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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto of any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Twelve:

As soon as Kakashi was sure that they were beyond earshot of Sakura, he slammed Sasuke in the nearest wall, glaring at him with a look that could surely younger boy barely reacted, simply matching his sensei's gaze. They didn't budge for a little while until Kakashi finally opened his mouth to speak.

"If you touch her again, I'll kill you." He murmured, his voice ladened with rage.

"Really? You'll take down Danzo by yourself then?" Sasuke replied, his voice even although it still sounded menacing.

"If you hurt her... I'll do anything to protect her." He added, letting go of the boy and standing straight in front of him. He was every bit honest. Fuck Danzo. If he hurt her, he'd kill both of them bare handed if he had to.

"Sure, then you'll live forever in peace with her. Danzo won't take long to find this little hideout of yours. Then what? You think you bunch of wanna-be rogues are gonna take him down? You'll really give her a good life as a missing-nin?" Sasuke spat back angrily, glaring back at his ex-sensei.

"I'm not out to hurt her anyway. She isn't worth your sharingan. I don't see why I should turn her down if she throws herself at me though." He sneered, crossing his arms on his chest and leaning back against the wall. Kakashi was at a loss of words. Rarely had he ever been so stuck in his life. He failed to protect Rin and Obito early enough. Then they lost Sasuke. And now his two students were stuck as missing-nins. Great. He couldn't even protect the girl he loved.

He wanted to shout back, tell him she was his. Punch him in the face for touching her. Kill him for trying to murder her. He wanted to do so many things, but the Uchiha had the upper hand. No option that seemed attractive was viable. He'd just be forcing all of his comrades to live as rogues for the rest of their lives. And who knew how long they could survive like this. It was already a miracle that they'd managed for over three years. What about Hinata and Naruto. They had a kid on the way. What if it was his Sakura stuck like that?

"Thought so." Sasuke retorted, pulling Kakashi out of his thoughts. He lowered his head, staring at the floor. He couldn't do anything against him right now. Sasuke had every advantage. Heck, was he even strong enough to take him down? The last time they'd been in a fight he'd been injured and he couldn't prevent him from harming Sakura.

"It doesn't matter. Whatever it takes, I'll keep Sakura safe." He muttered, meaning every word of it. His eyes met Sasuke's again and there was no doubt for either of them that he'd back it up if need be.

"It's not in my plans to harm her anyway. Danzo's downfall is in my advantage as well so you guys are all good right now. We can talk about all of this again once all of this is over." With everything said, the Uchiha started walking towards Kakashi and Sakura's room. The copy nin sighed inwardly. This was gonna be awkward and harsh.

Sakura looked up from the floor when she heard the door open again. She swallowed a bit harder than she meant when she noticed Kakashi was being followed by Sasuke. She had hoped that Kakashi would drop him off with Naruto so they wouldn't have to deal with him for the moment, but then again Naruto and Sai needed their rest as well. Sasuke went straight for the armchair in the corner opposite from the bed while Kakashi sat with her on the bed.

He glanced at her with a look she didn't know how to interpret. It felt as if he was burning a hole through her with anger and jealousy, but he looked away so quickly. His expression remained mostly impassive, but she could imagine he feel betrayed. He had every right to feel like that. How could she have let Sasuke get to her so easily? It couldn't be that hard to keep her hands off the Uchiha! She had Kakashi who was definitely as sexy as him. And he'd certainly proven he knew how to turn her on. Her cheeks flushed a little as a thought involving both of them doing naughty things to her crossed her mind. What a time for a dirty thought like that!

Time couldn't have passed slower for all three of them. Nobody spoke. Nobody really knew where to look. The level of tension in the room was palpable. Sakura could have sworn she heard her partner sigh when Genma and Shizune came to retrieve Sasuke for their shift of watching over him. Finally, they were alone. She glanced shyly in her lover's direction, hoping he wasn't about to yell at her or something.

"What did he do to you? His smell is all over you." He whispered, refusing to look at her. How he hated having such a keen sense of smell sometimes. It was painful to be reminded every second that someone else had been touching her, and he'd heard enough to know she hadn't hated it. More than enough.

