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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Eleven:

The sun seemed to have risen too early the next day, rousing the couple who complained to it with grunts and groans. It was a bit unsual for them to feel this groggy when they woke up, but Kakashi figured it must be due to how well they had slept and how comfortable they had been wrapped in each other's embrace. Aah, the wonders of having a lover. He'd missed that. Hm, missed that? More like he was glad to be experiencing it. Sure, he'd slept with many women, but none he'd had much interest in spending the night with.

On her side, Sakura's body lazily slipped out of bed with half-closed eyes and an angry frown on her face. She reached for the brush on the nightstand, quickli undoing any knots that had formed in her hair. What bed hair she must be having right then. A blush crept up her cheeks once she realized she was still fully naked and she quickly moved to dress herself with her usual attire. A chuckle from her male partner made her glance his way.

"What are you laughing about?" she growled, biting her lip. Her expression told him she wasn't angry, but definitely embarrassed and trying desperately to cover it up.

"I don't understand why you're making a fuss about being naked with me." he explained while moving to stand up. Her eyes watched him warily as he made his way to her in all his naked glory.
His large hand cupped her small cheek as he leaned down to give her lips a gentle kiss. He smirked, watching her eyes slide close slowly, feeling her relax against his touch. He felt a burst of affection washing over him and he was strongly tempted to tell her he loved her. Too bad he still didn't feel confident enough in what her response would be.

"Let's go for a walk, you've never visited Kumo before, right?" he proposed while he dressed. His companion stared at him for a few seconds as if his idea was absurd before smiling widely and nodding.

"I never have, that would be lovely." came her response. In truth, she was a little shocked he had proposed this. She'd always assumed he wouldn't be the kind to initiate activities.

They walked mostly in silence, with Kakashi's baritone voice occassionally breaking it to cite a little history of this or that building, or to recount tales of his youth when his missions had required him to travel more than when he was teaching their genin teams.

"Seems like you've had quite a life before me, huh, Kakashi?" she teased,a broad grin on her lips. His own spread into a small smile as he looked down at the girl.

"Of course. How else did you think I became such a great teacher?" he threw back, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to him. She snicked and pinched his wrist.

"You mostly just left us to fend for ourselves. I'll never forget that time you made me see Sasuke die! You traumatized me for life!" she whined, throwing her arms up in the air to emphasize her distress.

"Didn't I make up for that yesterday? And all those other times?" As soon as the words left his lips, a bright blush appeared on the pink-haired girl's cheeks. She immediately tries to get out of his hold, but he tighetened it and she started flailing around, cursing at him to let go of her. A curse of his own escaped his throat as she got a good hit on his arm. He growled lowly and pushed her back against the wall of a nearby building, effectively trapping her there between his arms.

Her breath caught in her throat as he lowered his masked lips to her aggressively, pressing his body against her own. Her hands pushed weakly against his chest, a small protest coming out as a whimper.

"Kakashi, there's people around!" She whimpered, renewing her efforts to push him away from her. He chuckled and backed away from her after kissing her forehead.

"Don't worry, I'm not about to put you up for a show. You're mine." He declared with what she surprisingly figured was pride. They continued walking as if nothing had happened, their pace a little slower as their took their time to enjoy the sun, the city... and their freedom. It had been a long time since they had been so relaxed. Emerald eyes trailed down their arms as she felt his fingers entertwine with hers before moving back up to meet with Kakashi's lone onyx orb

A content smile reached her lips as she examined his expression. He looked happy, affectionate. Who would have thought Kakashi could be like this? As much as she enjoyed the man's company right now, she had always figured him to be constantly aloof and emotionless. In the end, who could be like that to a person they felt love for? Her chest tightened a little as she was reminded of what she felt for said man. She had to love him. How could she want him so bad, want such a life with him if she didn't? Would she give up her own life to protect him? Without a doubt.

And the fact that she hadn't freaked out when he'd almost asked her to marry him must've been a good sign too. Yes. She had to love him. She loved the famous Copy Ninja, the man who had once been her sensei. The man who was fourteen years her senior. And it didn't scare the crap out of her. Everything just felt right with him.

"I'm glad you're with me." She let out, her voice soft and even. Kakashi looked down at her again, evaluating what she had just told him.

"Are you mine?" His question surprised her, causing a frown to appear on her previously tranquil features.

"Because I'm yours." He continued, feeling his heart beat speed up a little. Kami, what a piece of mush he could be at times. It was one thing to fawn over his novels, but another to actually feel giddy and nervous over a girl. The last time he'd felt anything like this must've been when he was about fifteen. Had he really cut himself off from other people that much? Hm, who cared. As long as things turned out fine now.

Sakura's own heart beat had sped up considerably after his second statement. Was he trying to make their relationship official? He was openly declaring that he would be no one else's than hers. She smirked, realizing that she didn't give a damn about others. She wanted no one else. It didn't matter that he was her first, that she hadn't really had an opportunity to spend much time around other guys her age. She wanted him. He wanted her. Their friends seemed to approve. Thumbs up!

