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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cherry Blossom

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Five:

Contact. Contact me. Contact you. Contact?

As agreed while the quiet meal they'd had a few prior, the two ninja met at the training grounds for their weekly session. It wasn't uncommon for the male member of the team to be horribly late, nor for the pinkette to go pick him up right at his home so he wouldn't be. This morning happened to be one of the latter, one where Sakura had to wake up Kakashi and wait for him to get ready. Whenever the girl would do this to him, the older jonin made sure to take his sweet time to prepare for the day.

"Did you have anything in mind today?" She asked as they reached their destination and stopped walking. The slouching man allowed himself a second to think, reading the meaning behind her simply words. Whenever she asked this, it was because there was an idea planted in her mind. If he offered another plan, the girl would usually follow it. The question was whether or not her own training would be better than his.

"No." He replied, deciding to let her humor him. Even if his partner was only seventeen, she was a jonin and his equal. She never failed to surprise him with her new skills and quick mind.

"I was thinking we could spar on the river in the far end of the grounds. Taijutsu only, sharingan allowed. Lots of chakra control, speed and taijutsu pratice. Plus, it's still too hot." She explained, her tone serious and as professional as it could get. The heat wave was definitely over, but the temperature was still too high to be comfortable while a work out. The medic was well aware of this and found a suitable solution, as always.

"Sure." He replied simply, already on his way to the desired spot.

Once they were standing next to the river, Kakashi examined the area. He already knew it like the back of his hand, but a little reminder was always welcome. It prevented any nasty surprises. When he turned back to check up on Sakura, a shiver ran down his spine. The girl was stripping down, having taken off her apron skirt and red vest already. This left her in those tiny shorts, mesh shirt and tank top. Darn. Talking about surprises...

"Clothes are a hindrance when wet. Too heavy and uncomfortable for nothing." She explained when she noticed the funny way he was eyeing her. Even if it was half-hearted, he knew he had to agree with her. Especially when he wore twice as much as her. With a silent sigh, he removed his extra clothing, until he was down to his pants, sandals and masks. It wasn't hard to tell her eyes lingered on him while he did so, it was impossible not feel them burning holes through him. It was thoroughly uncommon for them to wear so little while together. It seemed to affect his female companion a little, which almost made him chuckle. He was in no way uncomfortable with being less clothed around her. He'd never cared for her wearing less either, until this week. Being ninja it was inevitable to have some articles of clothing either ripped or completely cut to shreds so it had only been normal ot him. Now, that he had certain dirty thoughts about the kunoichi, it had a bit harder to remain impassive.

When she started moving towards the large body of water, he followed closely behind, observing her carefully. Her demeanor was quiet today, which meant she was going all-out for their spar. He'd better be attentive. They stood a good distance away from each other as they stood on the water, readying for the battle. As always, she was aware that he wouldn't make the first move. She dashed towards him at full speed, pulling her glowing fist back for first punch. So she was using chakra, no surprise there. This obviously meant he couldn't block her hits, only avoid. Enemies who didn't know her often made this mistake, resulting in a quick death or several broken bones.

Just as he jumped back to avoid her attack, her fist collided with the water. The impact pratically raised a wall of water, blocking her out of his view. Damn, he should've seen this coming. He backed up further, scanning the environment quickly to figure out where she would come from. The water was quiet below his feet, not indicating any movement from above it. He checked the trees around him. No rustling of leaves, no traces of her smell other than where she'd just been. Where the hell was she?

The answer to his question was immediately answered when she burst from the water behind him, grabbing his ankle in the process. Kakashi was sent to the ground a few feet away then, making him lose his control over his chakra as he landed face-first in the water. His body sunk down in the water completely before he managed to resurface and regain his footing. Sadly, Sakura was already there and her leg was swinging in a kick he knew would hurt for weeks if he didn't block it in time. He was able to bring his hand up quick enough to grab her shin and apply enough force to slow it down, but not stop it.

