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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Seven:

Three years had passed. It'd been a very long time since Kakashi had fled to rejoin with Sakura, but he had never regretted it. He couldn't have left her alone in such a time. He'd promised to be there for her, hadn't he? Unforunetaly, things hadn't progressed very far concerning Danzo. Their groups had seemingly dispersed, having a hard time contacting one another. They hadn't seen anyone in those three years, actually, so they had no information on how the others fared. Suna was no longer safe. Danzo and the other Kages had threatened Gaara into letting Konoha's forces survey the city since it was clear that the missing nins were going there whenever they needed support.

It wouldn't do to have a city to hide missing nin willingly, after all. Having lost their common ally, it had become nearly impossible to find each other. They couldn't let traces behind him, or else the ANBU would be after them in the blink of an eye. At the least, they hadn't heard about any of them being caught. No news were definitely good news right now. The couple had focused their efforts of finding their friends for the past year, having somewhat settled in their fake identities. It kept them safe. It was still hard, though.

It was in that mean time that Sakura had developped her first original jutsu. Thanks to her great chakra control, and Kakashi's willingness to be used as a guinea pig, it had given great results. It was only a detection jutsu. A means of communication, in its most simple way. The jutsu allowed her to leave her chakra on objects. It would be undetectable by anyone, and would register every chakra signature that touched it. She just needed to go back and dispell the jutsu to absorb the chakra back and receive all the information it had retained.

Kakashi watched the girl as she worked on her Blossom Imprint, that was the name she had given it, and thought of all that they had gone through these past three years. Their relationship had somewhat evolved since finding each other. They were clearly closer to one another. He hadn't allowed it to progress any further though, as he thought she was too young to be settled in a relationship with. She'd been young enough to fantasize about romance and boys, but he would wait for her to become a woman who knew what to expect a little more from life.

They had kissed every now and then, usually after an emotionally intense moment, where they couldn't help but seek comfort in one another in more physical ways. She had matured a lot since their departure. She still had her temper, but she held herself better. She didn't react too strongly to random things or his teasing, the latter he somewhat regretted. It wasn't as easy to get to her anymore, but it made things more interesting. She matched his jokes now.

He now openly accepted the fact that he wanted more from her than a friend he could offer. He just didn't openly show it because he didn't feel that she was ready for it yet. He was impatient for the day she finally would. Though that was also the day he feared, somewhat. There was still the possibility that she would refuse him. He doubted it, since she always accepted his display of affections, usually offering as much as he did. He was just bracing himself in case the worst happened.

Their cover had been that of two travelling merchants, wife and husband who loved the travel the world and got by through selling anything they picked up long the way. Thing was, they usually stole what they sold. How else were they supposed to find so much stuff? To anyone else, it didn't matter. They never stole for a high value, and it was untraceable since they didn't stay anywhere for more than two or three days. Plus, what good ninja was caught when doing something so simple as stealing from a civilian?

Sakura had grown much stronger than he'd ever imagined. She was even more determined now. He assumed that it was because of Danzo's ruling, but mainly because of Sasuke's attempt to her life. He had trained her whenever he could, though he didn't have all that much to teach her anymore. He didn't specialize in chakra control and medical jutsu after all. They mostly sparred, which had mostly helped to improve her speed and agility, the rest she had worked on by herself. She was probably on an even level as him now, he mused.

So was the rest of the team, after all. In an all out fight, he might still be able to defeat his students, only due to his expansive experience in fights. But as far as skill and strength went, they all matched him. He often pondered the question. Everyone was specialized in something different, so it was hard to evaluate properly. He liked to think that Sakura would kick everyone's ass sometimes.

When Sakura finished implanting her jutsu on several trees, creating a linking between them that was invisible to the naked eye, but would register anything that them. She turned to watch Kakashi. The man hadn't changed. Heck, he hadn't changed in the whole eight years she'd known him. She hoped she would age that gracefully, too. As far as she could tell, her face had matured a little, losing the rest of her childish look, but the rest remained the same.

Her relationship with Kakashi wasn't something that she quetionned anymore, even though she had for a very long time. All that she knew was that they were very close, but he had refused most physical intimacy with her. They were something in between friends and lovers. Like the platonic form of lovers. A little boring, in the end. There were times when she just wanted him to pin her to the bed and have his way with her. A blush crept up her cheeks at the thought. She hadn't been sure if it was love or affection in the beginning.

