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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Eight:

Of things that rise with sunrise.

Kakashi twiched as he woke up, the itch to stretch nagging at him. As he did so, he was quickly reminded of who else was in his bed when his body bumped against hers. The events of the previous night flashed in his mind, making his stomach drop. Damn, he wasn't supposed to give in! What he was supposed to do now was an enigma. Say good morning sweetie, how did you sleep? No way. This wasn't gonna happen again.

It seemed Sakura was already awake, because she moved to straddle his lap, sitting comfortably on him with a sleep grin on her face. A blush appeared on her cheeks when she felt his erection against her. At least, being a medic, she was perfectly aware of morning wood and wouldn't think he was overly eager or anything. He hoped.

"Good morning, Kakashi-sensei." She uttered, her voice a little too cheery for his liking. In his still hazy state of mind, his thoughts wandered to how she felt against him and how he wouldn't mind repeating last night and some more. A mental slap was immediately admnistered as he tried to clear his mind and pushed her off of him as he turned on his side.

"Good morning." He muttered before he got out of bed, highly irritated by his state of undress. At least she hadn't taken his mask off. Did she respect his privacy at least a tiny bit? He pulled his pants up in a hurry once he found them and made his way out of the bedroom, trying to find a distraction. Tea. Tea would calm him his poor nerves down.

Sakura followed him barely seconds later, now wearing the t-shirt he had lent her. Her demeanor told him she was quite embarrassed and uneasy, though she was trying to make herself comfortable.

Whilst he boiled water for a black tea, he noticed that she had sat to the table, watching him prepare the drink. He did his best to avoid looking at her, still unsure of how to deal with this. Had he really just humped her? God, why had he done that? Okay, it had felt great, obviously, but... It was embarrassing.

"You look nervous, if that's even possible." She commented when he placed a filled cup in front of her, while he stood to drink his own.

"Sakura... I don't know what I was thinking yesterday." He admitted as he stared at the floor. Telling her just how much he lusted after her, even now, just didn't sound right.

"I don't care." She replied bluntly before taking a sip of the hot preparation. What had happened to sweet Sakura who believed in romantic fairy tales?

"That still doesn't make it okay." He added dryly, his eyesbrows scrunching together in mild frustration.

"I wanted it." She was staying relatively calm while all this, most of her attention focused on what she was sipping.

"I didn't." He threw back, placing his mug on the counter he was leaning on to rake his hand through his hair in irritation. Her eyebrows shot up, her eyes screaming disbelief at him.

"That's not what it sounded like." She said slowly, eyeing him almost angrily. His heart beat picked up considerably at the strange look she gave him. He knew she was right, but he wouldn't admit it to her.

"I'm a man, Sakura." As if it explained everything. She scoffed indignantly in his direction before standing up to join in at the counter, leaning next to him as she tilted her head to the side to get a better view of him. He tensed under her scrutiny, fearing her like an unpredictable beast that you couldn't tell when would lash out at you.

Her small body spun slightly so she was now facing his side, hands coming up to grab his arm lightly as she leaned into him. She observed him throuh half-lidded eyes, her expression lazy and somewhat appreciative. One of her hands wandered to his chest, stroking it carefully a few times before it lowered to his abdomen, where her slender fingers played with the coarse hair starting below his below button. Did she have to be such a tease?

"I want more." Her demand was clear yet he still stared at her, dumbfounded. It hurt to say so, but he was impressed by her boldness. His large hand wrapped tightly around hers when it threatened to explore too low.

"Why? Didn't I make myself clear?" He whispered, almost angrily. Angry that she couldn't obey him for once, angry that he still wanted her.

"Your words were. Your actions also are... Though both are contradictory." There was a confidence in her voice that bothered him. It was most likely that what had happened between them made her decision more solid, but it was still unexpected to the older jonin.

"Plus, I wasn't as lucky as you were, last night. Hm?" A shiver ran down his spine as he processed her words. The mischievous spark in her eye convinced him that she wasn't about to let him go, leaving him to feel trapped in her hold.

"Is that what it'll take to get you to leave me alone? To get you off?" His response made her flinch and back away from him, finally giving him some space to breath.

"You're a jerk, Kakashi-sensei." She spat as she made her way to the living room to change into her own clothes before going for the door. He watched her without realizing it, guilt starting to seep in the whole time. He hadn't meant to hurt her, but she was becoming far too insistent. Once she slammed the door behind her, he sighed in exhasperation. An odd feeling of emptiness took over him, making him wonder just what had gotten to him. He liked Sakura, a lot. She was a very good friend to him, one he didn't want to lose. Especially over something as petty as this.

Tomorrow, he would go visit her to apologize and fix things, once she had calmed down.

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