"H-He didn't hurt me. I'm sorry Kakashi, I don't know what got to me..." She sputtered, turning to him and sitting on her knees in front of him.

"It was too hard to say no? It's that hard for you to resist him?" He shot back, finally looking at her.

The look in his eyes made her stomach churn painfully. He was beyond angry with her. She remained silent for a little while, staring at her folded hands in her lap. She didn't know what to reply. Why hadn't she stopped him earlier? Had she really enjoyed it that much? No, she couldn't have. She was loyal. She'd always been and always would be. The only reason she hadn't was because she wanted the old Sasuke, her friend, back.

"It's not like that. I was stupid. I somehow believed, just for a minute, that if I gave him what he wanted that he might come back with us." She admitted, staring a small crack in the paint on the wall. Kakashi felt somewhat dumbfounded.

"That's it?" He questionned incredulously. Her response was a simple nod. She hadn't wanted him. She had just hoped it would make things better for a second? He still had a little trouble believing the whole encounter had been nothing more than a bit of wishful thinking and naivety on her part, but it wasn't that hard to come to terms with it. It made sense. She had pushed him back after all. But it didn't make this pinch of jealousy and anger go away.

"Come here." He whispered, his voice laced with some anger she didn't miss. Shemoved on the bed to him, stopping when the hand he had extended to her grabbed her hip while he leaned on the wall behind him. He tugged at it until she sat on his lap, her expression telling him every bit how uncomfortable she currently was.

"I guess I'm just going to have to get rid of this smell myself..." He whispered against her ear, sending shivers down her spine. What was he gonna do to her? His hand fisted in her shirt and pulled her roughly to him so he could kiss her. Her eyes widened in surprise. She hadn't even seen him lower his mask! He pinched her hip, making her gasp in slight pain. He didn't miss the opportunity to lick her lower lip lightly before going furhter to rub roughly against hers.

She whimpered when he pushed her away, her eyes glancing at him with confusing. He didn't lose any time to answer her silent question, pulling her shirt off as quickly as he could before assaulting her neck with open mouthed kisses and nibbles. She let out a small moan, hands fisting in his shirt on his back. She certainly wasn't used to this kind of urgency from him. One of his hands moved up from her hips to fondle her breast. His breath was already coming into pants and his movements were quick and precise. It amazed her how he could still keep a clear head through all of this. His pace was hectic but she could tell every of his moves were well calculated and conscious.

He'd had enough. he slipped the hand that had been staying still on her hips into her panties and traced her slit before caressing her clit, just as rough as he'd been for the rest. Sakura groaned and leaned on him, eyes shut tight. She hadn't expected the sudden assault and could do nothing but moan against him until he moved from under her. She followed his movements with confusing, her mind not entirely registering what was happening. Before she knew it, he stood on his knew behind her, his right hand pushing her down so her butt was up in the air for him.

As she started realizing what he wanted exactly, a blush appeared on her cheeks, red and bright. She heard him unzipping his pants and she held her breath in anticipation. He pushed her shorts and panties down, not even bothering to undress her further before thrusting in her quickly, roughly and hands gripping her hips tightly. She buried her head in the blanket below her, hands fisting into as she grunted half in pain and half in pleasure. Her partner didn't seem to take note of this, his movement picked up a steady pace, one that wasn't too fast or slow, thankfully.

He lowered himself down on her so her back touched his chest, allowing one of his heads ro roam free on her chest. The girl below him whimpered, tugging at the blanket for support. Kakashi grunted, leaning his forehead against her shoulder. He wasn't entirely sure what he was doing. At that moment, he didn't really care. A little voice in the back of his mind was telling him that he was simply claiming her body. Proving to her that nobody else but him could touch her. How this accomplished it, he didn't know. He just needed to do it.

Sakura moaned his name as the last of the pain subsided, giving its place to pleasure. It hadn't been very painful, but it sure hadn't been comfortable. The pain had been somewhat enjoyable at first, being a strange mix she hadn't experienced before. Now that she had finally adjusted to her partner though, it was gone. She didn't dare to look up at her lover, a little afraid of him right at this moment. She didn't believe that he could harm her, but he could certainly hurt her. He would never hit her, that much she knew. She hadn't meant to hurt him by not outright refusing Sasuke's advances, and this was most likely how he made up for it.