She'd come to the conclusion that it couldn't be love, because it didn't feel like when she pined for Sasuke. His attention was something that she sometimes needed to work for, but she never felt the need to hog it all and have him fawn over every little thing she did for him. She did have some butterflies flipping around in her stomach when he was very close, when they kissed, but she had pinned that to being physical attraction. The rush of warmth she felt when they shared a special moment was something that she attributed to simply enjoying their closeness. Wanting a little more of it everytime.

In the end, she guessed that it didn't matter. They had each other, until they found their friends. They were simply helping the other get through tough times. It was what they needed right now. She still had a little trouble with the kisses that they shared. And the other intimate times. She didn't quite know how to describe them. She just guessed they were moments of weakness where he wanted to take comfort in her. It had happened, that was how they had started out, right? When he'd first kissed her on the couch. It must've been for that.

"It isn't polite to stare, Sakura.", he teased when she stared at him, obviously lost in thoughts.

"Oh, sorry. I was somewhere else.", she muttered, looking away from him. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders and led them back towards the village. It was the seventeenth time she applied the jutsu. It was still a relatively new thing that they used this, so it hadn't brought any results other than random ninjas yet. The only inconvenient was having to pass back to each spot all the time. It made it hard to find the trace of their friend without it being already outdated.

"Kakashi-sensei...", she whispered to him as they arrived in their inn room. He tensed. He knew that tone. She had turned to him, hands fisting in his loose shirt and leaning onto him. Sometimes, she tried to get him to go further to her. He wasn't sure if she wanted to go all the way, all he knew was that he would rather wait. His privates strongly disagreed with him, but all he had in mind was what would be best for them in the end. Not making their relationship all about the physical intimacy, but rather about the closeness they shared.

She lifted one hand and placed it carefully on his mask, lowering it slowly. He bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her, noting every little detail he liked about her face right then. Her eyes were half closed, focusing on his lips. They were a little unfocused, which he found cute. Her lips were just slightly apart from each other. She always did that whenever she was doing something and wasn't entirely there. Her breathing was slow.

He was giving in. He wrapped on arm around her waist, pressing her close to him while the other stroked her hair. She didn't hesitate for once, he noticed. She simply got on the tip of her feet and kissed him. He felt the hair on the back of his neck raise and chuckled on the inside. That was the first time it happened in a non-threatening moment in the past fifteen years. Maybe he should have gotten out a little more. He deepened the kiss quickly, coaxing her mouth open by pinching her chin a little. She liked it when he did that for some reason.

He smelled her arousal strongly in the room already. She was getting worked up quickly today, he mused. He had to admit she was getting to him, too. He felt his member twitch a few times. The hand on her waist moved from its comfortable spot, lowering to grasp one of her butt cheeks. She gasped in his kiss, making him smirk. He nudged her towards the bed, lowering them onto it slowly and carefully. It was unusual for them to do this out of the blue like this, but he wasn't about to complain, really.

He wanted her to so badly right then. It happened when he felt like nothing would ever change. When he started to believe that their identites were true, that they were husband and wife travelling the world to sell their wares. He made no big deal of removing her shirt, doing so quickly. She rarely wore a bra, choosing bindings only when she knew they would be fighting or running for a long time. So rarely. Her breast were small enough that they didn't bother her most of the time.

He broke the kiss to move his attention wholly to her chest, toying with one nipple with his mouth and the other with his fingers. She moaned, just slightly, when he nibbled on the little pink nub. He felt himself get hard, unable to hold it back now. He slipped one hand in her shorts, losing no time to go under her underwear as well, to tease her clit. She gripped his sleeves in anticipation.

It wasn't hard for him to make her come. They'd only done this twice before. Once a year back, another three months back. The first time it had been because the smell of her arousal was becoming unbearable to him, and frustrating to her. They were always together, so it was impossible for her to do anything. He'd done it to help relieve her, but also to help calm himself down. He was no saint after all.

He decided to hurry up a little bit then, feeling the need for a cold shower creep up on him. He left her for a few seconds, just enough to get rid of the rest of her clothes before pulling her to the edge of the bed and kneeling down between her legs. He continued teasing her clit with his tongue while his finger easily slid inside of him and pumped in a slow rythm. She groaned, biting back what would've been a moan of his name. She couldn't call him Kakashi so loudly. He was Yonoro and she was Tsumi here.

