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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Forty-Nine: Chit Chat

"Hey, Kakashi." Genma greeted as he opened the door to his room. Again, he hadn't knocked before entering the room. This man needed lessons on privacy.

"Yo." He replied quietly, sitting up in his bed. He was so tired of that bed already. He missed his home dearly, even if it was only a crappy one-room apartment. It was his.

"'sup? You look down." The brunette inquired as he took a seat besides the bed. As much as Kakashi was bothered by how easily Genma read him, the food containers he carried were too tempting to ponder over such idle details.

Noticing the eye lingering on the take out boxes, the other man grinned and handed him his share. The silver-haired jonin didn't lose any time to tear open the paper wrapper that contained his chopsticks and pulled them apart promptly before opening his box. Even if the food didn't look much, it smelled heavenly to the masked ninja.

"Nothing much. Don't see why you'd think that." He lied as he picked up a piece of vegetable and brought it to his mouth as he lowered his mask. Genma was one of the few people who had ever seen his face, so he didn't need to hide with him.

"Stop bullshitting me. What did your chick tell you?" He grumbled, mouth full. Kakashi raised an eyebrow at his question. "Heard she woke up, clearly you visited her."

"I'm not supposed to talk about it." He admitted. Sakura might have only mentioned the mission report, but he assumed it included talking about it in general, no matter with who. Either way, he wasn't comfortable with the idea of telling anyone he had sex with her while on the mission.

"Speak." The senbon-biter ordered as he snatched the container from his friend's lap. "Or else no more goodies for you."

Kakashi watched in horror as his food was removed from his reach. He would have ignored the threat, if he didn't know that Genma was fully capable of going through with it. Damn. Hospital food was starting to make him sick. Eyeing the white box carefully, he sighed. It wasn't like his companion couldn't keep a secret...

"Fine, fine." He gave up and stretched his arm out to take his food back. "She told me to leave out any intimate details from the report."

"Intimate details?!" The brunette exclaimed as he only pulled the precious box further away. "You've got to tell me more about that."

"Genma!" The silver-haired jonin growled as he leaned further towards him, gripping the bed for support as he tried to grab his friend's jacket, to no avail. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Give me that food."

"You slept wth her?" His companion whispered, shocked and hungry for more details. "Come on, you know I won't say a thing." The sharingan-wielder threw him a dirty look as he sat back in the bed, wishing he wouldn't be so nosy.

"Yes." He answered as he turned his head to look out the window, somewhat embarrassed. A satisfied smile crept up on his lips when he felt the box being replaced on his lap.

"On the mission?" Genma inquired as he brought a piece of food to his mouth, having resumed his sitting position on the chair. "I mean, I know on a long mission like this that it happens. But there?"

"It's not like I wanted to." Kakashi replied as he dug in his own meal. "She came on to me, said she wanted it bad." A twinge of guilt made its way to his mind. This was a very private topic, surely Sakura wouldn't be happy that he was sharing this information.

"I heard some women cope that way after being raped." His friend let out after swallowing a bite.

"They go see a trusted person and have sex with him."

"I told you she wasn't raped." The silver-haired man said before biting on a particularly large shrimp.

"How do you know?" His companion threw back. "Were you with her the whole time?"

"No, but she assured me she wasn't." He took another bite before continuing. "I didn't smell anyone on her either."

"Fuck, that nose of yours creeps me out." Genma blurted out, obviously annoyed. "But still, you can't be sure with just that much."

"Genma..." Kakashi warned.

"Okay, okay." His friend gave up, noticing just how sensitive the subject was. "So you wanna go out with her? She was your student at one point, after all."

"I guess so." He replied, shrugging his shoulders. Did being in love someone automatically mean you wanted a relationship with them? Probably. "I just can't see it happening."

"You should. If you're in love, all is possible!" The brunette cheered, raising his chopsticks high in the air. Kakashi observed him with mild surprise, wondering just what had gotten into him. "Then again, that might be the worst idea ever."

That wasn't any help.

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