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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Three:

Mirror, mirror... What do you see? But what does he see?

Right after she had entered her appartment, Sakura had made a beeline for her bathroom. A shower was much needed. She had to cool down and forget about what happened between her and Kakashi back at the training grounds. The cool water did wonders for the young girl's overheated body. Deep breaths entered and left her as she relaxed, clearing her mind. Several minutes later, she turned the water off and dried herself as well as she could with her favorite blue towel before getting out of the tub.

She hesitated as she observed herself in the only mirror present in her home. A long, full-body mirror besides the sink. Her hands stilled against her hair as Kakashi's words polluted her mind once more. He had pratically called her beautiful, she wasn't crazy. She eyed herself carefully once she had dropped the towel, taking note of every curve of her body. Her legs were long and slim, her stomach taut and flat, as any other kunoichi's. The curve of her hips was not exaggerated, but definitely present. Her breasts, even though they had filled out over the years, were still an a-cup size.

She came to the conclusion that she was pretty, but certainly not sexy. It was no wonder no boys chased after like afer Ino. Her thoughts wandered towards Kakashi once more, her cheeks flushing as the mental image of his body flashed in her mind. He was manly, there was no doubt about that. The fact that he had 'appreciated her feminity', as he called it, mystified her. Thinking on it, this was most probably as womanly as she woul ever get. She was seventeen after all, she was pretty much done growing. So this would be the body she would be stuck with the rest of her life.

Was there a possibility that someone as incredible as the Copy Ninja could want it?


As he sat, still in the grass where he had pinned Sakura down, Kakashi pondered over the little event for quite a while. He had pratically ogled the girl as she crawled to her bakpack, but he had to blame it on her skimpy attire. Either way, she'd been openly staring at him barely seconds before, so it only made them even. That didn't answer his question though. She had clearly been aroused after looking at him. What did that even mean? He tried to brush it off as any teenager fantasizing about a good-looking older man, but he couldn't.

Not when he'd had such dirty thoughts when pinning her down. How was any sane man to keep his thoughts clear when he had a beautiful, aroused woman below him? No matter how much he tried to reason himself, he couldn't come to the conclusion that it was normal to lust after his ex-student who was fourteen years his junior.

He'd seen her grow up, for god's sake. Seen her grow from this scared child to a full-fledged and well-accomplished woman. She was a jonin just as he was, had been for almost a year now. There was no way that anyone could consider her anything but an adult. She lived alone and paid her bills. Even in her appearance there was nothing childish left. She was and looked like a woman, a very sexy woman, as he'd just been forced to notice.

The image of her biting down on her lip when he had caught her staring at him came back to his mind, making his groin stir against his own will. His mind continued wandering, focusing particularly on the feel of her under him. Their bodies had barely touched, only his knee on her thigh and their hands. Her skin had been warm and soft, inviting even.

Damn. The jonin laid down on the grass, not bothering an attempt to hide the evident proof of arousal in his boxers. There was never anyone here, anyway. He toyed with the idea of having a little fun out there in the clearing, but eventually decided against it. He was no exhibitionist. Plus, he didn't know how he'd feel if anybody else had done this. He had no desire to train in a filthy place, so he wouldn't contribute to turning into such a thing.

Back at home was another matter though. The privacy made him much more comfortable and the warm water running down his body did nothing to soothe his urges. It wasn't too often that a woman caught his eye. It wouldn't have bothered him all that much if it hadn't been a particular pink-haired kunoichi. She was a good friend of his, he couldn't possibly defile the mental image he had of her.

Heck, he had even called her cherry... Where had that even come from? It sounded so dirty.
But he wouldn't mind popping her cherry. He groaned out loud at the turn his thoughts took without his consent. It'd been far too long since he'd had female company. His body wasn't giving up on this and neither was his mind it seemed. He was fighting a losing battle. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

With an exasperated sigh, he realized that this wouldn't work. His head was still flooded with several different scenarios that involved him and his favorite student in different sexy situations.

"Okay, maybe if I just do it it'll be over after." He let out, talking to himself, as he gave up. A voice in the back of his head told him that he was perfectly aware that giving in wouldn't solve his problem for a long time, but he ignored it.

The call of his name from a sexy Sakura was all he was focused on.

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