"I'm yours." She whispered back, looking up at him with assurance. His arm around her shoulders tightened his hold a little, pressing her against him more. He crinkled his eye in what she knew was a warm smile.

A loud crashing noise disrupted their little moment, causing both of their heads to turn immeditely towards the sound. People seemed to be rushing towards the location of the crash, talking about a fight of some sort. Both ninjas' gazes met the others', both agreeing on what the cause must be, before they rushed to the area.

As expected, the cause of the ruckus was a blond boy fighting with a black-haired boy. A large circle of people had formed around them, watching them expectantly. Nobody knew if they should intervene or not. Heck, who could seperate those two without getting killed in the process? Sakura's eyes widened as Sasuke formed the chidori in his hand, heading for Naruto. Without hesitating or thinking things through, she sprinted to them, aiming a punch for the Uchiha's shoulder. It distracted him enough to drop the chidori, but he still caught her fist and flung her forcefully to the ground, causing a grunt of pain to escape the young girl. He didn't lose any time to kneel over her, a leg on each side of her hips.

"What, you think that just because you had the upper hand on me once means I'll let it happen again?" He hissed, her wrist still caught in a crushing hold in his hand.

"It doesn't matter, I'll still kill you if you try to hurt Naruto or Kakashi!" She barked back, kicking his thigh hard enough to make him drop down on her with a grunt. She growled in anger and frustration as she tried to roll them over to get the advantage back, he was back in control too quickly. He pinned her down to the ground effectively, both hands held up above her head by the much larger boy.

"Oh, really? I'm starting to think you enjoy being stuck below me like this..." He whispered in her ear, voice low and rumbling, causing shivers to run up her spine. All her confidence fleeted right then and she softened under him. She quickly turned her head away from him, eyes shut tight.

"Heh, I thought so." He chuckled, letting go of her and standing up as Kakashi appeared at Sasuke's side, glaring down at him. The two's eyes locked for a second, before Sasuke turned around and went to Naruto's side begrudgingly.

Kakashi stood protectively by his girlfriend's side, a hand on her hip. He'd heard everything. He was in a rage right now. If Sasuke didn't hold such valuable information, he would surely have killed him by now. To hell with the fact that he was his student. If he dared to lay a finger on Sakura, he'd do it. She stepped closer to him, laying a hand on his chest for support as she released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

The rest of the afternoon had been spent uneventfully. They had lunch, continued their walk, though in silence. It was only when the sun had set that they had retreated to their room before their shift of watching over Sasuke would start that they hard broken the silence.

"Are you okay?" Kakashi asked carefully, watching her every move for a reaction, though her body didn't betray what she was thinking and trying to hide from him.

"I'm fine, Kakashi. I'm a big girl now. You know that." She replied with a smile, standing up from the bed. "I didn't get hurt. I stopped the fight. Stop worrying now." She added, shuffling random items around to a place she deemed more fit.

He could tell she was just trying to appear normal and fine, but that she was more affected. She just wouldn't let it show. In a way, he was proud of her for not breaking down as she used to. She could hold herself together now. He just wished she wouldn't keep up the appearances alone with him.

"I want to talk to him. Alone." She whispered after a few minutes. She seemed decided and certain of her decision. How much of that was just for show, he couldn't tell. She probably needed some sort of closure with the Uchiha. It was hard for him to be sure if he was okay with the idea, but he'd have to trust her. Plus, if Sasuke had meant to injure Sakura again, he would have done it this afternoon. She was safe for the moment. Why, he wasn't sure. Maybe the kid had been serious about choosing her for his clan's repopulation?

"I'll leave you to it then." He replied before standing up himself and leaving the room. Sakura watched his back hesitantly until he closed the door behind him. She was nervous as hell. She didn't really want to confront Sasuke, but she had to. She didn't feel anything but friendship for him now, she was certain of it. But he still had a hold on her. She pitied him too much. He was well aware of it and used it against her without any kind of hesitation. What a monster he had become...

Ever since the fight, she had constantly been kicking herself mentally for letting him get to her this much this afternoon. What would have happened had they been alone? Was he really so far gone as to harm his teammate in such a way? She chuckled to herself, almost laughing at her own naïvety. Of course he was. He'd broken her damn leg and almost killed her. Why wouldn't he do anything else to her?

Her body tensed as the door clicked open and Sai came in with their old comrade. Sasuke stood relaxed as if nothing had ever happened, looking straight at her with his cold eyes. Her teammate stood there for a few seconds, hesitant to leave her alone when he noticed Kakashi's absense.