Heck, if angry sex was all it took, she was all for it. Plus, it wasn't like she wasn't enjoying herself. A mischievous grin appeared on her lips as a small idea sparked in her mind. He wanted to do it like this? Fine, she would play his game. She pulled away from him quickly, turning to face him as she stood on her knees. The look on his face was priceless. A mix of surprise and need, and just a little anger. Her grin widened as she made her way back to him, hands up to grab the hem of his shirt. He watched her intently, but without interrupting her. She removed his shirt before getting rid of the shorts still hanging on her thighs.

She tried to get rid of his pants as well, but he wouldn't have any of that it seemed. He grabbed he wrists and pushed her back against the wall, trapping her there with his body. She sighed in pleasure when his mouth went for her neck again, nipping and biting here and there. She bit her lip, trying to fight through the haze of her arousal to gain control of the situation again. Her slim hand snaked down his torso to caress his shaft carefully, slowly, causing him to halt his ministrations and hiss. She tried to push him back so she could lie on him, but he pinned her against the wall against, using one of his hands to hold both of her wrists above her head.

"Think you're gonna get me that easily?" He rasped, devilish grin on his lips and a playful glint in his eyes. She liked that much better. His free hand took its time to explore her body, ignoring her core. She groaned in frustration when he spent too much time neglecting her sensitive spot and locked eyes wth him, arching her back to try and get closer to him.

"Kakashi-sensei..." She whispered lowly, eyes half-lidded. He bit his tongue to keep himself from moaning. She was playing dirty. "Please, I want you." He closed the distance between them, pressing his lips against hers , but still refused to do more. She growled and wriggled against him, trying to get him to do something, anything.

"Impatient now, aren't we..." He whispered back, breaking their kiss to gaze at her quietly. She matched his gaze, mirroring his own breathless expression. She turned around and leaned her upper body against the wall, thrusting her ass up flush against his erection, which earned a moan from both of them. His free hand gripped her hip once more, keeping her still against him while he came down from his little rush.

"Just take me. I'm yours. Only yours." She whimpered against the wall, rubbing against him as much as she could. His control snapped then. He thrusted back into her and picked up a quick pace

"Repeat that." He growled in her ear, leaning down against her and wrapping his arm around her waist so he could help her move quicker against her while he ground his hips in hers.

"I-I'm... Ah! I'm yours!" She grunted in between moans. She leaned her forehead against the walls, panting heavily. She couldn't take it anymore, this was too much.

"That's it." He grunted against her ear and he thrusted harder into her before biting down on her neck.
A broken scream escaped her throat as her body shook against his while it climaxed. He groaned and bucked againt her as his own orgasm ripped through him, leaving him breathless. They both collapsed on the bed and he held her close to him, staying silent while they caught their breathe.

"Is that how you resolve conflict?" She finally asked several minutes later when they were both relaxed and well covered by the blanket. Her back was flush against his chest, their legs intertwined. He just lay there, comfortable, while thinking up his response.

"Not usually, I guess. It's not like this kind of conflict comes up often." He replied, nuzzling her cheek. The girl hummed quietly, enjoying his warmth.

"I guess. But I meant it, you know?" She said, twisting her neck as she could to look at him. Her eyes held a soft expression, one he knew was sincere.

"About what?" He breathed out, relaxing further against her as sleep crept up on him.

"I'm yours. I'm sorry about this afternoon. I really didn't mean for all that to happen." She explained, staring at her fingers that played with the hem of the blanket. Right, that.

"Why did you moan?" He asked bluntly, eyes open and sleepiness sort of wished she hadn't brought the topic back up. He'd been content for a moment there.

"Huh? I guess I... Kind of liked what he did. I mean, I didn't enjoy but it's not like I could keep my body from reacting to him..." She answered shyly, hoping not to anger him again.

"So you didn't want him?" He continued, biting on his tongue against once he had finished his sentenced.

