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Monday, January 21, 2013

Eye for an Eye

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Eight:

The couple had almost fallen asleep when someone pounded enthusiastically on their door. They jumped out of bed, both out of shock and reflexes. Who could be visiting them at this hour? They kept quiet around the villages they visited so they wouldn't make friends. People didn't come knocking on their door. Kakashi threw her shirt and panties to Sakura before slipping his own pants on. He made his way to the door and opened it just a slit. His eyes widened more than they ever had.

Standing in front of him was no one else than Naruto. He grabbed him by the shirt and pratically threw him inside the room. Sakura yelped as she saw the man stumbled on the bed, stumbling around the room to find the rest of her clothes and trying her best to cover herself. He didn't know what she was trying to hide really, she was just missing her shorts.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?", he hissed to Naruto, whispering.

"Hey, don't get mad at me! I know no one would see me. Sage mode, you know!", he explained in the same tone as Kakashi. "I found these weird chakra tags on trees and whatnot and recognized Sakura's chakra in them. So I followed them here.", he added, turning to Sakura with a wide grin.

Shock and surprise weren't enough to describe what the girl felt right then. Thanks to his sage mode, Naruto had the ability to feel people's chakra even from far away. He must have been close enough to follow the trail of Blossom Imprimt she left and finally found them here. She squealed and threw herself at the boy, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly as she hugged him tight and pinned him to the bed with her body.

"I'm so happy to see you! I thought we'd lost you forever!", she exclaimed, letting go of him to watch him. He had grown a little too, he was slightly taller and his face just a tad more mature. Probably as mature as he'd ever look.

"I know! I'm so glad I found you guys. What were those chakra things anyway?", he asked, holding hands with Sakura as they fawned over whatever change they found in each other. "And why are you so fat, Sakura? I didn't think you'd be on to gain weight...", he questionned,s taring at the stomach..
The girl growled and punched him without restraint.

"It's a henge, you idiot! I still look the same!", he barked. Kakashi stood back, scratching the back of his head as he crinkled his eye.

"Guys, calm down. Those chakra tags as you called are Sakura's new detection jutsu. It registers the chakra of everyone who passes by them. It was how we intended to find you.", he explained, stepping closer to Sakura.

"Oh. I see. That's good, I wouldn't have found you otherwise.", Naruto let out, jumping up from the bed to take a better look at Kakashi and Sakura. He frowned after a little. "Why were you guys scrambling around for your clothes?", he questionned, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Uh, no reason. We just couldn't open the door in pajamas, now could we?", the kunoichi answered pathetically. The boy grinned widely, not believing a word of it.

"It's okay, guys. I understand. Couldn't keep your hands off each other for three years, huh?", he boasted, now crossing his arms behind his head. The two jonin stared at him openly, both unable to believe he just said it out loud so easily and how he made no big deal of it. He must've gotten a little wiser over the year because he didn't so oblivious anymore. That was strange.

"Uh, yeah. It's okay, really. Some odd couples were formed in the group. It's no big deal. We should get going though, they're waiting for us back there.", Naruto added when the other two stayed silent with their mouths pratically hanging open.

They packed their meager belongings in record time and they were back on the road, sprinting. Naruto then bothered to cast a henge on himself to make sure that anybody they might come across wouldn't recognize him. On the way, the three of them explained whatever had happened to them in the past three years. Sakura and Kakashi felt boring when they had barely anything to tell while the jinchuriki couldn't stop rambling.

Him and the other teams had regrouped and were now hiding in Kumogakure. They could live quietly there, as the Raikage had no intention of delivering them to the Hokage. His own brother was also a jinchuriki and the last thing he wanted was for Danzo to get everyone to hate them. They had enough military force right now to make Konoha cower in fear, so they didn't need to worry about being found out. It was great. They had done well in the past three years.

On the way there, Naruto updated them on everyone's status. The Naras were still back in Konoha, along with the rest of who decided to stay. Shizune, it turned out, had only followed Genma when she saw him flee the village. They were now officially a couple and were rarely seen without one another. Naruto and Hinata were actually expecting a baby. That was quite the shocker. Iruka and Ino had also taken a liking to each other, though they weren't actually a couple. It was just assumed that they would be sooner or later because of how easily he let himself be bossed around by the girl.

It took them only a day and a half to arrive to Kumo. As soon as they were near the gates, Naruto dropped his henge and shouted a greeting to the guards, who just smiled and nodded at them as they whizzed by.

