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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Nine:

Rubik puzzle.

Even as he knocked on Sakura's door, Kakashi still had no idea how he would apologize to the young girl. All he knew was that he couldn't just ignore what had transpired between them as if it hadn't happened. Deep down, he strongly hoped that talking it out would soothe her anger and put an end to her strange new behavior.

"Kakashi-sensei?" The pinkette greeted in surprise as she opened the door, eyes wide and her mouth gaping. Was it that hard to believe that he was visiting her? "What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?" The male jonin asked after great hesitation, taking a small step towards her. The girl seemed too stunned to react, not moving inch and remaining silent.

"Y-Yes, of course." She finally replied as she moved aside to allow him to enter her small apartment. The man had actually never been into her home, and was quite surprised to see that it was almost identical to his in structure. Tenzou must have run out of inspiration after rebuilding half the town, he assumed. Even if it was built just the same, her place held much more life, decorated by several trinkets and pictures.

"I came to apologize." The Copy Nin said bluntly, deciding to go straight for why he came in the first place. He turned to face his host while she closed the door behind him, apparently pondering over his words.

"Why would you do that?" The girl questioned, obviously suspicious of his motives.

"Because I did act like a jerk." He admitted, agreeing that his last reply to her had been unnecessarily harsh. "I didn't mean to be so crude to you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" The kunoichi asked as she closed the distance between them, standing barely inches away from him. Her gaze didn't raise to meet his, instead remaining on his flak jacket as her fingers toyed with one of the pockets.

"I'm sorry for speaking to you that way." The older jonin started, catching her hand in his to stop her small motions. "I'm also here to ask about this strange behavior that you've picked up recently."

"What behavior?" The pinkette retorted, looking up at him innocently, as if unaware of was he was talking about.

"I'm not here to play cat and mouse, Sakura. We both know what I'm talking about." He warned, watching her carefully. "Why?" He repeated his question, tone insistent.

"Because I want you." His friend answere after a long moment of silence, only raising more questions for the man.

"People feel attracted to many others, that doesn't mean they start trying to jump them at every chance they get." So much for wanting to remain nice and polite to her.

"I don't know, okay? I just... I can't help it." She snapped at him, eyes burning with a quiet anger, but also hiding confusion that her ex-sensei didn't miss.

"It's normal to have those urges, I don't think I need to be explaining that to you..." Kakashi said, grabbing her chin between two fingers and lifting it to force her to look at him when she tried to turn away. "But I can't be the one that you look for when you act on them. There's plenty of boys your age who would be glad to be in my place right now."

"The problem is that I don't want anyone else." She whispered as she pressed her forehead to his chest, hiding her face from his view. He could tell from her voice that she was thoroughly embarrassed, which made him smile a little. It might not have been the right time, but he couldn't help but think that she was cute even then.

"Then wait until you find someone." He proposed, pulling her into a one-armed embrace to comfort her.

"How do I deal with this, then?" Her tonce sounded aggravated, more so than he had expected, which made him wonder just what she was thinking.

"What do you mean?" He asked as he released her from his hold to glance at her face. His companion remained silent for a little as she moved to haul herself up on the counter besides them. His eyes watched her intently as she spread her legs a little too wide to be innocent, her hand traveling down to her stomach before resting above her crotch.

"How do I get rid of the ache down there, when I see you?" Her cheeks were bright red, her emerald eyes half-closed in doubt. Kakashi bit hit tongue to supress the sudden jolt of arousal that spread warmth into his lower belly, cursing mentally for being unable to keep his mind out of the gutter.

"Sakura..." He let out as he turned his head to the side, avoiding her. "You're the medic. You know what normal, healthy people do when they're horny." The words felt incredibly dirty as they left to his lips, but he didn't know what else to say.

"I've tried several times already. It just doesn't work." She admitted softly, almost too low for him to hear. If his soul hadn't been sold to the devil by some cruel higher being, Kakashi didn't know what to believe. How did a sane man react when the girl he'd been jerking off to told him she wasn't able to satisfy her desire for him?

Certainly not like this. Acting on impulse, the male jonin stepped in front of her, between her thighs and gazed straight into her eyes, his expression undecipherable to the younger woman before him. Her hands lifted to grasp his arms hesitantly, clinging to them as she inched closer to him, almost enough for her crotch to press against his stomach.

"So you want me to help you, is that it?" He should never have asked that, he was well aware of it.
Sakura nodded her head slowly, shy and bashful.

"You want me to touch you, like this?" One of his hands went to her neck, ghosting his fingers on the skin there before lowering to the valley between her breast, easily slipping under her loose, v-neck shirt.

She repeated the same notion, closing her eyes and sighing at his touch.