She didn't know why, but he was riling her up very quickly today. He seemed to want to lose no time. He usually took his time with her, making the climax worth all the wait. She gasped his fake name as he gave her clit a firm lick, sending shivers down her back. She was panting and gripping the sheets. She was close already. And the Copy Nin knew that. He gripped one of her hips with his free hand, rubbing his tongue firmly against her clit and speeding up the pace of his finger, stroking what he knew was her sensitive spot.

She was a moaning mess in front of him, making him breath quicker. His arousal was throbbing, begging him for the girl he was pleasuring. But this was for her, not for him. It was barely a few more seconds before she tensed and he felt her come, tensing and screaming his surname. He couldn't wait for the day where she could openly scream his real name. He stood up once she relaxed, watching her. He bit the inside of his cheek. Something in his mind was whispering 'sex, sex, sex' but he ignored it.

Once she came back down to Earth, her eyes moved up to meet his. She knew he was going to make his way to the bathroom if she let him, so she sat up quickly, as close to him as she could. She hooked her fingers in the hem of his pants, looking up at him and biting her lip. She wanted more from him. She wanted to give him more. She didn't know why he held back like this. She knew he was aroused, the bulge in his pants that she was now so used to see was obvious. He just never allowed things to go further. If there was one thing she had never imagined Kakashi to be, it was a prude.

"My husband.", she purred as sexily as she could, trying to coax him into more by actually playing like they were married. "You should let me do more for you."

"Another time, Tsumi.", he replied as he grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his pants. She was sexy as hell. He wanted her badly. He hated this kind of role play, because she didn't need anything more to make him want her. He hated that it wasn't real. He saw the disappointment in her eyes, and wondered if he was really doing the right thing by refusing her once more. It had been three years. She was twenty now. She had grown into a wonderful woman and he knew it. Maybe he should do it.

She watched him intently, obviously weighing the pros and cons of trying to insist. He matched her gaze. He wasn't sure if he would resist anymore if she insisted. He didn't know if he could. He almost sighed in relief when she pulled away from him and slipped under the covers. Naked. There goes relief.

"I'll be in bed if you need more then.", she replied seductively, closing her eyes as if she was going to sleep. He wanted to shoot himself or something. She was going to kill him, that minx. He went to the bathroom and wondered if he should take care of his problem in the shower. He decided that if he was going to spend the night with a naked Sakura in bed without compromising her virginity, then he'd better. He turned on the shower and sighed as he did.

He came back to bed barely fifteen minutes later, only with his boxers on. If she was going to sleep naked, then he might as well go in boxers. He knew she was still awake, he could feel it. After a minute or two, she moved towards him and cuddled him, laying on leg over his while her head leaned on his chest. He stroked her back absent-mindedly.

"Why won't you let me do anything to you?", she asked after a little while. He was somewhat relieved that her tone was serious. It made it a little more bearable when she wasn't too turned on to think straight.

"I didn't feel it would be right.", he answered simply. In short, it was the truth. It just didn't tell her anything else that she needed to know.

"With what you do to me, I don't think that's what's stopping you.", she replied, looking up at him. She was becoming too clever, that girl.

"Would you really want to do that to me, anyway?", he said, trying to steer the conversation to a different subject.

"I'd let you fuck me if you weren't so stuck up.", she spat back, a little angrier than she'd intended to let on. "I'd want you to do it.", she added after a little hesiation. He signed audibly. That was why he didn't want to. He didn't want it to be just a fuck, just a roll in the hay. He wanted her and all of her. Not bits and pieces.

"That's why I don't want to.", he said, still remaining vague. He didn't feel good about proclaiming his feelings for when she thought like this.

"What do you mean?", she growled, rolling to sit on top of him, obviously unashamed by how she squirmed in his lap and splayed her hands on his chest. "Am I supposed to be refusing you for you to want me?", she asked, feeling a little desperate. She felt that she needed a clearer explanation if they were going to keep this up. He felt his heart rate quicken as he got hard again, she squirmed too much when she was mad.

"It's not like that. Just drop it, okay?", he tried, grabbing her arms to try and still her. She obviously felt him against her thigh though. To think that just his boxers seperated them.