"Everyone here has their own house. The Raikage has been really good to us! I had him get two appartment ready for you but I guess you won't need that many.", Naruto explained, grinning widely again as they made their way to their living quarters. The two jonins dropped their henges as well then, eyes softening a little as they saw their group approach.

The reunion was quite emotional, with many hugs and handshakes. Some tears and many laughs. Ino and Sakura had pratically crashed into another when they saw each other, squealing and whimpering how much they had missed one another. That night, the Raikage had thrown a party for them. Kumo was their safe haven. No one would get them here. He would keep them safe. It was then that Killer Bee was introduced. Him and Naruto had met on the road, and although at first sparks were flying between them, they now shared a close friendship thanks to the fact that they were both jinchuriki and that Naruto was just impossible not to like.

It had ended late, everyone had caught up with everyone, checked out Hinata's belly that was starting to protrude now that she was at her fourth month. She and Naruto had been too stupid to protect themselves well enough. He'd asked Shizune to help them, and she had, it just seemed like they did something wrong anyway. It wasn't so surprising, really.

Sakura flopped down on her bed as soon as she arrived, groaning in tiredness. Kakashi followed her soon, though he simply sat quietly on the bed, watching her with a warm smile. He'd taken off his mask along the way. It always made her heart flutter whenever she saw him without it. She knew that soon enough the novelty would wear off and it wouldn't so impressive anymore, but until then, she would enjoy every second of it. He stroked her hair tenderly, his eyes soft.

"I missed you, Sakura.", he let out as he lied down beside her. She smiled back, nodding.

"I missed you too, Kakashi-sensei.", she replied warmly. It felt so nice to be able to say one another's name without fear. To see the real person they knew, not a henge. It had been three long years since he'd last seen that beautiful pink hair and those vibrant green eyes. He pulled her in a tight embrace, kissing her temple a few times before he back up a little, starting to discard his clothes.

"Undress.", he ordered simply. She had been a little hesitant to comply, but did nonetheless. She kept her underwear on though, as he did. They cuddled closely on the bed, reveling in the feel of each other's body.

"I missed your body. It just wasn't the same when you were Tsumi.", he said softly, his hands roaming her body without any particular goal. He just wanted to feel her. She smiled, closing her eyes. He was right. Her own hands were stroking his chest and sides, though in her case it was the first time she ever felt his true body. She bit back a gasp when his hand traced her slit over her underwear.

"That didn't change though, hm?", he teased, a small grin on his lips. She blushed and tapped his chest lightly. He bit the inside of his cheek when he felt arousal tug at him. She hadn't disareed when he said she was his. He couldn't help but wonder if it was okay to take their relationship further. He'd waited for three goddamn years, after all.

"The other day, you said...", he started, fumbling around with the blanket a little before he pulled it over them. His hand trailed up her stomach to cup one of her breasts to her bra. "That you'd want me to...", he didn't finish his sentence, intstead focusing on removing her bra. He smirked she gasped as he played with one of her nipples, pinching it slightly. He was hesitating to finish his sentence. "Have my way with you.", he finished, though not with the crude words she had used. He wasn't sure if she would take it well.

He saw her blush brightly, obviously not as confident now that she wasn't the one in control and trying to seduce. She wasn't saying a word, so he decided to kiss her. It didn't matter what she would say. He wouldn't do anything he felt her uneasy about. He deepened the kiss, stroking her tongue with his sensually. She moaned in the kiss when he fondled her breast, making him close his eyes tight when he felt a rush of pleasure go down his spine. He was already hard and ready. It wasn't unexpected after the number of times he'd wanted her and just did nothing.

He rolled them over so he was now on top of her. He let go of her breast to lower his hand to her panties, playing with the hem of them. He pulled back from the kiss and watched her with a smirk. Her eyes met his, though without the same assurance. They certainly didn't beg him to stop though. He tugged them down quickly, throwing them to the side of the bed. He looked up at her again when her hands pulled at his boxers. He was a little surprised, but he didn't hesitate to lose them. His fingers teased her clit mercilessly. She groaned and gripped his shoulders, tensing a little under him.

He breathed a little harsher, getting impatient. He slid one finger through her folds, she was wet, definitely ready for him. He'd never had sex with a virgin. He wasn't entirely sure how to act properly, but he guessed he didn't have to be that different. This was his Sakura. It was okay. He parted her legs wider with his knee and lifted them up a little so that they hooked onto his hips. Sakura felt a little anxious, watching his unfocused eyes as he positioned her body the way he wanted it. She'd never seen him fidget like this before. He must've been a little unsure too.

