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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or ay of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Twenty-Two: A Little While

The next day, Kakashi's heart hammered in his chest as he heard the lock being opened on the other side of the door. When a middle-aged man entered the cell with a plate of food and a bowl of water, his stomach sank. Sakura wasn't with him.

"Where's my partner?" He questioned as the raven-haired man deposited his sustenance at his feet, clearly avoiding his gaze.

When his visitor got straightened up and turned to leave, the jonin jumped to his feet and grabbed the man's collar, preventing him from going any further.

"Answer me. I don't need chakra to kill you." The Copy Nin threatened, his glare causing the man to cower in fear, like a coward.

"She's with the boss! I have orders to not speak to you!" He revealed as he tried to free himself from the jonin's grip. Every now and then, maybe in humility, Kakashi forgot just how intimidating his reputation was to lesser ninjas, making threats almost futile. This idiot already knew what he was capable of.

"Why is he not sending her back?" He probed further, trying to get an accurate account of Sakura's current condition.

"If I say anything more, he'll kill me! Either way, I'm not safe. P-Please, let me go." The man, a good half foot shorter than the Copy Nin, bowed his head in fear, fisting his hands at his sides as he waited for the blow that was sure to come.

"You're not even worth the effort. Scram." The jonin seethed as he released his opponent. He was quick obey, scrambling away and locking the door behind him as quickly as he could. A scoff escaped Kakashi's throat, expressing only the minimum of the disgust he felt for such ninja. Such a lack of respect and loyalty towards the village that raised and trained them was not something he could tolerate.

His fist punched the wall in frustration as he slumped to the ground, catching his still healing forehead in one hand while he groaned in pain. Damn, that was the hand with the broken knuckle. He chuckled bitterly as he realized that any injury he currently sported were all self-inflicted. He could kill two men without receiving as much as a scratch, but to hear his teammate's cries of pain or see her eyes glistening with tears blinded him with such rage that he readily harmed himself it it was for her benefit. It was almost funny.

He regretted none of it. It wasn't even surprising to him that he had almost split his head open when she was threatened. He had always said he valued his team above anything else, that he would protect them at all costs. What left a sour taste in his mouth was the fact that no matter what he did, it could only postpone the event.

No matter what he did right now, he could have no control over what Koroku did to Sakura. For all he knew, he might even be having his way with her right now.

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