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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Five: Getting Ready

Kakashi swallowed a few times, trying to gather enough saliva to soothe his dry mouth and throat. How long had he been sleeping? It was impossible to tell. There were still no lights in the room, no windows, no clocks that he could see. It was unnerving to say the least. He stretched his numb limbs, trying to get some blood circulation and feeling in them. His companion stirred against him, probably woken up by his own movement.

They didn't say a word. It didn't feel right to say good morning or anything right now. They could only wait for their captors to show up and tell them what they want. Then endure whatever they would throw their way for two months. Geez, sometimes he wondered why he had become a ninja. Ah, right. The safety of a whole city. For Konoha. To protect those he loved. He might've been doing a lousy job with the latter, though.

"Well, look who's up." A tall man said as he entered their room barely a few minutes after. From the sounds made before he could open the door, Kakashi could be certain that it was thick metal door with a padlock on the other side. No way they could just break through that unless they had access to their chakra.

Neither reacted to their captor, only squinting their eyes because of the light that currently assaulted them. Once his eye adjusted to the light, he observed their enemy. No particular ninja garb to identify their affiliation with any country. A dark, tanned skin let him assume he must've been from a warm area. Other than that, he held no distinctive features. No visible scars. Simple brown eyes and black, shoulder-length hair that was pulled back in a pony tail. He could almost ressemble Genma if his build was lighter.

"Let's make you more comfortable, shall we?" His voice was deeper than Kakashi's, more rugged. This man seemed just about his age. Kakashi eyed him carefully as he made his way to him, grasping the sides of his flak jacket to pull him in a standing position. The man was about three inches taller than him.

Kakashi didn't bother fighting back as his enemy started removing his hitai-ate, instead focusing on figuring out as much as he could about him. He tried to ball his fist at his side when his mask was removed, only to be reminded that the amount of space the handcuff-like chakra-binding bracelets provided prevented his hands from going further than the width of his hips. It wasn't too long before the only article of clothing Kakashi had left on him were his standard jonin pants, at which point he was forced back in a sitting position after having been checked for additional weapons.

"I wonder if Pinkie here will be as obedient?" He wondered out loud as he turned to Sakura. Much to Kakashi's dismay, the second his hands landed on her, she spat in his face. Can't she stay quiet for just a second?

"You better keep your filthy hands off of me." She growled back and stood up against the wall. The jonin watched them intently, in no way impatient to see their captor's reaction to this act of defiance. It was quite a surprise when the man burst into loud laughter.

"Ha! Feisty one. Where are my manners? I'm Koroku. I'll be your humble host for a little while. Now, if you dont mind, dear, I need to get you ready." Kakashi couldn't help but feel disgust towards him. His voice didn't sound evil, far from it. He looked and sounded like an ordinary man you could meet out in the streets every day. It made him sick to know people who could seem so normal, charming even under normal circumstances, could be such scum.

Koroku didn't lose more time to try and undress Sakura, but the kunoichi wouldn't keep still.

"Sakura, let him." The jonin ordered, looking away from them. It was useless to resist something so petty. She'd better keep her energy for when it would actually matter.

"Look at that, she obeys her team leader so well." Kosuke chuckled, now easily able to strip her down to her panties and the black tank top she always wore under her vest.

"Alrighty. I'll see you guys a little later." The rogue nin chirped before leaving their room with their clothing. Once he heard the door be locked, he turned to Sakura. What he could see of her in the dark, at least.

"Are you okay?" He muttered, hoping she wouldn't be pissed off about him basically telling her to undress for a stranger.

"I have no access to my chakra. What do you think?" She snapped at him, landing a weak kick to his thigh. Ouch. Talking about that, though...

"Do you think you can break those bracelets?" He asked, willingly ignoring her little attack on him. If the rogue nin had only gotten their hands on low to medium quuality bracelets, they might get out of this easily. The sound of soft clinging reached his ears as Sakura tested their resistance.

"No, they're top-notch. They knew who they'd be dealing with, huh?" A sigh escaped her lips as she dropped to a sitting position beside him. There was a depressing aura emanating from her. A simple nod was her answer.

"I'll get you of here, Sakura." He tried to reassure, placing a hand on her shoulder and rubbing it softly. He would do do anything to get her out of here.

"Stop talking like I'm the only in this. I'll be fine, Kakashi-sensei." He felt a tiny bit of relief at her kind words. He had been pretty sure she wouldn't put any blame on him, but he'd feared that she wouldn't do well with this mission right off the bat.

"Why did he undress us, though?" She asked out of pure curiosity. He gave her a shrug.

"A simple dominance demonstration. It doesn't really matter in the end. I have a feeling they'll be taking their sweet time." He explained quickly, trying not to get into the details. He'd gone through this a few times already. The good ones always made your life a living hell. It wasn't just the beatings that would wear you down, it was the whole living situation. To have no control over anything.

"Oh." He mentally cursed himself for his last comment. Of couse that would worry her. His mind was in a constant battle over whether or not he should tell her what to expect. If she could be blissfully ignorant until it started, he would be glad. If she was unprepared for it when he came, he'd rather be a dead man.

"You've already gone through this a few times, right?" Her voice was barely above a whisper, full of doubt and apprehension.

"Yes." He didn't want to go into details, for both of their sakes. She had already seen the many scars that decorated his body, but she was unaware of how he how he had gotten most of them. She seemed hesitant to speak again, much to his relief.

"What will they do?" It was a little while before she willed herself to ask to question, but it was out there now. He had to give some sort of reply.

"I don't think you really want to know, Sakura..." She tensed again. He tried to reach for her hand, bumping into her thigh a few times before he managed to get a hold of it. He gave it a firm squeeze, hoping to comfort the girl in some way.

"I'm going to know either way." She mumbled, gripping his hand probably far tighter than she intended.

"I know. I'm sorry." He desperately wished there was something that he could do. Even if he gave their enemy all the information they wanted, they wouldn't be free so easily. They had to be patient until they found the perfect way to escape. Then, maybe he'd have the occasion to rip apart whoever had dared to hurt his precious cherry blossom.

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