"I might have for a moment, but when I thought about you it was over. I knew I wanted no one else but you and I couldn't let him continue." She replied honestly, biting on her thumb nail. So thinking about him was what had put a stop to their little encounter?

"Why? Was it because you didn't want to hurt me?" He didn't know why he kept going, he just needed to know.

"Yeah, of course. But it's also that I didn't really want to sleep with him. I'm... Definitely attracted to you, and with our relationship, I can't have you and everybody else. So I wanted you." Her heart was beating much faster by now, hoping that her answer would sastify him. A feeling of pride and possessiveness swelled in him. So she had wanted him more than the brat.

"Good. I'll make sure it stays like that." He replied before placing a kiss against her temple. His response perplexed her a little, though she made no big deal of it. If it meant that sex would remain as mind-blowing as it had been as of yet, she had no problem with it. That just left her the option to be as good as she could to him as well. She had to admit she was a bit giddy for the next encounter. She wanted to learn to pleasure him as he did for her. To discover every little sensitive spot he had and be able to get him to relinquish control over to her.

"I love you, Sakura..." He mumbled against her ear, his eyes closed although he was anxious of her response. He felt her tense against him for a second, though she relaxed immediately. She must've been startled by his sudden declaration.

"I love you too, Kakashi." Her voice came up after a few seconds of hesitant silence. She could feel him smile against her cheek as he nuzzled her again. It sent butterflies to her stomach. It made her a little nervous that their relationship had hit that level, but she didn't fear it in anyway. Just for that moment, she had been happier than she had ever been in her whole life. She loved Kakashi, she really did. And he loved her back. Nothing else mattered for the moment.

"Leaf nin!" The shout woke both ninjas with a start. They stood up in panic and scrambled around for their clothes before someone pounded on their door.

"Sakura! Kakashi! We gotta go, hurry up!" Naruto shouted through the closed door before Kakashi opened it, while he was pulling his pants up. Sakura shriked behind him as she hurried to clasp her bra and put on the rest of her clothing. The blonde blushed a little but hurried to look away.

"What's the situation?" Kakashi asked, his tone serious. Naruto looked back at him, frowning.

"Leaf nin are almost at the gate, we don't have much time, we gotta go. Hinata, Sai and Sasuke are in my room. I just came to get you and we're going." He replied quickly.

"Alright, just give us a second." Kakashi said before closing the door so they could get done dressing and gathering the neccessities. Not more than two minutes later, they were out and sprinting to Naruto's room. Half-way, they were met by Sai and Sasuke.

"They've got Hinata. Sorry, Naruto." Sai exclaimed, an honest sorrowful look on his face.

"What! I've got to go get her! Get out of my way!" Naruto screamed as he tried to push past the two boys, but they held him back firmly.

"Hey, dimwit! They've got her. There's nothing you and I can do, there's far too many of them. We've got to get going. They won't hurt her." Sasuke let out angrily, shoving the whiskered boy back.

"How do you know that?!" He replied, hands balling at his side.

"Idiot, she's their best tool to get you to surrender. She's perfectly safe as long as they don't get their hands on you." The Uchiha continued, pushing him some more so they could start walking, but Naruto still didn't budge.

"I hate to say it, but here's right, Naruto. We have to go." Kakashi said, placing a hand on his shoulder. His student looked up at him hesitantly but finally nodded. He understood every bit of the boy's torment. If Sakura had been caught, he would probably have went in head first, consequences be damned.

All of them started sprinting towards the nearest exit, a secret tunnel that led to a large forest outside the village. Only the jonin and anyone above them knew about their underground system, so they would be safe. The Raikage had informed them of this specifically for this kind of situation. The walk through the tunnel had been tedious, with many part between too thin for more than one of them to pass through at once, while other crept so low they had to crawl. But at the least, they were out of there safe.

None of their friends had met them there, surely having taken different routes that had been closer to their current location at the moment of the assault. Sakura noticed her best friend glancing back at the city, uncertainty and guilt filling his eyes. She placed a hand on his shoulder as she observed the city with him.

"She'll be fine, Naruto. I'm sure of it."

Chapter Thirteen: Click Here

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