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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Ten:

Not long after Sakura had returned to her new living space, Sai and Naruto had come to take Sasuke with them. It was their turn to keep an eye on him. It was the first time in a couple weeks that she and Kakashi were finally alone together. Without henges, too. That was great. She felt relief wash over when she heard the click of the door, signaling it was closed and locked behind the three men that had just left.

Kakashi almost immediately reached for her hand, smiling on the inside as he felt how soft her skin was. He laced their fingers together and tugged at her hand carefully, pulling her to him. He set his free hand on her hip to guide her down to sit on his lap, back towards him. He nuzzled the back of her neck affectionally, breathing in her scent. It was always a bit strange to him that she didn't smell the same as back in Konoha. Her favorite shampoo and soap weren't available here. In another way, it made him feel warm on the inside, as he recalled a particular memory. Back when they were living together in their dear city, she had changed them as well. They had smelled like honey then. It almost made him that he was getting this mushy over her, but then it another way, it felt nice. It felt normal.

Sakura was quiet in his lap, comfortable and relaxed where she was. His chest was pressed softly against her back, his wamrth envelopping her. The hand that held hers was still, simply keeping a firm hold on her fingers. The other that was still on her hip fidgeted a little, alternating between light tapping and slow massaging. His breathing was slow and even against her neck, which made her relax more. They were alone. They were together. She shivered slightly when she heard him remove her mask and received light kisses to the side of her neck. She let out a long breath, leaning back into him and unconsciously pressing her hips down on his lap.

The hand on her hip gripped her hip tightly, keeping her still. He had really wanted to take the time to speak with her about all that had happened in the past week, talk about what she felt for him, for the Uchiha, even about how she had went in the fight without being fully prepared, but right then, all he could focus on was her company. Silent and warm company. He couldn't bring himself to break this moment because he felt close to her then. He believing that they were in their own little world. It was such a comfortable thought. A place he'd love to know actually existed and that would stay undisturbed.

A streak of boldness hit Sakura right then. She didn't know why, but right now she just wanted to be as close to him as possible. It was a desire that was invading her every thought, rudely pushing away anything else that was trying to sneak into her mind. She closed her eyes, lips parting slightly, and pushing back against his hand, pressing her rear firmly against his crotch. Her back arched just a little, enough to allow her to lean her head onto his shoulders. She felt him release a somewhat strained breath against her temple, making her grin. Her free hand brushed down his thigh, stopping at the middle and grasping it loosely. Her heartbeat sped up, feeling a rush of adrenaline. She knew what they would be doing in the next few minutes. It thrilled her to be able to arouse Kakashi, to get his full attention like this.

Kakashi wouldn't have it that way though. He pressed his lips to her neck in a somewhat agressive kiss, his chest rumbling against her back in what seemed to be a low growl. He didn't hesitate to hook his hand under her knee and lifted it up so that her foot rested on the edge of the bed. He smirked as she hissed when he continued his assault on her neck. Maybe he would let her take control of one of their sessions later on, but right now he wanted to lead. He wanted to show her what he could make her feel.

His other hand slowly made its way from her hip up to one of her breasts, fondling it gently through her t-shirt. She hadn't worn a bra that day, he noticed. She hummed lowly, deciding to let her body go limp in his hold. He could take control if he was going to make her feel good like this. The last time, he had been too impatient to make their encounter last, just wanting to finally have her to himself after so long. This time, he would take his time. He wanted to feel every inch of her, memorize her body and hear her moan his name over and over again.

A little part of him argued that he was doing this for incredibly selfish reason, but he ignored it. It didn't matter to him right now wether he just wanted her to love his touch or to force her to think of him and only him. He didn't want to acknowledge that his desire for her right now stemmed more from claiming her as his than to express his love for her. He nibbled the side of her jaw while the hand on her chest lowered to her belly, only to come back up but this time under her shirt. She breathed in sharply when he played with her hardened nipple, making her squirm in his lap. He bit down on his tongue when he felt himself harden against her rear, taking a second to appreciate how said read felt against him.

He chuckled when she gasped, having obviously felt what was happening in his pants. He was sure she was in no way a prude, but she was definitely inexperienced. It didn't bother him in the least. It would be interesting to see her reaction to every little thing he would show her with time. She tried to move to lay on the bed, thinking it would be more comfortable, but he refused to let her move, holding her in place firmly.

