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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Forty-One: Drip

"Kakashi... You need to stop. It won't do us any good if you can't move tomorrow." Sakura breathed against ear, sounding completely worn out. From the position of the moon, Kakashi could easily see that it was around eleven already.

"Okay." He agreed reluctantly. The jonin knew his companion was right; he'd already used most of his chakra to keep going so long and at a good speed. The terrain was already familiar to both of them, reassuring them greatly. If his estimation was right, they'd reach Konoha in just about four days.

The Copy Nin once he found a small clearing between trees that would be private enough to not expose them easily to any passing ninja. The last thing that they needed was an enemy nin finding them in such a poor physical condition. As carefully as possible, he let his companion slip off his back to sit on the ground before he turned to her.

"Come here, I need to fix your legs." The chuunin ordered, voice commanding even if it lacked energy. As much as he wanted the excruciating pain in his thighs to go away, he knew that her chakra reserves were running low as well.

"No, you need to keep your energy. Your wounds are much more serious." He replied before trying to sit down on the ground himself, only to fall flat on his back from the exhaustion. His breath came out in ragged pants as the exertion from the whole day settled in his sore body, making him realize just how far he had pushed himself.

"Yeah, and you can barely stand. I can hardly see you being able to go far tomorrow if I do nothing.
Don't expect me to be able to carry you, either." The girl sneered, throwing him an angry look. It seemed his silence was enough for an answer to her, because she moved to his side and started working on his legs.

He remained silent the whole time, no matter how awful the pain got. She was certainly aware of bad it was, she was an incredible medic, after all, he didn't need to show it and make her feel guilty. It wasn't long before his friend collapsed at his side, her breathing as labored as his had been, causing him to worry. When he turned on his side to check on her, he gasped at the sight of her blood-covered stomach, his hand shooting to his back to see if the liquid he'd felt on his back was in fact blood and not sweat.

"Sakura, you're still bleeding!" How could she still be bleeding? She'd already used a good portion of her chakra just healing herself throughout the day...

"Koroku didn't hit any vital points, but he nicked major blood vessels..." She started, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. "I can't fix it all by myself."

"For fuck's sake, Sakura, why didn't you tell me?" He snapped back as he started forming the signs to summon his dogs. "You made it seem like it would be okay..."

His palm slapped the ground and three of his dogs suddenly appeared. The additional chakra spent to summon them made even breathing require quite the effort, but he had no other choice. The animals seemed to be confused for a second, wondering why they'd been called in the middle of the night until they saw the state their boss was in.

"Pakkun, I need you to go ahead to Konoha and lead a medic team back to us." Kakashi ordered, losing no time since he could very well black out any second. "Bull, guard the camp for the night.

"Akino, go hunt something for us to eat." Just like he had thought, the jonin felt his consciousness slip away and soon enough his vision turned black.

Chapter Forty-Two: Click Here

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