"Is it? Because your friend there seems quite happy to see me.", she teased, intentionally aligning his crotch with his so she could rub herself against him slowly. He tensed, holding her arms tighter as he tried to stiffle a groan. To his dismay, she took this as encouragement and continued, moaning a little herself. His will was definitely crumbling. She had never been this bold before. He couldn't say he didn't enjoy it.

"See? I can you make you feel good too, Yonoro.", she purred, closing her eyes as she felt her arousal spike. He bit his tongue a little too hard as he felt his boxers moisten a little. He grabbed her hips, unsure if he was going to help her roll her hips or stop them.

"I know you can, I have no doubt about that, Tsumi.", he admitted, his voice hoarse. HIs hitched when she lowered herself onto him fully, kissing him a little too forcefully. He wanted to badly to just pull himself out of his boxers and bury himself into her right then. That was what she wanted, right?

"Then let me.", she half-begged, half-ordered. He gave up then. There was no way that he was getting out of this clean so he might as well enjoy it. It had to be a good sign that she wanted to share his pleasure with him, after all.

"Fine.", he ground out, not sure if he was entirely satisfied with giving up. She hesitated a little as she registered his response. She was a little shy all of a sudden. She was out of known terrain now, so it was to be expected. He closed his eyes and she pulled off his boxers, throwing them to the side of the bed. He hissed when he felt his head rub against her core.

"No. Not now. Just do what I did to you.", he rasped, trying with all his might to actually stop her hips, and not pull them down.

"O-Okay.", she let, embarrassed. She sat lower on his thighs and observed him for a little. She had never actually seen a man aroused. People who were getting physicals didn't usually get hard. She slid her fingers down his length tentatively, surprised at how soft the skin was. He relaxed when he felt her hesitate. This was how she was supposed to be. She wrapped her fingers around him and started pumping lazily, obviously focusing on the feel of him in her hand for the moment.

When he felt she wasn't sure of what to do, he placed his hand above hers and guided her in the rythm he knew and liked. It wasn't long before he was breathing harshly, throbbing in her small hand. Oh Kami, he had wanted this so bad. He forced his eye open to watch her. Her mouth was a little more open than usual, making his mind wander into some fantansies. He grunted, tightening his hold on her hand and pumping a little harder. He tensed up for a moment, before relaxing back into the mattress with a long moan.

Sakura watched him in mild amazement. She had claimed to be able to make him feel the way he did with her, but in truth she had no idea what to do. She was glad for his help. He stretched one of his arm towards her and she took it as a cue to get a little closer. He fondled her breast a little rougher than she was used to, but she enjoyed it. She let a moan escape her lips, making him grunt again in return.

"What would you want right now, Tsumi? How aroused are you?", he teased, watching her intently. She hesitated a little at first. Dirty talk wasn't something they'd ever done. She'd just try and be honest, she assumed.

"I... I want your fingers in me again. I want you bad.", she answer, biting her lip in embarrassment. She felt him throb in her hand and took it as a good sign.

"Touch yourself. I'm sure you make yourself come at the same time.", he let out, smirking. He was letting go of too many barriers, he thought. That was completely forgotten when she hesitantly lowered her free hand to her crotch. He bit back a moan as he watched her, toying with her nipple. He loved to feel her tense like this. She slid a finger in her a little hesitant. She closed her eyes in pleasure when she started pumping it, experimenting with which ryth, she liked best.

He sped their hands again, feeling his arousal spike when she moaned. He wasn't going to be much longer. He rolled them over quickly, making her gasp in surprise.

"Keep going, don't stop, okay?", he directed when his hand left hers. His lips crashed to her in a harsh kiss that immediately deepened when she moaned again. He held himself up on one elbow and used the other to go tease her clit. He didn't take long to slide a finger in her entrance. She was so hot. He groaned in her mouth, bucking his hips into her hand. He had to hold himself back from spilling in her hand right then. He wanted it to last a little longer. Her hold on him faltered a little when he made her come for the second time, making her moan and scream his name again. She tried to keep her hand moving, though it was in a broken rythm until she came down from her high. His hand joined hers again and he sped up, holding tigther. He grunted several times when he felt his orgasm hit him. He spilled his seed onto her stomach, shutting his eyes tight in pleasure. It felt so good.