Once more, he was sent back a small distance, though this time his body remained above the water at all times. Darn, she was getting good. He could remember the time where both her and Naruto couldn't even get a hit in. What a sweet memory it was. Decided on not letting her win this easily, he opened his sharingan eye and launched himself towards her immediately, giving her as little time as possible to react. She dodged his punch by spinning around before pressing her back flush against his chest. The warmth of her against his skin distracted him for a second, surprised by how close to him she dared to get this time.

With all this, his view of her legs was blocked, allowing her to hook her knee behind his as she dropped down and pulled her leg forward to make him fall backwards. For a split second, he thanked the heavens for his ability to think incredibly fast and about several things at once. Or else, all he would have been able to focus on was the way she had rubbed against his crotch as she was kneeling down. Thankfully, it wasn't the case and he also had the reflex to grab the strap of her top as he started falling and pulled her with him. It wasn't hard for him to twist them around so he landed on top of her.

His hand gripped her throat not a second later, pinning her there while his body trapped hers. He flinched as the girl below him disappeared in a puff of smoke, sending a wave of near-panic through him. Since when did he ever get tricked by clones? Before he could even get up, what he assumed to be the real Sakura sat on his back, one hand holding his chin up while the other was pressed against his throat. It was a darn good thing she wasn't an enemy nin right now, or he might as well be dead. The girl leaned over him, giving him a good view of her face and the large grin on it. Pride was obvious on her features as he observed her, making him smile a little. How strong had she gotten already? Though, it was too bad they weren't enemies.

He grabbed one of her arms and flipped them over quickly, once more trapping her under him. This time it wasn't a clone and he wasn't about to let her go. Her cute eyes went wide immediately since she hadn't expected him to continue. She had won fair and square after all. The Copy Nin was not satisfied with this though. A low growl escaped her throat as a plan formulated in her head. He tried to pin her legs down with his own, but it was already too late. She had them wrapped around his hips tightly, pressing her own hips against his. She pushed herself up on her elbows until their foreheads were touching and her ex-sensei was unsure of how to react then.

This little flame she had ignited in him since last week was back with a revenge. What had gotten into her anyway? He knew she was very motivated to win against him for once, but to show skin and press herself against him like this, even if it was in her advantage, was not something she ever did. She preferred to avoid too much physical contact. Either she ha figured out she could do more this way, or she had something else entirely in mind. Maybe she wanted to drive her old sensei crazy so she could finally call him senile and a dirty pervert, and be right. That sounded like her alright.
One of his gripped her hip for a second as he resisted the urge to push down against her. His eyes were glued to hers as he slid his hand higher, bringing the shirt with it until it was just below her breast. Sakura gave very little hint of anything, no surprise, no embarrassment, not even any shyness. This was unusual... He decided to test the waters some more and lowered his hips, insisting a little more when she wouldn't budge. It was barely a second before she gave up and let him push her hips down until her body was as close to the water as it could be.

Kakashi sucked in a deep, quiet breath as he tried to repress the small arousal building up in his lower stomach. Feminine hands soon planted themselves against his chest as the pinkette bit on her lip softly. He fingers ghosted over his skin for a little until she trailed them more roughly all the way down to his navel. The man above her held his breath and placed his chin above her shoulder, hiding his face from her so she wouldn't see the effect she had on him. HIs eyes slid closed as he appreciated her touch, letting her do as she pleased for the moment. Her interest seemed to be highest for his abdomen and his shoulders, he noted. Her touch lingered longer there than the rest of his torso.

His teeth clamped down on his cheek as she squirmed under him, pressing her crotch to his a little harder. He was tempted to resume the movement of his own hand, to lift her shirt to expose her to him a bit more, but he resisted, settling for just taking what she offered. His lack of reaction seemed to trouble her though, her hands were now more hesitant. Refusing to accept this, he moved his hand up to cup her neck, avoiding touching her breast at all in the process. He turned his head towards her to place his lips against her neck, suddenly making him regret ever wearing his mask. He heard her breath itch and felt her tense against him. He shut his eyes tighter as a jolt of pleasure shot down to his loins, making it very hard to resist grinding into her.