"We're not going anywhere.", he growled in her ear, taking the opportunity to nip at it a little. Her struggling didn't last, she relaxed in his arms almost immediately and relented control to him once again. She didn't have any will to fight him right now, she was already getting a little desperate for more. He seemed to be set on the little attentions today though. She would enjoy every second of it. She couldn't let it go to waste after all. She whimpered a little as he removed her shirt, shifting uncomfortably as the cold air of the room cooled her heated skin. The warmth of his hands was quickly back onto her skin, stroking between her breasts playfully.

He trailed the fingers of one of his hand up to her collarbone, then down to her ribs, repeating the process painfully slowly and several times. Her head was settled comfortably against his shoulder, her eyes closed, lips apart and panting slightly. She was definitely just relaxing and enjoying every of his touches. It made his male ego swell a little to see her like this, but he didn't linger on it very long.

His eyes shifted back to her body, admiring her nake breasts for a little. They were small, but he thought it fitted her perfectly. She was definitely most beautiful in her subtleness to his eyes. Her flashy hair and bright eyes attracted the attention first, but it was the little and subtle details that charmed him. It was the soft curves of her hips, the way her lips curved into sexy smiles just for him, how she overused her arms while she spoke, or even how when she walked, her hips swayed gently. She didn't attract attention through outrageous curves and flirty behavior. She was simply beautiful, and that hooked him.

His own breath quickened and he felt a rush of pleasure go down his spine, just thinking about every little detail of her body that he loved. All the times he had pleasured her without receiving anything. How she was sitting on him, sprawled comfortably without a hint of guilt at receiving so much attention from him while she gave none. It didn't bother him in the least, because he was certain that she would return every of his attentions once he let her take control.

He fought a little to get rid of her shorts and panties without letting her off of him, but nonetheless managed to without changing their positions too much. He swallowed a little harder when he smelled her arousal fully. She was definitely ready for him, but he didn't feel like stopping his exploration of her body just yet. One hand roamed her torso without a plan while his other stroked the leg that was up on the bed. He trailed the tips of his fingers up and down her thigh, taking mental notes of wherever she was most sensitive.

She was starting to get restless in his lap, squirming and shifting around every few seconds. His mouth shifted from her neck, planting kisses all the way to her shoulder where he started nibbling carefully. She groaned in anticipation, pushing her naked butt to his crotch once more to try to get him to go faster. He wouldn't make this so easy for her though. He did have a little something in the back of his mind after all. Maybe it was because of the lack of blood to his brain in his current situation, but right now he would make sure that she had nothing else in mind but him.

"What is it, Sakura? Is there something you're missing?", he breathed against her shoulder, pushing his arousal against her. He bit back a groan when she spun her hips against him a little, sending pleasurable sparks to his groin. He felt her nod enthusiastically.

"Tell me what you want.", he ordered, using two fingers to tilt her head his way. His looked straight into her eyes. She swallowed hard, a little intimidated by his intense gaze and the sight of his sharingan. She never felt right when she saw it, like it meant something was about to happen. That they weren't safe. She pushed the thoughts aside, trying to focus on what he had just said. Feeling too embarrassed to speak the words, she tried to lead his hand to the warm area between her legs but he wouldn't budge from her thigh.

"I want to hear you, Sakura.", he growled lowly, making her shiver. His voice was surely the sexiest she had ever heard. It already had this low rumble and tone when he spoke normally, but right now, there was something more to it. It made her bite the inside of her lip and close her eyes. It made her realize what kind of a man she was about to have sex with right now. A tall, dangerous and seasoned ninja. Her sensei. The man who had been under the fourth's tutelage. Probably the sexiest man alive.

"Touch me, sensei.", she purred back, opening her eyes to glance at him seductively. She knew it had an effect on him by the way he simply kept their gazes locked onto one another, instead of reacting immediately.

"Show me where.", he whispered back before moving to suckle on her neck, earning him a moan. She was overly sensitive right now. He had gotten her body ready and hot, now every of his touches felt incredible. She threw her inhibitions out a window in her head and once again tugged his head towards the apex of her thighs, though this time he followed.

"There, Kakashi-sensei. I need you there.", she breathed out, panting a little and eyes shut tightly in anticipation. He wouldn't admit it, but it turned him on so much that she kept the title right now. He would show his student the pleasures of the flesh. She was oh so willing after all, moaning and squirming in his lap like this.

