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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty-Three: Overlapping Images

Sakura had managed to get another part of the crucial information that they needed before bolting from this place. Without any help from her ex-sensei, not even any kind of guidance or advice had been given. To say he was impressed sounded underwhelming to the jonin. What his friend had accomplished under the excruciating circumstances was quite the feat, she would be certain to make it to jonin the second they made it back home and he deposited his report.

Deep down, the pride that swelled within the Copy Nin's pride twisted into an ugly, disturbing feeling of regret and guilt. That one more of his students proved to be a top notch ninja was bittersweet. A selfish part of his being praised him for training such exceptional shinobi, even if he knew he had little to do with their outstanding growth. On the other side, he wished that his only female student had never chosen to follow this path at all.

What had it brought her? Through the years, she had formed tight friendships with a good number of other people from her class, but he had no doubt that the charming pinkette would manage this no matter where. Her smile was just contagious, when honest. Being close to Sasuke and Naruto had created more than her fair share of worry and pain, to name one of the bad sides. Had she been only a civilian, would she have suffered the life-threatening injuries that she had sustained in the past few years? He doubted it.

And now this. There was the possibility that his view was distorted because of the strong attachment he had for girl, but he firmly believed that Sakura deserved to be happy. Never had he known her to be the cause of someone's suffering. On the opposite, she saved many lives thanks to her incredible chakra control and medical skills. There was no reason for her to be put through this.

His eyes observed the young woman before him attentively, taking note of every tiny detail that felt off. She seemed to make sure that a safe distance was kept between them, refusing any physical contact. The expression in her usual vibrant emerald orbs was what bothered him the most. They were fall from dull, rather they were filled with a emotion he had trouble naming. It could be described as determination and even anger. Her face gave nothing away, remaining straight the whole time.

Yet, behind the stone fa├žade, he could only see the Sakura he loved and so dearly desired to save from this cruelty. A young, happy and cheerful Sakura that never allowed his life to become bland and colorless. An incredible and lively woman that wasn't afraid to punch him when he said something out of place. An image that looked nothing like the one her battered body presented right now. His mind repeatedly tried to reconcile the two pictures, so alike yet so different.

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