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Monday, January 21, 2013


Today, I thought I'd introduce my cat Every. He's the older one, at about three years old.

His name isn't pronounced like the word 'every' since the 'r' is pronounced the French way. Anyway. We like to call him the Gourmet. He loves food! I mean, I've had many cats in my life, but he's just crazy about it. Whenever he hears a wrapper being torn, a plate being deposited, a can opened... he runs over! In that particular picture, he's standing by my boyfriend waiting politely for sushi. He didn't get any, sadly.
He's really a great cat. Cuddly and never scratches or bites outside of some playfights. Though he has quite the temper with Mirri... She annoys him, it seems. I understand him, she cuddles him constantly and never gives him any free space. It's funny to watch their fights. I'll try and post a video of them some day!
So that was Every. :)

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