"Are you okay?", he whispered, a little hesitant. She nodded with the hesitance. She didn't know if she could ever feel totally comfortable about losing her virginity, she felt as ready as she could be. She just hadn't expected it to be with her teacher when she had imagined it a few years back. He bit his lip, something that she found endearing, as he lowered himself to her, pressing the head of his manhood to her entrance carefully. It slipped in easily, fortunately. He groaned and shut his eyes and he buried himself in her to hilt.

Sakura moaned and hugged him tightly, frowning a little at the foreign sensations. It felt a little weird. She felt stretched and full, a completely unknown sensation. He gave her a little time to adjust before he started a slow pace, pulling it almost fully before going in completely again. She moaned loudly, surprised by how intense and good the sensations were. Noticing no negative reactions on her part, Kakashi sped up the pace, groaning himself whenever he felt his arousal spike.

Their lovemaking was a little short to his taste, but her soft cries as she came under him were too much for him right then. He grunted as he came with her, spilling his seed inside her. She gasped when she felt it, squirming a little under him. It was just more warmth spreading inside. It was strange, but she could definitely see herself getting addicted to this.

He dropped to her side, panting a little while he wrapped one arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. They both stayed silent while they caught their breath. Once she felt more rested, she looked up at him, eyes a little tired but nonetheless bright.

"That felt good, Kakashi-sensei...", she let out simply, scooting closer to him. He nodded, taking a deep breath. That was definitely something he'd missed. He had to admit that for a while he had been a little jealous of Asuma, who'd had Kurenai. It was one of the advantages of being in a couple. Sex was abundant.

"Was it? I thought you were moaning in pain.", he teased, pulling her on top of it and grabbing her butt shamelessly. She grinned, swatting his chest.

"Oh, quit messing around. How does it feel to take a girl's virginity?", she teased back, grinning widely.

"Hmm, I'd describe it as... Heavenly.", he answered, moving his hands to her arms to pull her down in an innocent kiss. After a little while of just cuddling like this, he remembered Hinata's condition and it scared him just a little.

"Sakura.", he called softly. She looked up at him lazily. "You've stopped your cycles ever since you left Konoha, right?", he asked hesitantly. He had said he would give her children if she wanted them, but he would really rather wait for a more stable situation. Her giggle reassured him.

"Yes, I haven't had my period in nearly four years. I'm not getting pregnant any time soon.", she answered, stroking his chest as lazily as she could. It felt nice to just relax and bask in each other's warmth after intimacy like this. This made her realize that he had far more experience than her though, and that she didn't know all that much about his past.

"How many women have you had, Kakashi-sensei?", she questionned hesitantly. He felt a little dread creep up inside of him. That felt like a trap question but evading it wouldn't give good results.

"Do you really want to know?", he threw back, watching her. She nodded. "About twenty. In ninteen years, I guess it adds up.", he replied relucantly, trying to make it sound better to her.

"That many?", she shot back, eyes widening a little.

"Yes. Most of them I've slept with only once or twice, though.", he added. He really wanted to change the subject. The last thing he wanted was to ruin this moment.

"So you haven't had sex that many times.", she noted out loud, counting mentally how many he had.

"Around fifty times? In almost twenty years? That's a little over once every six months. You must feel depraved, you poor old man.", she teased back, grinning. He sighed in relief. This was why he wanted her to be older before engaging in a relationship with her. She knew better than to expect to be his one and only.

"Approximately, yes. Ninja don't usually get the opportunity to do it often, sadly. I was hoping you'd help bring the count up big time though.", he teased, grinning. She loved it when he grinned. It made him look a little boyish, less manly. It was funny. Kakashi was far from a boy, everything about him radiated manliness, but without his mask, some of his expressions made him look much younger and

"You'd better make it worth my while if I help you with that.", she teased back, fingers tracing his jawline.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll shower you with gifts and children in exchange.", he replied, making large gestures with his hand to emphasize his point. She laughed whole heartedly and locked her eyes with him, both of them full of playfulness and even, if she dare say, happiness. They made each other happy. That was the most important, right?

"We'd better get to sleep.", he chastised after a little while though, easing her off of him so that they could face each other. "We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.", he said, holding her hand between them. She nodded, deciding not to complain.

He was right, the next day was full of events. Full of petting Hinata's belly some more, talking with Shizune to keep each other up to date on anything medical, Genma teasing Kakashi mercilessly when he noticed how close him and Sakura were. Full of many things, but especially a feeling of ease. A feeling that came with being surrounded with those you loved and feeling no danger, even if just for a little.