Damn, this was going too far. He removed his masked mouth from her and smoothed a hand up her leg to try and disentangle him from her. This seemed to go against her plan though. Her legs only tightened their hold on him and her hands grabbed firmly at the side of his pants to keep him there. He had to hold back a moan as one of her hands ran up from his hip, rubbing against his abdomen and chest before she let her fingers ghost over his neck and jaw. He felt himself harden as his arousal spiked and his desire clouded his mind a little. Alarm bells went off in his mind and a voice screamed at him to get a grip. Why was a seventeen year old getting to him so badly?

Yet, all he wanted was to rip off that tank top and see a little more of this little vixen. A quick look up to her face showed him eyes a little large with shy interest and flushed cheeks. She certainly didn't seem unwilling. But she was still Sakura. His teammate. His ex-student and fourteen years younger than him. He couldn't let such a thing happen between them. It just might ruin their whole relationship and their ability to work together.

"Is something wrong, Kakashi-sensei?" She asked when he remained still for too long. Her voice was far too innocent for their intimate position. Didn't the girl have any idea what was going on? Was she touching him naïvely thinking it didn't do anything to him? Why did she even do it? He assumed it had to be out of curiosity, but he definitely wasn't the right person for that.

"Maybe you're the one who should answer that question, cherry." He replied as he leaned down until their faces were barely a couple of inches apart. He watched her through hazy eyes, impatiently waiting for her response.

"T-There's nothing wrong with me..." She whispered back, obviously startled by his question. He splayed his hand across her stomach, dragging it up to her collarbone in a deliberately slow motion. Her hips lifted a little, her head rolling back a bit as a shaky breath left her. The scent of her arousal was starting to reach his nose, wreaking havoc on what sanity he had left.

"You don't look alright when I do this." He murmured against her ear as he decided to take control of the situation.

"Or this." He added before lowering his mask just enough to place an open-mouthed kiss on her neck. She gasped and her hands grabbed his sides tightly as she tried to steady her breath. He noticed his own breath was no where near even anymore, annoying him a little that he gave her such obvious signs she wasn't alone to be aroused right now. Her beathing stopped altogether when her hips rolled into his and she rubbed against his erection, eliciting a groan from the man.

"Fuck." He gripped her hip to keep her still as he tried to calm down, incredibly bothered by the fact he was so worked up by her when she had barely done anything. It must've been all of last week coming back to make him pay. He kissed her neck quickly several times with more insistence now while his free hand slid back down to where her shirt rested just below her breasts. His fingers slipped underneath easily and continued their way up until he reached her soft mount before he gave it a soft squeeze, thoroughly enjoying its size and feel.

She gave a broken moan at the foreign sensation, tensing consideriably under him even though she didn't move at all. She was probably too unsure of what she was doing to react properly. He suckled on her neck a little, hard enough to make sure she would have hickeys after this. He threw most of his control out then, the desire to get a little more out of this too big to ignore anymore. The hand that still gripped her hip pulled her harder against him, helping her grind her hips into his.

"K-Kakashi!" She cried out as she writhed under him, her breathing now erratic. He had no doubt her arousal was close to matching his, but for some reason her hands tried to push his back now.

"Wait.." She breathed out against the top his head, freeing his mid-section from her legs.

"What is it?" He asked, a litlte out of breath and even a bit annoyed at the interruption and the sudden lack of warmth from her legs.

"I-I've never done this. What are you doing?" He froze at the sound of her voice, suddenly so shy and scared. Damn. What was he thinking? That he could just fuck her here? He pulled his mask back up over his face and got off of her immediately.

"Sorry. Training is over for today." He let out as he started leaving, not daring to look back at her. He might just be all over her again if he did. She didn't say a word until he was almost out of the water, surely too stunned to react.

"We still have dinner Thursday, right?" She called out, her voice so insecure it made guilt cut through him. Did she think he'd avoid her because of this? Well, he had to admit she might have been right there. He didn't know how to deal with this.

"Sure." He replied before disappearing in smoke.

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