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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Between a Scarecrow and a Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this. Masashi Kishimoto does.

The First of Many
Number 1
The memory of their first kiss remained fresh in his mind; clear like crystal no matter how many years had passed. The exchange had been short and sweet. Beauty was a fleeting luxury, after all.

For some reason, Sakura had decided to offer him a Valentine's gift. He had been aware she had offered them to Naruto and Sai aswell, but the intention puzzled him nonetheless. When White Day rolled around and tradition dictated he should return the favor. In truth, he didn't want to. Why exchange presents when they did not reflect the meaning behind the holiday?
Yet, he still opted to buy her marshmallows. Why? Because on his side, his affection for Sakura had long developed past friendship.
And so, a moment after the sky had turned black, he appeared on her windowsill. With his trademark smile, he greeted her through the glass, patiently waiting for the young woman to open it.
"Kakashi-sensei, what are you doing here so late?" Sakura inquired as she pulled the window open.
"It isn't past midnight, is it?" He let out, blinking. Had he really waited so long after the sun had set?
"Yes, you dummy. It's almost half past midnight." She chuckled as she pointed at the clock that hung on the wall behind her.
He was never on time, even when he meant to be.
"Ah, please forgive me, Sakura-chan." He said as he scratched the back of his head. "I was supposed to give you this for White Day, but I guess I'm a little late now." As he finished his sentence, he retrieved the small package that he'd carried in his pocket.
He extended his hand and his heartbeat picked up, suddenly alerting him to how anxious he truly felt. It wasn't much, but he hoped she would like it.
"Marshmallows?" Sakura excaimed as she lifted the lid and peeked inside the small container.
"Um, yes." He answered as he stared at the floor, wishing he'd chosen something different now. "I'm sorry, I know it isn't much. You know I'm not very good with these things."
When he looked back up at his teammate to gauge her reaction, he wondered if his eye was playing tricks on him. Was the smile on her lips true, really so bright?
"I'm so happy." The girl let out. "Thank you, Kakashi-sensei."
Then it happened. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his masked one. Even if the kiss was unexpected and left him stunned, he enjoyed every moment of it. And before he knew it, she'd shut the window and curtains, leaving to stare at the dark-colored cloth as his mind ran wild with all kinds of thoughts.
To this very day, the couple still laughed as they reminisced of times long gone, whether it be of this kiss or the many that followed. Somehow, an act as simple as handing out stupid gifts had led to an impromptu kiss; which in turn led to a relationship that neither had imagined could ever happen. The path to happiness was strange, complicated one.

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