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Friday, January 25, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Fifty-Four: It's Over

"Listen people!" The Hokage's voice roared, hogging everyone's attention. Her cheeks were already tinted pink, the effect of the liquid contained the cup that she was currently raising. "Today, we're all here to celebrate. To congratulate my apprentice, my surrogate daughter, the apple of my eye, Sakura, for surviving such a perilous mission!" The woman boasted as she locked her arm around the younger girl's neck. "She's a damn fine shinobi and she's proved it! I knew I wouldn't regret betting on her!"

"Tsunade-shishou!" Sakura mumbled, struggling against the blonde's death grip as her cheeks flushed.

"Oh, you're right!" The busty woman exclaimed as she directed her drink towards Kakashi. "Congrats to this guy as well. Now go have fun!"

The Copy Nin stared at his superior, his lips in a hard line invisible through his mask. Whilst he was fully aware that he hadn't done most of the work in this mission, not even having his name mentioned in the woman's speech stung.

At least, he could relax. This celebration was one he intended to enjoy thoroughly. The team that had been sent to intercept the sale of the forbidden jutsu had returned, safe and successful. Koroku had been killed, along with all rogue ninjas present at the Great Naruto Bridge. As much as he dreamed of being the one to put an end to their captor's life, the masked man was satisfied with knowing he wasn't a part of this world anymore, with the knowledge that he would never come close to his former student again.

Once the massive crowd that had gathered around Sakura thinned out, she spotted her ex-sensei and waved at him before heading his way. One person hadn't forgotten about him, at least.

"Yo." He greeted as she leaned on the wall besides him, imitating his lazy position.

"Tsunade-shishou is drunk already." The girl complained, pressing a hand to her eyes to block her view. "She's so embarrassing."

"You should enjoy the party, Sakura." The older man encouraged. "It's not every day that you get celebrated."

"Hey!" The pinkette growled. "This party is for you, too. I don't see you enjoying it."

"Can't help it if you're the star." He teased before taking a sip of sake from his cup. "You deserve it, anyway."

"I think you're rubbing off on me." The kunoichi complained, grimacing. "I think I'm starting to hate crowds as much as you do."

"You're forgetting one very important point about all of this." Kakashi mused, pursing his lips against the rim of his cup.

"What's that?" She questioned, arching a pink eyebrow high.

"Taking advantage of the situation while everything is free." He replied cheerfully before tilting his drink to her. "If there's something to learn from me, it should be that."

"What a clown." Sakura groaned, snatching his sake away. "I think you've had enough already."

Parties were always dull to him. People mingled, chatting away and apparently having fun, while he was bored out of his mind. The only worthwhile companion he could find was a bottle of sake, and now his teammate has swiped it away from under his nose and walking away with it.

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