"What a naughty student you are, Sakura...", he whispered against her ear, not moving from there while he ran a finger through her folds. Her breathing immediately quickened. It made him smirk, wondering when she would start moaning his name. He didn't care if anyone heard them. He wanted people to hear them. They would know better than to approach his girl then. She whimpered when his fingers simply played with the outer skin of her sex, teasing her.

"You're not being very nice, sensei.", she groaned, growing very impatient. He chuckled and slowly made his way towards her clit, finally giving in and doing as she wished. One of her hands snaked around him and grasped a handful of his hair carefully, groaning loudly as pleasure washed through her body. Right now, he was starting to fight an internal battle with his impatience, wanting no more than to get rid of his clothes and be inside of her. The point of this wasn't that, though. He would have to be patient for her now.

"I'm sure you won't be complaining by the time I'm done with you.", he rasped in her ear as he sped up his pace and the pressure against her clit. She tensed against him, her other hand gripping his thigh as she tried to stay still on his lap. Her mouth was hanging open a little in a silent moan, her eyes shut tightly in pleasure. Whatever she had wanted to answer him had gotten lost on the way. He decided he'd teased her enough, finally sliding a finger in her. She moaned louder than she had meant, appreciating the invasion far more than she had expected.

He was driving her crazy. She wanted him now. The way his finger moved in her made her lose of trail of thoughts though, and she was a moaning mess on him in no time, trying to meet his pace with her hips. She bit her cheek as she felt his erection rub against her every time as well. The feelings were just making her lose it. She was on the edge of climax. Kakashi's groan made her clench her lower muscles tightly, trying to fight the overly powerful sensations assaulting all of her body.

"Kakashi-sensei, please!", she begged without shame, unable to control her moaning now. They came short and broken, quick and high-pitched. He breathed in sharply, letting out a curse she didn't understand. She might have thought to ask if she hadn't felt his hands leave her body and going under her to free his erection.

He didn't make them wait any longer, he'd teased her more than enough already. This wasn't the most practical position, but he seriously didn't feel like moving. He loved the view, he had to admit. Sakura's back against his chest was nice, after all. She was arching nicely into him, giving him an eagle's view of her perk breasts, she was unconsciously grinding into his lap and he had full control over her movement like this. Perfect.

They both sighed in pleasure as he finally pushed into her slowly, all the way to the hilt. He wrapped one arm tightly around her flat stomach, the other hand going to the bed for support. His fingers played on her smooth skin for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of it. He buried his nose in her neck, taking in the sweet scent of her shampoo. Just for a little moment, he contemplated staying like this. Not moving an inch. To stay cuddled with each other in such an intimate position to enjoy the love they shared. That he hoped they shared.

Sakura groaned in complaint to his lack of movement pretty quickly, lifting her hips off of him barely to get him to move. He took the hint, starting a lazy pace. He knew she was already pretty close, she was shuddering and squirming on top of him already. She had this funny habit of being unable to stay still when she was about to orgasm, he noticed. He tightened his hold on her and thrusted into her faster while his lips kissed her neck lightly, ghosting them all over.

It was barely a minute before his beloved was whimpering and humming, gripping his arms for support. She held onto him as she could, fearing her legs would give out under the intense pleasure he was giving her. He grit his teeth, forcing himself to keep up his rythm without faltering. He was pretty close himself, but there was something else he wanted before they were done. He wondered for an instant if she would comply easily or would need a little convincing, but he was pretty sure she would be eager to try. She'd pratically forced him to let her touch last time, after all.

Once she was relaxed in his arms, she moved her head up a little, just to glance at him. Her eyes held a curious look, knowing he hadn't joined her in her climax. He carefully nudged her off of him so she would be on her knees on the floor instead, facing him. Leaning down to kiss, his hands roamed the top half of her body playfully, fondling and pinching on a whim when it got to him. The kunoichi was quiet under his ministrations, relaxing further and enjoying them. She was thinking about where he was getting to with this, though she assumed it was pretty easy to guess thanks to the position he had put her in.

Their kiss didn't last too long, just enough to be relax a little and be ready for the next round. When their lips left each other, the older man's hands moved to cradle her head softly, directing her towards his laps with no eyes moved up to meet his with a little hesitancy. She was a little clueless as to how to do this, he guessed, but he knew it wouldn't be hard for her to get the hang of it.