"Lower, maybe?" He teased, removing his hand from her shirt to drag his fingers down to the hem of her shorts. He could feel her tense a little, her thighs closing tighter around his hips.

"Mhm." She hummed lowly, eyes still closed in her refusal to look at him.

"Or higher, here?" His hand suddenly sneaked inside her shirt and hgher up to wrap around her breast, giving it a soft squeeze. Sakura gasped in both surprise and pleasure, her hold on his arms tightening considerably.

"I'll help you. Once." He whispered huskily in her ear, throwing away what was left of his control.

"O-Okay." She bit her lip, staring down just to look away from his eyes.

"Take off your shirt." He ordered quickly as he removed his hands from her, giving her enough space to obey his command.

She did as she was told, insecurity evident in her trembling body.

"Sakura... Look at me." The male whispered, waiting for her to do so before continuing. "Do you trust me?"

She nodded once more, without a hint of doubt.

"Then don't be so scared." He tried to reassure, running a hand up her arm in a comforting gesture. "I'm not going to do anything that you don't want me to."

"Okay." She let out as she relaxed a little against him.

His touch remained innocent for a while, his purpose being to get his companion used to it before proceeding further. When he felt her relaxed enough, he removed her shorts and panties switfly, taking a second to take in her naked appearance before pulling her into a soft embrace. It wasn't long before his fingers resumed their exploration, ghosting over the skin of her breasts before kneading them.

"You need to take your time, Cherry." He instructed as he placed soft kisses to her neck through his mask. "Figure out how you like to be touched."

A small whimper escaped her lips when he rolled on her hard nipples between his fingers.
Encourage by her pleasured sounds, he retrieved the shirt she had removed and tied it around her head, blocking her view so he could remove his mask.

"K-Kakashi-sensei?" She called out, a little worried.

"Shh." He chatised before resuming his kisses on her neck. She moaned brokenly, clearly surprised by the sensations assaulting her body. He lowered his head to place lazy kisses to her collarbone, going down until he reached her breasts and caught one of her nipples in his mouth.

Sakura bucked against, obviously surprised by the warm tongue tapping against her sensitive nipple, before her hands tangled in his hair clumsily, holding onto him for support.

"Then, you can go lower..." He breathed out against her stomach as he kneeled down, the counter just at the right height for his eyes to be at the level of her stomach. "Do you feel hot already?" The question was purely for his own enjoyment, his nose had long picked up on the scent of her arousal.

"Y-Yes." She stuttered, trying to peek down at him through the shirt even if her cheeks were burning
"Good. We can go on then..." He murmured before brushing his fingers on the outer lips of her sex, his own patience growing thin even if he had every intention to take his time for this sexy lesson. His thumb slid across her skin slowly until he reached the small bundle of nerves, flicking it a few times to test her reaction.

"Ah!" She gasped loudly, her legs closing almost painfully around his shoulders.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" He teased again as he rubbed small circles onto her clit, looking up at her face to watch her. She was biting down her lip, one hand having moved to clutch the counter while the other gripped his shoulder. Damn, she was sexy.

"It... It does." She let out, as if out of breath already.

"How does this feel?" He asked as he slid one finger in her carefully, glad when it slipped in without any resistance. He watched with a proud smirk as he head lolled back, a loud moan erupting from her at the foreign sensation.

"Kakashi-sensei..." She moaned as she gripped his shoulder tighter, hips jerking to encourage him to keep going.

"Patience, Sakura." He reprimanded, though his finger started pumping in and out of entrance. He curled his finger just the right way to hit her sweet spot, satisfied only when several broken moans left her mouth and her thighs started to quiver around him. It wouldn't be hard to make her climax. He paired the new motion with the previous one, rubbing her clit with the thumb of his free hand, causing her noises to intensify.

"P-Please!" She pleaded, her whole body trembling as her arousal spiked, approaching her climax.

"As you wish, Sakura." He let out huskily before removing his thumb from the the sensitive pearl to replace it with his tongue instead. The girl tensed considerably against him, her breath coming out in ragged pants. He flattened his tongue against the little bundle of nerves, giving it a few rough laps before massaging it with the tip of his tongue. The kunoichi stiffened above him, even her trembling had quieted down. She was on the verge...

"Ah! K-Ka...kashi-sensei!" She cried out as her body spasmed with her first orgasm
Kakashi kept going for a few moments, making sure that her climax subsided before he stood up and replaced his mask. Now it would certainly be impossible for him to get her out of his head. Her taste lingered on his tongue, the image of her in the peak of her pleasure burned into his mind. When he saw her hands come up to remove the shirt wrapped around her head, he decided it was time to bolt before the situation got even more out of hand.

By the time she could see something, all that was left of his presence was the smoke signaling he had teleported away.

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