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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Forty-Six: Lonely Friend

Why were hospital ceilings so boring? Really, couldn't they be something else than a sterile white that could bore you to death? Kakashi might not have had many suggestions to offer to improve the situation, but he was quite certain that just adding some color could liven things up a bit. Just a bit. Genma had confirmed his status of best friend the previous day, by bringing him his copies of Icha Icha and they'd been pretty useful.

Yet, after exactly twenty-nine hours of re-reading them, boredom had claimed his mind once more. He'd tried sleeping. No matter how long he laid down and closed his eyes, his consciousness never slipped away, remaining clear and sharp as always. Sleep would have been such an easy cure to this horrible state of mind. Close your eyes, let time pass until the situation was better...

But no. It seemed he was determined to stay awake more than he should even through his convalescence. Maybe it was because was dipping into his slumber time. The girl still hadn't cracked an eye open once. No doubt, she was resting for the both of them. Even if he tried to be calm about it, this fact unnerved the Copy Nin. Tsunade insisted that it was normal, considering the severity of her injuries and all the trauma that she had endured in the past month and a half, but it did nothing to soothe his nerves.

A tired eye looked through the window, examining the starry sky. It was late already. Almost three days since she'd last been awake. The jonin had been told that someone was with her at all times, so she wouldn't be alone when she would finally come back to them. From what he'd heard, it was either Naruto, Sai or Ino for the most part. At night though, it was easy to feel the Hokage's discreet chakra as she dozed off in Sakura's room. It was most likely the only time that the woman had to spend with her apprentice.

On his side, the silver-haired man had preferred to abstain from paying his ex-student a visit. He didn't need to see her unconscious. The familiar feel of her chakra, even if it was weak, and the frequent updates he received on her status were enough for the time being. Her vitals were stable and everyone knew she would make it out okay, that she just needed time to recover until her body gathered enough strenght to return to its normal state.

It was hard to tell when the pinkette would wake up, even for the Fifth. The busty woman's guess had been anywhere between at any moment to a week, at the most. He hoped she was right and that his teammate would be back to chewing his ear off before he even realized it. He missed her so much already. The knowledge that he wouldn't be the first to see those beautiful emerald eyes open sent a small sting of jealousy to his stomach, though he didn't give it much importance. It wouldn't be long before he got to see her, after their group of friends were done stifling her with their relief and enthusiasm.

It didn't matter because then, they'd be alone and he would have her to himself.

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