"You want me to use my mouth?", she asked, her tone bashful and her cheeks flushing a little. He almost chuckled, loving how she had to say the most obvious out loud sometimes. She wasn't always the most subtle woman, that was for sure.

"Unless you have something else to propose?", he mocked, his lips tugging at the sides to form a smirk. She scoffed and frowned, feeling no guilt at showing her indignation to his mockery. She lost no more time. She parted her lips and wrapped them carefully around the head of his member. The girl felt him tense under her and she smiled in result. It was incredibly sastifying to know that she affected the famous Copy Ninja like this. Now she just had to figure out how to have him writhin and begging for her.

She slid her lips as far as she could go, placing her top lip under her teeth to make sure she wouldn't scrape him. That probably wouldn't be the way to go. Her movements were uneven and a little sporadic at first, while she tested the waters, but after a couple of minutes, her head was bobbing up and down with more confidence. She couldn't help the swell of pride deep down whenever he groaned or gripped her shoulder tighter. He never once moved to try to control, which Sakura appreciated. She wanted to find out how to pleasure him, to learn each and every of his reactions and take full credits of the result.

When he gasped while she pressed her tongue down against him, she couldn't help herself from smirking, knowing she had found a senstive spot. She looked up to see his face, contorted with the burst of arousal he'd felt from this little move. His eyes had been shut tight for a little time, though he reopened them then to watch her. She averted her eyes quickly, suddenly a little embarassed by the intimacy of all of this.

"Sakura, I'm close.", came his his warning, his voice a little hoarse, though he managed to keep up his even tone. For a second, she hesitated. She certainly knew what he meant, but that didn't explain how to react. She had been told most men liked to come in the woman's mouth. The thought grossed her out a little but she figured she should give it a try. He'd always done everything to please her as much as he could, so she would return the favor.

His breathing quickly become more ragged and came in harsh pants, his hands holding her head a little tighter as he tried to control her pace a little. She groaned in slight discomfort when he bucked his hips a bit too hard, though she felt a rush of arousal at the same time. She stopped moving on her oown then, letting him take control. For some reason this turned her on quite badly.

He moved one of his hands down to fondle her breast, toying with the nipple while he was there. He forced his eyes open to look down at her. The view was almost too much for him, her lips wrapped around him tightly, her beautiful body, having her on her knees in front of him... He grunted and bucked his hips again, finally thrown over the edge. He held onto her head a little tighter as he came, still careful enough to make sure not to hurt her. He noticed Sakura jumped just a bit in surprise but she didn't try to pull back, a decision he definitely appreciated.

Once he had relaxed a little, he pulled her up with him on the bed to lay down close to one another.

Neither spoke for a while, enjoying this short time of peace to savor what had just happened. Sakura inched closer to him and moved her hand to hold his loosely. This was still so new to her, it amazed her what he could do to her. She'd known about the physical facts of sex, being a medic it was a must, but living it was entirely different. Luck was surely on her side for once in her poor love life. She was with a incredible, trustworthy man who had solid experience in pleasing women it seemed. Yet, he was still gentle enough and willing to give her the time to adjust and learn. It was great. Serene was definitely what she felt right now. It was like they were the only two in the world, still too caught up in what they had shared to think about anything else.

Kakashi was finally coming down to earth after a those few minutes and he now looked down at her, a content smile on his lips. His companion seemed satifised and calm. Nothing seemed to be bothering her. Her mind probably swam with the fresh memories of their lovemaking. His free hand caressed her body tenderly, slowly making its way up until it stroked her red cheeks. Cute was the first word to come to his mind.

"Are you sleepy?", his question was perfectly innocent, though he still had a plan in the back of his mind.

"A little. Are you?", she replied, eyes closed and leaning into his touch.

"Hm, not really.", he lied. He pulled her flush against him, hooking one of her legs on top of his hip.

Her expression showed her curiosity clearly, making him smirk. Her reaction to this came as a frown and she watched him carefully. She knew better than to expect randomness from the Copy Nin. He had something in mind. His head lowered and his lips caught hers in a quiet kiss. They moved slowly against hers, varying the pression and pace, just to keep her guessing and hooked. After a couple of minutes, his bedmate started to get a little restless, pressing tighter against him. A grin tugged at his lips and he broke the kiss just for an instant.