They had spent the day enjoying everyone and having fun, but once dusk fell, they all regrouped to talk about their strategy towards Danzo. No one had come across much information, so their plans hadn't been updated. No one really knew what to do. The only lead they had was that he hid something under his bandages. That was all that they had.

"Maybe Sasuke knows something.", Sakura said softly. Everyone looked at her curiously. "When he attacked the village, he was going after Danzo when me and Kakashi intercepted him. He wanted something from him, that much we know. So maybe if we could find Sasuke, he'd have some info on him that we could use.", she explained, staring at the floor. It was their only option. She didn't want to see him ever again, but there was nothing else to do.

"The last time we met him, he broke your leg.", Kakashi let out, frowning. He obviously didn't want to see him again. "I guess he is our only hope, though.", he let out with a sigh and raking his fingers through his hair.

"I think you're right. We need to find Sasuke.", Naruto cut in, crossing his arms over his chest. He wasn't any happier about having to side with the enemy. What else could be done?

"I heard he was sighted near Suna last week.", Ino added, fidgeting with her fingers. No one was happy about it.

"Then we'll go after him. We need to find him.", Kakashi threw back. He looked around the room. Everyone was uneasy, but he knew he could count on Sakura to join him. It was up to Naruto. The boy stared at the floor for a while before nodding.

"Okay. We'll okay. Old Team 7 will get back together for this mission.", he announced, his voice lacking enthusiasm. Four years ago, they would've been thrilled to go find their friend, but now they all knew that he was a lost cause and that no one could do anything for him. They needed to kill him before he did anymore damage.

It was agreed that in three days, Sakura and Kakashi would leave to find Sasuke. Naruto was needed to lead the rest, and they had the most stable identites. In the mean time, the Raikage would use his connections to try and gather information on the missing nin. From what he already knew, many of Konoha's ANBU had been sent out after him. Many more than was normal. It seemed that Sasuke really did know something compromising for Danzo.

The three days were speent planning ahead, evaluting how they should deal with Sasuke. Though Kakashi knew all that they were currently saying would be useless, he nonetheless acted as if it was important. He knew that Sakura wouldn't admit to feeling unable to face him. He was aware of it though, and they would change the plans a tid bit after to fit her needs.

On the dawn of said day, they headed out of the gates, walking quietly with their henges already up. As soon as he was sure they were far away from their friends, he placed a hand gently on one of her shoulders. She looked up at him, her eyes much softer than they'd been just fifteen minutes ago. It pained him to see her like that, to know that she had to face this.

"What do you want to do?", he asked softly, tightening his hold on her shoulder a little.

"I don't know. I can't back out.", she replied, looking away and biting her lip.

"I wouldn't let you.", he let out firmly. He knew he couldn't allow her to do that, it would hurt her more in the end. That much was obvious to him. She needed to face her fears.

"Just let me handle it, okay?", she asked, sounding far too unsure for her liking.

"I'll be there. Don't forget that.", he said, nodding in agreement to her question. He trusted her, she would be fine. This time he would be there to back her up as he should have. They would fight together, not seperately. Ever since she had caught him off-guard in the ANBU HQ with her last second plan, he'd had a new admiration for her strategy skills.

It was a long two days of quiet and uneventfulness. It was nice to be in peace for a while, but it got boring pretty quickly for two ninjas. The Raikage had figured out that Sasuke was hiding in Amegakure while he nursed injuries from his previous fight with Killer Bee, just a week prior. The injuries he sustained had been major, so he probably wouldn't move much for the following month or two. He would have been dead if it hadn't been for the medic that travelled with him.

Sakura tensed up as she felt someone approaching, fast. Definitely ninja. Kakashi remaiend relaxed though, which made her wonder. Was it someone they knew? It was a few more seconds before she was able to recognize the chakra signature, and she grinned. It wasn't long before an ANBU operative jumped out from the trees. She recognized him as root agent immediately, but wasn't scared. It was Sai. He stopped near them.

"Travellers, have you seen two ninjas lately, a male and a female?", he questionned evenly, his tone giving no indication as to what he intended to do with them.

"Would they happen to have pink hair and silver hair?", Sakura replied, barely able to contain her giggles.

"Yes, they do.", he replied, though she noticed he tensed up a little.

"It's been a long time, Sai. I'm happy to see you.", she finally let out, pulling him in a tight hug. Kakashi remained aloof at their side, though his eye softened and let everyone know that he was just as glad as her to see their teammate.

