it was weird. As the fact sunk deeper in his head, his mind started reeling as he remembered all those times she had come on to him and how he could have react differently to discourage her... or the opposite. He swallowed a bit harder than he intended as shivers ran down his spine, tiny sparks of arousal jolting low in his abdomen while he replayed the clone kiss memory, going over several outcomes that would have been possible if he'd gone about it differently.

"S-Sort of." She blurted out after giving it a good thought. "I wasn't actively pursuing you that way. I was testing the waters, I guess. That's all..."

"How did it feel when I kissed you?" That was a dirty question. It was obvious she'd liked it. When he had stopped their make-out session from progression into more the previous day, she had been disappointed. He just had to hear it from those sexy lips of hers.

"It was good... I think that was clear." He couldn't stop his hand from cupping her cheek again and tilting her head until their gazes met. Her beautiful emerald eyes were a little wide with surprise, her cheeks warm and red, her pink, slightly swollen lips were parted as she watched him intently, trying to anticipate his next move. The girl was just too damn irresistible.

"You just need to ask and I'll do whatever you want." He whispered, never breaking eye contact. At this point he just didn't know what to do anymore. The urge to kiss her again and a little more was becoming harder to ignore with each passing second. He'd definitely underestimated his attraction for his teammate. Had they been in Konoha, there wasn't a hint of doubt in his mind that he would already be all over her. She'd been tempting him for far too long already.

Small hints of tension appeared on the pretty features of her face. Her lips stretched a little, indicating that she was clenching her jaw, her eyes a bit wider and unable to focus on one particular point, even her cheeks were flushed more. Even though he felt anxious of what she would say to him, all he could focus on was her. How she looked at him with a million thoughts running through her eyes, how her skin felt so soft under his fingers, her tempting, plump pink lips. The words he had uttered were passing through this mind briefly, forcing him to analyze them further. It was hard to tell to what extent he would be willing to apply them, but on the spot he was certain that it didn't matter. She was the most precious element in his life right now.

"M-Maybe you should keep all this for a date back in Konoha?" She finally mumbled, avoiding his gaze and pulling away slightly from him. Kakashi felt his stomach sink as he processed what he assumed to be rejection. It was true that the setting was in no way romantic, but he wasn't declaring his flame to her or anything either. The idea that Sakura might not reciprocate this tingling and warm feeling that pushed him to desire to be close to her. He must have read something wrong somewhere.

"You're right." He replied simply. His fingers trailed off her cheek slowly, reluctantly until his body was a reasonnable distance from hers with his back to the wall once more. He could see from the corner of his eye that his comrade was equally uncomfortable, with the stiff way she sat and how she still refused to look straight at him.

"What do you think Koroku will do tomorrow?" He heard her ask several minutes later, her voice small and a little hesitant. She didn't really want to know, but she wanted to be prepared. This was a harsh reminder that they definitely weren't in a good place right now. It didn't matter how nice he treated her and whatnot, she was still being abused on the other side. Until they had gathered enough information and come up with a good escape plan, there was nothing he could do to ease her pain.

Chapter Sixteen: Click Here

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