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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Four:

When desire knocks at your door... let it cook dinner?

Kakashi couldn't have been more surprised when he opened his front door to find Sakura standing there. What was she doing at his appartment? Maybe she was there to punch him through a few walls for calling her cherry. Or staring at her. Or pinning her down. Or doing naughty things while thinking about her. Oh, wait. She couldn't possibly be aware of the last one.

"What can I do for you, Sakura?" He greeted, a cheeky grin appearing on his face when he saw her embarrassment at seeing him shirtless. He might have wanted to reconsider answering the door like this, but it wasn't his fault if Sakura didn't feel comfortable with half-naked men. She was a medic anyway, she should be used to it.

"It's dinner day. Don't you remember? I'm cooking at your place today." She threw back, a liittle annoyed. She walked in his home without waiting for his approval, ducking to pass under the arm that blocked the way.

"Is it? I've lost track of time again." He muttered, suddenly a little uncomfortable himself. Did he even have any food left? His eye followed her every movement as she sauntered over to the kitchen. He bit his tongue as he noticed what she was wearing. Had she gone shopping yesterday? He couldn't remember ever seeing her with these clothes. It was a simple white dress that left most of her shoulders uncovered, hanging at the very edge of them with small sleeves. It hugged her body closely, but the material was nonetheless thin and flimsy, ending slightly above the middle of her thighs. The eye candy god sure was shining down on him today.

"You're unable to keep track of time, you can't lose it." She mumbled as she rummaged through his fridge, looking for anything to feed to the both of them.

He followed her into the kitchen, cursing silently as his gaze fell on her. Bending down to look at something in the bottom of the fridge. Didn't she know that you bent at the knees, not the back? The hem of dress was dangerously high, almost giving him a peek at her underwear. The Copy Nin let his head roll back, hitting the wall a few times with it but still careful to not make enough noise to alert to the kunoichi. She was much too comfortable around him.

"Looks like you'll have to order take out. Everything in there is rotten or worse." She complained angrily as she shut the door of the fridge and turned to him. She sighed and hauled herself on his countertop and threw him a look through half-lidded his eyes.

"Come over here, Kakashi-sensei." She murmured as she motionned for him to come closer. He obliged her, though he felt like he was stepping in a trap. If she wasn't about to take a jab at him, then it would be something else. Once he was in front of her, she parted her thighs and pulled at his arms until he was between them. This was far, far too close for friends to be. He swallowed too hard when her lips darted out to wet her lips and was suddenly glad for the baggy pants he wore. His reaction to their proximity might have been a bit too obvious otherwise. His hands rested next to her thighs, brushing against them as he leaned down to be at eye level with her.

"Yes?" He breathed out, their faces only a few inches apart.

"Don't move, okay?" She asked, her voice lower than usual, a little shyness evident in her tone and the pink hue on her cheeks.

"As you wish, cherry." Damn. He said it again. Was he wired to call her that when he was turned on or something? He noticed she frowned a little at the nickname, but it didn't seem to phase her. Her hands splayed against his chest hesitantly, remaining still for a second before they lowered ever so slowly to his abs. He closed his eye as he let his mind wonder about all the possible outcomes of this. At the worst, a swift punch to the stomach. At the best... A taste of his little cherry.

He choked out a breath when her fingers skimmed around the edge of his pants. His hands moved to ghost his fingers up her thighs until he reached the hem of her dress. His palms pressed to her soft skin, his fingers slipping just a little under the light material. The fact that her breath hitched didn't gone unnoticed by the silver-haired man. A satisfied smirk appeared on his lips and he started to inch his digits higher up her legs, until he felt her own go lower on his pants. Was she going to -

"Got it!" She exclaimed loudly as she pushed herself off the counter, pressing her body against his in the process. His arms wrapped around her instictively as he felt her slip down from the surface.

"Fuck." He growled as he saw his wallet in the hand she was waving in triumph, though it was both from being duped so easily and from the way her breasts rubbed again him as she slipped down to the floor in his hold. He let go of her immediately, feeling incredibly stupid that he would mistake her attentions in such a way.

"I can't believe I was able to steal the famous Copy Ninja's wallet!" She squealed as she performed a victory dance before him. He watched unamused and considered stealing it back from her, though the idea was quickly forgotten. She'd snatched it from him fair and square. He might as well pay for their meal just this one time. Plus, if getting her to return it meant wrestling with her, he didn't know what he would do. Giving up was much safer.

"So what will you order then?" He questionned as he distanced himself from her, heading to his bedroom to retrieve a shirt. It would certainly make him feel less awkward right now. But damn, her hands felt nice on him. His imagination was running wild with all the places that he wouldn't mind them exploring. It was a good thing that his aloof expression was pratically glued to his face, or else she might start suspecting something.

"Fried stuff!" His shoulders slumped further. She really was intent on making this evening pure torture on him, wasn't she?

"Get me some stir fry instead." He called back, hoping to change her mind. But the kunoichi was as stubborn as he was, he was aware it was a futile attempt. She was exacting revenge for all the times left her with the bill.

"No, I have the money, I decide!" Heh, at least she seemed happy.

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