"Sakura? Is that you?", he replied, pushing his mask out of the way. She nodded, a little too enthusiastic. "Kakashi-sensei?", he said, turning to the other man. The black-haired man nodded. Sai pried Sakura away from him a little awkwardly, obviously still uncomfortable with human contact.

"I'm glad to find you safe and sound.", he said, his voice even but she knew he was being honest and that what he had said was an understatement to what he actually felt. He was just clueless as to how to express it. Being under Danzo's command for the past three years couldn't have helped his social skills.

"On what mission are you, so far away?", Kakashi asked after a few seconds.

"To find you. I was given the order to travel until I found you or Sasuke.", he answered, looking straight in Kakashi's eye.

"That's good. You can join us then, we're looking for Sasuke.", he said, nodding. They started walking together, their pace slow.

"Perfect. No one is following me, Danzo trusts me as one of his closest. He believes me to be his right arm man, he said. I have no idea what that means.", Sai said, shrugging his shoulders in exasperation.

"It means he trusts you entirely, he doesn't think you can betray him.", Sakura explained, unable to hep the smirk from appearing on her face. This was good.

"Oh. But I've been betraying him for the past six years. Is he blind?", he replied incredulously. Like he couldn't believe that the Hokage had been unable to see his close bond to his new teammates.

"Danzo doesn't believe that root's mind-erasing process can be reversed.", Kakashi cut in, chuckling at how self-absorbed Danzo was. The man was too confident. It was their only advantage on him, really. He smirked as a naughty thought crossed his mind. He moved his... His girlfriend's side? He didn't even know how to call her now. It seemed to make sense that he call her that, it just felt a little weird. He held her arm softly before pulling her closer to him, placing a chaste kiss on her lips.
Sai stared. Sai was confused. Sai was annoyed. Sai felt many things, but his face remained passive. Sometimes, he really wished that he knew how to express those feelings, instead of just having them inside of him. They felt uselses that way. As usual, he tried his best to word those odd things.

"Last time you said you were not a couple. Did things change while I was gone?", he questionned, cocking his head to the side. Sakura was frowning at the man who held her. This certainly hadn't been the way she'd hoped to break the news to her friend. The jonin seemed to take sadistic pleasure in letting her handle it, though. She did the best she could without making an idiot of herself.

"Uh... Yeah, they did.", she started, hesitantly. "We are... a couple now?", she continued, glancing up at her lover as if seeking confirmation.

"How is that possible? You were so adamant about being only Kakashi-sensei's friend.", he added, frowning. It was cute to see him try so hard to give convincing facial expressions. But right now, he looked more like he was squinting to see something far away.

"People and feeling change, Sai. Nothing is set in stone.", she explained as best as she could, shrugging her shoulders. The boy turned to his senior, staring at him for a while.

"How can you go have sex with Ugly?", he let out, truly convinced that his female friend was believed to be ugly. He didn't find that true, personally. She had grown to be a woman he appreciated to look at, but Naruto had convinced him that she wasn't. Poor little Sai didn't know it was just a prank so that Sakura would beat him. Even so many years later. Kakashi coughed, feeling his partner's anger flare.

"She is beautiful. Stop believing what Naruto says all the time. Ugly people have sex anyway too. It isn't all about looks.", he replied, scratching the back of his neck. He might have liked to read porn in public, but he'd always felt incredibly uncomfortable discussing it. Talking about that. He dearly missed his precious book. He had left them back home before leaving and hadn't had the heart to spend their hard-earned money on something so frivolous.

"I see. Why did Naruto lie to me? I read that friends don't lie to each other.", he shot back, fists balling at his sides. It really was frustrating to him to be unable to understand other people. In the past three years, it had become harder and harder, with the lack of contact with others. It was hard to be natural with something that you didn't experience often. He still read a lot, but he was starting to believe that the books lied to him as well.

"It wasn't a lie. It was a joke. To get Sakura mad, in a fun way, so that she would beat you to a pulp for everyone to share a moment of friendly closeness.", the older man replied, making everything as clear as possible, though he felt ridiculous with his choice of words. Sai seemed to relax though.

"I understand. He was doing it so that we would all be closer. It's like an inside joke? Something only the friends will understand?", he replied curiously, his fingers stretching a little after they let go of their tense position.

"Yes. Exactly. Now let's keep going.", the Copy Nin announced, starting a brisk pace.

Chapter Nine: Click Here

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