"Shh, there's more to enjoy than sex. Just focus on this. You feel closer to me, hm?", his voice was smooth and even, completely calm. His girlfriend seemed unsure for a moment, but soon enough followed his advice. She was quiet against him when he pulled her back in a soft embrace, his lips ghosting over hers, letting her feel his breath against them. Her own breathing evened out and she sighed, relaxing completely. He felt her body mellow, allowing him to control her movements easier. He deepened the kiss after a little while of giving her small pecks and playful kisses.

Her head was laid on one his arm, which was wrapped softly around her shoulders, while his other hand moved slowly up and down her back in a comforting manner. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly apart as she let him kiss her how he wanted. Tingles were spreading across her body, keeping her aware of every little touch of their bodies, though it wasn't as consuming as it had been just a few moments before. It wasn't as intense, rather quiet and giving her the opportunity to just enjoy their closeness. Kakashi found himself closing his eyes as well, taking the time to relax and to appreciate the moment. He might've had a motive in mind for doing this, something he was somewhat guilty for in the end, but he still loved every second of it.

A few minutes passed before the kiss died down, giving place to staying still and letting sleep come to them slowly. She was pressed firmly against his chest, her head snug against his neck, under his chin. The best place she found to put her hands was against his torso, one wrapping around his ribs.

One of his hands played with her hair, gently tugging at it every now and then. It filled her mind with various images of them, some naughty, most simply of spending romantic time like this with him again as soon as possible. He had never struck her as someone romantic, but he had his own ways to be. He didn't openly show his affection for her when they were outside with others. Instead, he kept it for when they were in private. It made her feel more special, in a way. She was the only one who was privvy to this side of him. No one else knew about it.

"That was nice.", he commented, his voice a little heavier with sleepiness. He felt the girl under him nod quickly. A chuckle escapred his throat. She was incredible to him. Sometimes she had a fiery temper that no one could water down, while other times she was bashful and timid. Her emotions appeared to be a roller coaster. Maybe that was what drew him to her. He was always so constant, aloof and apparently unable to feel much.

"I care deeply about you, Sakura.", his statement was well calculated and came out low, barely above a whisper. Something about his deep voice made her shiver. He always had such authority, always sounded in control and in power. It made her feel safe and surrounded by this quiet and comforting aura. With him by her side, nothing wrong could happen.

His eyes focus on the lamp that stood on the desk beside the bed. He'd close it a little while ago, leaving the room in the dark. It was a little hard to focus on it since he barely saw it, but it was the most he could to not fret over what he'd just said. He wasn't afraid of admitting it to her. He couldn't say he loved her. What nipped at his anxious side was what she would reply. He was certain that she was very attached to him, that much he could deduce from how she acted around him. A girl like her wouldn't fling herself in the arms of a man she didn't feel a strong connection to.

"I...", she hesitated, biting her lip as she searched for the right words. The pause caused him to worry a little, though he quickly put it aside. "There's something very special with you, Kakashi.", she finished her sentence. It was the first time she dropped the honorif, he noted.

"What do you mean?", he questionned, arching an eyebrow. He had expected her to reply something along the lines of what he said.

"I mean, I feel very differently for you than I have or anyone else before. It's a little strange.", came her response. It made him hesitate a little. It was most likely a good sign, he thought. Just in case, he would make sure.

"How? Is it better?", he replied, pinching her chin carefully to tilt it up so she would be looking straight in his eyes. A soft chuckle left her lips. She was obviously finding it funny that he would press on such a subject. In the end, probably not a single living person would think otherwise.

"It is. I feel like I can depend on you, I trust you with my life. I want to be close to you all the time. I don't know how to qualify what we have, or tell what we'll be like in twenty years. I just know I want to be close to you, like this.", her voice had a distinctive life to it, putitng a smile on his face. She wasn't able to tell how she felt. She had never felt like this before.

"Hm, are you sure that's not just lust? I do know how to turn you on after all...", he teased, smirk prominent on his face. The hand that had held her chin dipped lower to fondle one of her breasts, just how he knew she liked it. He was satisfied with the gasp she emitted and moved his hand to an innocent spot on her ribs. She scoffed and slapped his cest playfully, a grin on her lips.

"You are very desirable. But it's more than that.", was her answer. Her tone held a certain seriousness that reassured him. He still didn't have all the details to pin what she felt exactly for him, but the results were good enough for now. On her side, Sakura didn't spend much time pondering over it. She was happy and that was all she cared about in this moment. Later, she could think about what this warmth was, what it meant. But now, she was happy. With him.

Chapter Eleven: Click Here

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