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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Seven:

Mr. Sandman, why won't you claim my pretty flower?

The slight creaking of the doorknob of his bedroom door was the first sound that stirred Kakashi out of his deep slumber, followed by soft footsteps and the dipping of his mattress when a warm body sat by his. The still half-asleep man remained on his back, faking unconsciousess in hope that he would be left alone if he gave no response. The heat radiating from his friend kept him fully aware of her, of how close to him she was. It seemed he'd fallen asleep pratically on the edge of the bed so she hadn't had much space to take.

"Kakashi-sensei." She whispered. He noted her voice was soft and a tad hesitant. Nothing that indicated she was here for something inoffensive to him. No reaction came from him, it wouldn't be in his interest to let her know he was awake.

"I'm not stupid. You're awake." Irritation was starting to appear in her tone and he knew she was being serious and wouldn't quit so easily.

"What is it?" He muttered as he turned to sleep on his side, facing her. A lone eye opened to observe his surroundings and company, slowly adjusting to the dark. He could see she was wearing his t-shirt and nothing else to cover her legs. Considering that it reached her mid-thighs, it wasn't that surprising.

"I can't sleep." She let out, as if it explained why she invaded his bedroom without his permission.

"What am I supposed to do about that?" He replied, clearly showing his exasperation. Her only response was a shrug of her shoulders. By this time, his sight had improved and he could see that he had one foot on the floor while she was sitting on the other. If his mind wasn't playing tricks on him in his lethargic state, he could swear he saw a glimpse of pale panties, quite the contrast to his near black garment. Right then, he noticed the loud tapping of the raindrops on his window, signaling that she storm hadn't let up at all just yet.

"Do you want a massage?" The pinkette offered after a while of awkward silence, breaking it with a tempting yet unsettling offer. Of course he wanted one. Anytime from her. They were divine. If only they weren't in his bedroom, on his bed with her in just a shirt of his and panties. This mind his dirty mind wander in dangerous territory.

Apparently no answer meant yes, since she moved to straddle him when he didn't say a word. Her knee pushed his hip until he was on his back once more before she settled over him. His hands twitched, almost grabbing her hips to make sure she wouldn't be sitting in his lap or anything, but she stood on her knees, alleviating his worry a little.

"What are you doing? Wait, let me turn around." He interrupted when her own hands moved to lay on his chest, sending small tingles where their skin touched. To his dismay, the pink temptation above him didn't budge when he tried to change their position.

"I've never given you a chest massage. Just lay back and enjoy, okay?" She murmured, voice low and dripping with sensuality that raised goosebumps on his skin. The protest he tried to make died in his throat when her fingers pressed on the muscles below his shoulders, spreading warmth and a soothing feeling where her chakra penetrated the barrier of his skin. Damn, why did she have to be so good at this?

His eyes slid closed when her hands drifted down to massage the lower part of his pectorals, relaxation settling in his body as she applied more pressure. To say it felt good was a great understatement. A silent sigh escaped his lips as she focused on that area, relieving tension he hadn't even known was there. Why he had even thought about objecting to this was beyond him now. To hell with what's appropriate or not. It was just an innocent massage.

Sakura lowered herself to sit just above his lap, sending his nervousness levels through the roof. So much for relaxing. The spot where she made herself comfortable wasn't particularly dangerous, but the soft skin of her inner thighs rubbing against his own definitely was. Even worse was that there was a warmer spot between those two thighs that was all too easy to recognize. The only thing he could be thankful for right then was that she was wearing panties at all.

"Does it feel good?" She breathed out as she leaned down to have a better look at his face. Good thing he slept with his mask on. He repressed the chill threatening to run down his spine, keeping a straight face through it all.

"Since when are you massages not good?" Came his reply, his voice not hinting to either relaxation or discomfort, just even and clear. It was hard to notice, but he was certain she'd squinted her eyes a tiny bit as if frustrated or angry, so quick he wasn't sure he'd really seen it.

"I'll continue then." She moved lower to sit on the top of his thighs, brushing against his crotch along the way. His fingers reached for her thighs as if they had a will of their own, ghosting over them as they went up to her hips, then down back to rest on her knees. He felt small goosebumps pop up where he touched, causing a small grin to appear on his lips.

The kunoichi's hands went lower, to his abdomen, before continuing her little heavenly attentions. Surprise caught him when a sharp jolt of pleasure shot down to his groin when she pressed a spot just above the waistband of his pants, forcing him to bite down on his cheek to stop himself from groaning. He stared at the ceiling when he felt himself harden, already giving up on trying to hide the bulge in his pants. There was no way he could cover it up before she noticed it. His head rolled back against his pillow when she continued rubbing the skin of his stomach, causing the same reaction again. His heart beat had sped up considerably and his breathing became deeper as he fought his rising arousal and the urge to grab her hips and pull her up a little.

"Does this feel better?" It was barely a whisper, a small question that should have been innocent. She couldn't possibly be doing this to him without knowing it. Was it really on purpose?

"What are you doing, Sakura?" He threw back as he lifted hi gaze to meet her eyes, his voice all too serious. He couldn't let her do this. Last time, she had stopped him. Why she would be initiating this sort of contact was a mystery to the Copy Nin.

"I'm not doing anything." Just as she said this without a care in the world, she shifted to sit directly in his lap as if it was the most natural thing to do. A short breath was quickly expelled from his lungs and he couldn't stop his hips from bucking into her slightly, enjoying the warmth and pressure to his crotch. The girl above him imitated him, rolling her hips into his, closing her eyes as a soft gasp escaped her lips. His hands shot up to grab her waist and forced her to stay still as he tried to gather his wits.