He collapsed beside her when the pleasure started to subside, panting. On her side, Sakura stared at the white liquid on her stomach, playing a little with it between her thumb and forefinger. It was sticky and warm and weird. She looked back at him, not finding much interest in the liquid. It had just felt nice when he came on her, she liked the warmth of it and having the evidence of his pleasure on her body. He reached for the tissues on the nightstand, passing her a few.

Once they were done cleaning up, they spooned against one another, foregoing the covers. It was a bit too hot right now. He stroked her belly absent-mindedly, still basking in the afterglow. He wondered if now would be a good time to tell her how he felt.

"I'm glad you're withh me, Tsumi.", he tried, testing the waters.

"So am I, Yonoro.", she replied a little sleepily.

"I'd marry you all over again.", he added, his tone a little more serious than she anticipated. She didn't respond for a little, thinking over what he had said and trying to figure out what he meant.

"We're already married.", she replied, a little hesitant. He bit his lip. He wasn't going to act like the teenager she sometimes made him feel like and ask her to be his girlfriend.

"I know. Maybe if your hair was pink I'd do it again.", he continued, looking at the top of her now dark blue hair. It was because of the henge she always kept on now. Her eyes were brown. He missed the pink and green more than he wanted to admit. On his side, his hair was much longer and black, while his eyes were now a light blue. His scar wasn't visible anymore and he was even a little heavier, something that Sakura had suggested. They shouldn't keep the same body types to avoid being recognized, she'd said. He agreed. He just didn't like how she was almost as tall as him now, and how she also gained quite a few pounds with the henge. It wasn't that chubby girls bothered him, he just wanted Sakura.

She was silent for a moment, obviously processing what he'd said and weighing the words that she wanted to use. She wondered where he was going. Was he saying that they'd be married if they were in Konoha? That didn't seem to make sense to her. Underneath the underneath was his mantra, so she tried to think by it. Sometimes it helped her understand this cryptic man.

"So if I had pink hair, you'd finally give me children?", she teased, trying to change the subject. Their imaginary couple had been together for ten years now, with her being twenty-eight and him thirty-two.

"If that's what you would want.", he replied with a chuckle, drawing circles on her shoulder. She tensed a little. He wasn't dropping the subject. She bit inside of her cheek. Why was he saying that? Was he really saying that he wanted to marry and have children with her if she wanted to? For fuck's sake, she'd just come to terms with their freaking relationship a few months ago! Why did he have to ruin it now? What they had was nice. It didn't need to change.

She couldn't stop the butterflies were swirling in her belly a little though. Would it be nice? She bit back a giggle as she imagined their children running around with wild tufts of pink hair and onyx droopy eyes. Would he be a good husband? She tried to think of everything he did with her, how he did it. He often brought meals home. It was nice. He was a bit of a neat freak, but he was always willing to help her with the dishes. He teased her like no one else could because he was the only one who knew her so well. He made her laugh every now and then, whenever the urge got him, she guessed.

In the end, Kakashi was nothing he exposed himself to be. He came across as stoic and aloof, but in fact, he cared and felt like anyone else. He just refused to show it. He seemed like the most lazy person, but he was the most hard-working that she knew. The only thing that didn't change was that he was always late, except for saving her ass. That was Kakashi.

He certainly wasn't selfish. He was, at times. He did what worked for him in the end, that much she knew. He always let her have more than him when he didn't have a plan for the better that obliged him to do otherwise. Their physical intimacy was a perfect example. He'd touched her three times now, and allowed her to do it only now, probably becaue she wouldn't let go of it.

"What if I wanted five?", she let out, teasing a little but mostly testing the waters.

"Then how about I give you six?", he whispered, kissing below her ear a few times. She giggled. He liked that sound. It wasn't a melody in itself, he just loved knowing that he made her laugh and that she was comfortable around him now. She was the only one he felt he could let in on his personal space, to give her access to his real thoughts.

"Would we have a house or stay in your crappy appartment?", she continued, biting the tip of her tongue softly. He was making her curious.

"My appartment was crappy now? I thought you'd liked it back then.", he teased, biting down on her neck as a playful punishment for her insult. She wriggled and laughed some more. "Then I guess we'd have a house. One bedroom per two people in the house. So if we have six children, we'll have four bedrooms. How does that sound?", he questionned, now nibbling her jawline.

"Hmm, that seems perfect.", she replied, closing her eyes and relaxing in his arms.