"It's okay, Sai. You can leave him here." Sakura said evenly, her voice betraying her actual inner turmoil at seeing her old friend alone. The pale boy nodded and left silently, closing the door behind him

"I didn't expect you to be bold enough to invite me to your room alone so soon." Sasuke teased, a grin to his lips. She remained silent for a few seconds, examining him. He stood relaxed, hands in pocket and his back straight. It was like he was completely unaffected by the situation. Only his grin showed he was taking some sort of sick pleasure from this.

"I'm not a wuss anymore. You'll stop treating me like one." She finally spat back, glaring daggers at him. Her resolution to talk to him was dimming with every second. For fuck's sake, why couldn't she be tough for once!

"Dear Sakura, I know you're not that little girl I left on the bench anymore. " He replied cooly as he stepped closer to her, stopping barely a breath away from her. His nose almost touched hers and she could feel his warm breath on her cheek. She bit down on her cheek and held his gaze defiantly.

"Then what is this all about?" She inquired, never looking away. Her voice remained low and even, almost threatening even if inside she could feel herself shaking.

"That's what it is about. You've changed." He replied, his hand landing on her shoulder and traveling upwards slowly until it rested on her neck. He could feel her shiver lightly beneath his touch, making his grin reappear. Her breathing picked up as she leaned away from his touch, frowning and closing her eyes. Nostalgia. This was what was holding her down. She'd loved him, she'd wanted to share her life with him so badly. She couldn't bring herself to hurt him.

His free hand quickly cupped her other cheek, forcing her to face him. Her eyes opened once more to glance at him, wondering what the he had in mind. They shut again immediately in disbielief as he lowered himself and kissed her in such a gentle manner she couldn't believe it was him. Tears welled up in her eyes and dripped down her cheeks and she remained still, unable to react. One of his hands let go of her cheek and snaked down to her waist, pulling her flush against him. She gasped at the contact, her hands flying up to his chest to try and push him away, but he remained solid on his spot.

"Why are you fighting back? Isn't that what you always wanted? What you had planned by voluntarily being alone with me right now?" He chuckled, gazing at her with an expression she had to admit was seductive. As much as she could hate him, she couldn't deny how attractive he was. His mouth lost no time in assaulting her neck, placing hungry kisses with no hesitation. Sakura gasped against his hair, hands fisting in his shirt. He pushed her back against the wall, placing himself comfortably between her legs and hooking his hand under one of thighs to press himself harder against her while his other hand slipped under her shirt .

Many thoughts assaulted Sakura at the moment. Some of the moment he had broken her leg, other of when they were young and she had pined for him so fervently. She didn't know what to do right now. Stopping him required an effort she wasn't certain she was able to give. She hated what he had become. Hated it so much. She just wished so badly that she could bring him back. That he'd come back to them, the way they had known him. For what he really was, what he was before his family had been taken away from him. He didn't become a monster by himself, others had forced him to be. And she pitied him deeply for that, had great compassion for him. If it took just this to bring him back, then...

She swallowed hard, keeping her eyes shut and refusing to open them. It would be okay. He wasn't being rough, he was being gentle. It would be fine. Sasuke seemed to notice her body had mellowed and took the opportunity to renew his assault on her body. His mouth found hers once more, biting her lip to make her gasp so he could deepen their kiss. His hand went up further under her shirt to fondle her breast, using his other hand to grind against her. A moan escaped her mouth and she leaned into his touch. Geez, if he kept going like this, he'd make her as hot as Kakashi.

Kakashi. Sakura's eyes shot open and she pushed Sasuke back with all her might. He was obviously startled by her sudden struggle, his eyes had widened and he stared at her as if he couldn't believe what she had just done.

"I-I'm sorry, Sasuke... I can't. Kakashi... He's-" She breathed out, trying to catch her breathe while she rearranged her clothes, but he cut her off quickly.

"I don't care about Kakashi. You loved me. Did you just forget about that?" He roared, hands fisting at his side as he steadied himself and stepped closer to her once more.

"That was a long time ago! You can't expect me to feel the same after you've tried to kill me!" She shot back, more tears running down her cheeks.

"And you think it's okay to just shift that affection over to our sensei?" He growled back, punching the wall beside her head, lowering his forehead so it almost touched hers.

"It's not like that. You know it. It's your own fault if all this happened! You just had to stay with me that night! Instead of knocking me out and calling me stupid!" She shouted in between sobs, wiping her cheeks with the back of her hands. She resisted the urge to just drop down on the floor and break down, choosing instead to just stand there and stare at her feet.

"I'm sorry, Sasuke. I loved once, but it's over." She whispered, looking up at him hesitantly. His eyes remained impassive and didn't break contact with hers.

"You'll come around." He replied evenly, turning to the door and opening it. She opened her mouth to protest as Sasuke exited the room, but Kakashi moved off the wall he had been leaning against so he would be in her view. Her mouth remained open in shock as he left with Sasuke, probably to escort him to Naruto. Had he heard everything?

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