"Sakura. You can't be doing this." He rasped as he returned his stare to the ceiling, willing himself to think about gross things to calm down. Sadly, his mind sided with the little minx above him and only flashed him heated images of her.

"Why not? You look like you want to..." Unable to keep stil any longer, he flipped them around before she could even register what was happening. Their bodies were pressed flush together, his face barely inches above hers. He saw her pretty emerald eyes widen, her cheeks darken. He didn't miss the small streak of boldness either. Her slim legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer while her head rose off the pillow to be near his.

"Because I don't think it's okay." His reply was simple, but the truth. He wanted her. He wanted her so bad. Yet, the voice in the back of his mind was loudly warning him that if he did this, he would cause irrepairable damage to their relationship.

"I'm okay with it." She threw back bluntly as she grabbed one of his hands and brought it to rest on her flat stomach, making him notice just how high her shirt had ridden up. His resolve diminished to nearly nothing when he felt her smooth skin as he dragged his hand up her torso, slipping underneath the cloth of her shirt when he reached her ribs. His hand didn't stop until it touched her small breast, stopping there to fondle it gently. The moan she emitted barely registered in his mind, far too focused on the feel of her body and warmth.

He didn't resist when she rolled them over again to reclaim her spot on his lap, instead just letting his head flop down to his sides as he watched her. His throat tightened when she removed her shirt, a little hesitantly and with shyness spread across her face. He knew he had to stop before it was too late, but he just couldn't find his voice anymore at this point. Instead, his glance was set on her torso, examining the small mounds he'd just groped. She was lovely, just lovely. He couldn't recall ever being with a woman so beautiful and sexy. Why were the gods tempting him with the forbidden fruit? She was his good friend, teammate and ex-student. A virgin, fourteen years younger than him. She had no idea what this meant. He could never see her the same way now. She'd directed his lust at her, made it impossible for him to see her just as the small girl that had once been under his tutelage.

"We really shouldn't be doing this." He mumbled, finally finding some of his voice. This seemed to make her pause, as if she weighed his words and attributing them some importance.

"It's okay. I..." She hesitated to continue her sentence, the blush on her cheeks darkening and admitting how inexperienced and shy she was for her. "I want this."

At this point, he didn't have any fight in him left. She was already pulling his pants and boxers down his hips and before he knew it they were gone. His breathing was coming in short pants, his body far too warm for comfort. Sakura crawled back up his body, her face hovering above his for a moment as she examined his expresion.

"Stop worrying. We're not doing... that." She let out before she sat on him once more, aligning her crotch with his, earning her a groan when she pressed her warmth to his erection. He could tell she was aroused herself, though not nearly as much as him. Her words made him wonder just what she had in mind, though his question was quickly answered when she started rubbing up and down against him slowly, testing. He held his breath as he let her move however she wanted, still not daring to touch her or say a word. He could feel her underwear was damp, making the friction she was creating only better and better as her moisture seeped through the flimsy clothing.

"I'll just do this, okay?" A quick look at her showed him an embarrassed girl, but also an aroused one which only fueled his desire for her. He gave a quick nod as a response, not bothering with anything more complicated. A soft moan left his throat when she pressed harder against him, picking up a little speed.

He placed his hands on her hips after several seconds, needing to grip something if he didn't want to lose what was left of his self-control. His moans and grunts were soon mimicked by her as her own arousal mounted and she rocked against him with more insistence. Her thighs quivered against his and he felt her pace falter whenever a strong wave of pleasure hit her, causing her to squeeze her eyes shut and bite her lip whenever it happened. It wasn't long before he couldn't take the broken rythm anymore, needing more to reach his much-needed climax.

He turned them around slowly, carefully, before he resumed the motion she had used on him, rolling his hips into hers with much more pressure as he picked up speed with each thrust. By now, he could feel how she had soaked right through her underwear, feel how hot she was, and all he wanted was to push her panties aside and plunge in her. It would be so easy. Surely the moaning creature below him wouldn't mind. Her legs wrapped around him again and urged him to move faster as she gripped the sheets with her fists. With just the next stroke, he knew he wouldn't last much longer. His stomach was tightening uncomfortably, with sharp jolts of pleasure coursing through his whole body.

"Sakura... I-I'm going to..." He whispered against her ear, his voice hoarse and husky. She whimpered and bucked against him, as if his words turned her on. Maybe they did. His rhythm became erratic and uneven, his thrust rough and hard as he felt his orgasm build up.

"O-Okay." He nodded and gripped her hips tighter, grounding into her a few more times before his body spasmed and his release washed over him, making him grunt a few times, loud and broken. He ignored the slightly embarrassment he felt when the girl below him gasped in surprise when he spilled on her stomach, unable to gather the control to pull back and finish elsewhere. She just felt too damn good. He collapsed at her side after a few seconds, letting his body relax and reveling in the afterglow of his incredible orgasm.

Once he came back to his senses, he leaned over to the night stand, grabbing tissues out of the drawer and handing them to her so she could clean up. She took them with a bright blush on her cheeks. It really made him want to smirk, but he was just too tired to.

"T-That was nice." She said after a good while of silence. He hummed in agreement, feeling that he was drifting off to sleep already.

"Should I stay or?..." She asked hesitantly, looking his way until he gave an answer.

"Whatever you feel better with." He answered simply, pulling the blanket over his stomach as he closed his eyes to let sleep claim him. She didn't answer, but she curled up to his side, cuddling him loosely. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, his whole inner conflict resurfacing before he pushed it deep down in his mind to fall asleep instead, enjoying his friend's company and warmth without guilt for the time being.

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