"Then will you be along for the ride?", he asked, stopping his ministrations to look at her in the eyes. She held her breath for a little, surprised by the sudden change to seriousness. Was he really admitting he had feelings for her, after all? She truly didn't know what to answer. She felt so giddy and happy she could just say yes. Everything should be fine. They'd been alone together three years now. They did have the occasional argument, but overall it was great being with him.

What would happen, though? She couldn't help but think about their friends. It was going to be awkward. She guessed that they would accept it after trying to beat Kakashi to a pulp for molesting his student though. Just what did she want, in the end? If he announced that they were to just become normal friends again, it would hurt. She wanted this intimacy with him. She wanted him to be there like no other people could be. She wanted his body all for herself, and give hers exclusively to him.

She sighed, causing him to back off a little so he could sit up straight. Was she in love after all? It wasn't how she felt for Sasuke. What if she hadn't loved Sasuke then, and this was what real love felt like? The need for companionship only from one particular person, wanting to be their confident and to be able to share every special moment with them? To want to live with them. At that moment, it hit her that if things were ever to be normal again, then they would go back to living seperately. That thought tugged at her heart painfully. No. She wanted to live with him.

Kakashi raked his fingers through his hair as his head lowered so he could stare at his covered lap. He was too straightforward. He probably scared her off. What an idiot he was, pratically asking her to marry him before he even told her how much he liked her. That was how he should have started. This would be yet another mistake to add to his list. Kami, they were really starting to add up. He'd probably end up in Hell. He was pulled out of his thoughts when she placed a hand on one of his.

"I don't really understand what you're saying, Yonoro. But I want to be with you. I don't want us to be seperated and live apart like before.", she answered honestly. It was true that she didn't understand everything that he said or that was going on right now. She wasn't sure if he was admitting that he loved her, or simply wanted to settle down and found her fit for the role of his wife. She just knew that the whole plan seemed nice. Like it could make her happy. And hopefully make him happy as well.

She saw him smile and drop his shoulders in what appeared to be relief. Had he been scared she would reject him? That was an interesting thought. She'd never imagined that the Copy Nin ever felt fear of rejection. Who wouldn't like him? Well, many people, in fact. But that was because he wanted them to. Anyone that he cared for cared for him, that was everything that needed to be said.

"Do you?", he replied, holding her hand tightly and laying down close to her again. "You took a long time to answer.", he added, honestly worried that she wasn't telling him the entire truth.

"It's just because I'm not sure what you meant. But it's true, whatever you meant, I just want to be with you. That's all. You... You want the same, right? To be with me?", she questionned, turning to him and biting her lip. He nodded simply, pulling her in a tight embrace and kissing the top of her head.

"Will that change anything?", she whispered, barely audible.

"No, we've been together for a long time now. It will be the same.", he replied, stroking her back. It was true. He believed that they had been as close to a couple as they could be the moment she sought comfort in him that night when they took a bath together. It was at that moment that boundaries blurred and that he felt the need to be with her. He assumed she felt likewise.

"Then why didn't you say anything sooner?", she asked. They were speaking in such huhed tones that even if their room had been bugged, it wouldn't be more than background noise like the wind or the sound of moving around in the bed.

"I didn't feel it would be right until I was sure you were ready. It's the same reason I didn't want you to touch me.", he answered, hoping she wouldn't berate him for treating her like a child. She had been young. Sixteen wasn't a time where you thought about settling down. Twenty wasn't either, but you had the possibility to now. She hesitated to answer.

"I see. I guess I would have freaked out if you'd asked me this when I was just starting to live with you. I just wish you hadn't taken so long, it's hard to know what to make of our relationship, you know?", she explained, her fingers playing on his chest. He chuckled lightly.

"I guess so. I'm sorry. I just needed to make sure you'd want me.", he said, being honest with her. It was true that it must've been confusing to her. He refused most intimacy with her, yet they were as close as they could ever be and he touched her where no one else could. Where he would allow no one else to. "You're mine. That's all you need to be sure about.", he added, his voice similar to a growl. It made her giggle a little.

"Does that mean that you're mine?", she teased. He didn't want to answer. His male pride didn't want him to. He wasn't to be this girl's toy just because he had admitted to wanting no one but her.

"Only if you can handle me.", he teased, rolling over her and pinning her hands above her head.

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