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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Oh my.

I haven't posted anything in far too long!

My apologies to everyone waiting for updates. Having an extra shift at work as messed up my writing schedule for some reason. My dad also ended up disappearing for a few days, we found him Saturday in a hospital. Turns out he fell on his way to the supermarket and needed hip surgery since he broke his femur. Strange story. Anyway!

The next chapter of Porcelain is almost done. Just another two or three thousand words! Haha. Kind of funny that I say almost... That amount of words is a whole chapter of Clouds. I guess it's all relative. I have no idea when it will actually be done. Those seven thousand words have just been sitting there for two weeks already, and I haven't gotten back in the writing mood just yet. But I'm not giving up on it!

As for Clouds, I can't say much either. The chapter isn't even started, I was really focusing on Porcelain. Hopefully, I won't make you wait more than a week or two. I know it's already been a while, I'm so sorry!

Anyway, I'll try my best and write a lot this week!

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