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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Twenty-Six: Whispers

Six times. Six times he had been fed by the trembling man who came once a day. Still, he refused to acknowledge his presence, even if he was desperate for company. To hear a voice other than his. His fingers picked at the food with disinterest, shoving it in his mouth mechanically. His jaw went through the motions of chewing even if his tongue was numb to taste. Anything that wasn't rice, he didn't make the effort to recognize. It didn't matter.

Once a third of the plate was swallowed, his hand pushed it aside, saving it for later. There was no advantage to binge and empty it, his stomach would only protest more later. Groaning, he stood up to shake the stiffness out of his limbs, trying to relieve the needles assaulting his hindside from sitting too long, even if all he wanted was to let sleep claim him. No matter how hard he tried, his mind remained busy, preventing him from drifting into a comfortable slumber

As he paced the room, he pondered over the many possible situations Sakura could be in, calculating how likely each of them were. Koroku didn't appear to be a strategy genius. If anything, he was a manical psychopath, so his decisions weren't always logical. His impulses dictated how he treated his comrade, much to his discouragment. Predicting an insane idiot's moves was as impossible as walking on the sun.

With some luck, the missing-nin might be treating his friend decently, like the wife he apparently wanted her to be. But then again, his idea of showing Sakura that she was his was no where near gentle. This left little chance for her treatment to be humane.

He stepped to the door, standing in front of it like a statue for a while before leaning in to press his hear to the cool metal, listening intently for any sign of life on the other side. Nothing but the sound of his ragged breathing broke the silence that weighed so heavily on his shoulders already. His body slumped down the wall by the exit, his eyes staring in the distance without focusing on anything.
If she was fine, he could survive this. If he could just hold her in his arms, be reassured by her warmth, hear her voice tell him she's just fine, then maybe he could forget about this traumatic month.

He got to his feet once more and faced the door, pressing one palm to it. What he expected wasn't clear, he just gave in to the urge to try anything to feel that she was somewhere close, that she wasn't gone. His forehead touched the flat, smooth surface of the door as his eyes slid closed slowly, his breathing returning to even and deep as he calmed down, imagined his cherry blossom partner on the other side.

"Sakura." His voice called softly, sounding as if it didn't belong to him. He waited patiently for a response, ignoring the increasing rhythm of his heart as none came.

"Sakura." He repeated louder, opening his eyes to watch the door, as if expecting him to magically open.

"I need to hear your voice." His demand was ignored, leaving him to swallow to horrible mass of dread building up in his chest.

"Please. Answer me. Just one word?"

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