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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Twenty-Nine: Celebration

Kakashi didn't bother looking up when he heard the door open, having grown accustomed to Shakes' daily visit. When a subtle, feminine scent reached his sensitive nose, his head shot up to look at his visitors. Sakura's scent. Her presence was confirmed when his eyes landed on his visitors. Only Koroku had come in, holding Sakura by the arm as if she would try and escape. To see the new t-shirt covering her upper body relieved some of his apprehension, leading him to believe that their enemy had been taking care of her.

"Sakura!" He called loudly as he got to his feet, hurrying to close the distance between them.

Murderous intent pratically radiated from him when the missing-nin pulled her away from him and against his body, causing a surprised shriek to emit from the girl.

"Kakashi-sensei!" She shrieked as she tried to distance herself from the disgusting man trapping her in his arms. The criminal only strengthened his hold on her, rendering her struggle useless.

"So heartwarming." Koroku snarled, throwing a look Kakashi's way with eyes that shone with jealousy. The shorter man glared at him, a primal feeling of possessiveness washing over him. There was no way he could describe Sakura as his, but he would be damned if he let such scum lay a claim on her.

"I see you're impatient to be reuinted with your companion, hm?" The brown-haired man threw, impatience laced in his tone, clearly showing the premature victorious feeling he harbored. "Maybe you'll finally give me what I want?"

The other male's confidence deflated as the whole reason of why they were here in the first place resurfaced in his thoughts. Countless scenarios were processed in the Copy Nin's mind as he evaluated every possible outcome of this encounter, taking into account the possibile consequences of both spilling the beans and remaining silent. The only result that stuck with him was that if he didn't give any satisfying answers, Sakura would be removed from the room again and certainly submitted to worse treatment than ever before.

"Still not, huh?" Koroku replied when he was met with only silence. Annoyance was clear in every of his features, from the angry scowl on his face to his suddenly tense stance. Without any kind of warning, their captor's free hand flew to the top of Sakura's shirt, gripping it before he ripped the flimsy material from her body. "Then I guess I have no reason to hold back!"

The male Leaf nin stared in shock as his companion was shoved against the wall, the larger man showing no hesitation as he forced her into a rough kiss. The young woman shrieked with both disgust and surprise, shutting her eyes tightly as her fists renewed their attempt to discourage her assaulter, but not to avail. Witnessing not his friend's abusing, but the abandon of her resistance struck a chord deep within Kakashi, resonating strongly through his whole body as he watched Koroku remove her underwear before allowing his hands to roam and grope Sakura's body freely.

Despair settled comfortably in the pit of his stomach as he realized how helpless he was to her situation, causing his whole body to tremble in both frustration and fear. His best friend and ex-student, a girl he swore to protect, stood only a few feet away from him, abused and violated by a man he couldn't stop without putting his village in danger. This was Haruno Sakura, yet she wasn't fighting back anymore. What had happened to her incredible will and fiery temper? Refusing to allow such an amazing woman to be broken, the sharingan wielder fisted his hands at his sides, his choicle settled.

"I'll tell you everything you want to know." He heard his comrade gasp, but it didn't register in his mind. All that he was aware of currently was Koroku's movements, how he slowly turned his attention from the body of the fifth's apprentice to him.

"Will you, now?" The enemy replied, his voice almost shaking with euphoria. A simple nod of the
head was his reply, all it took to make him drop Sakura as if she was on fire.

"Kakashi, don't you do this!" The pinkette roared at him with such rage that it made him doubt his choice, but he nonetheless ignored her, afraid of what would happen if he wavered.

"Then follow me, my friend." Their host sneered as he moved towards the exit of the room, leaving Kakashi to follow him. The kunoichi rushed over to him, gripping his shoulders tightly as she tried to hold him back.

"Sakura, let go." He breathed out softly as he took her hands in his, reveling in the soft warmth of her skin before she snatched them away from him to land a solid slap to his face.

"No! You fucking idiot! I'm gonna beat you myself if that's what it takes for you to shut up!" So much for thinking that she'd lost her moxie. That slap really hurt...

"I can't let him-" She interrupted before he could finish his sentence as she shoved him two steps back, her eyes burning with a fury he hadn't been acquainted with before.

"You can't let him rape me? But you can let him beat and stab me?" She seethed, causing him to flinch with both the sting of her words and the dangerous tone in her voice. "What the fuck is up with this male pride?"

"If you say a single word, I will kill you myself, here and now. My loyalty lies with Konoha, first and foremost. No matter the cost." The determination in her both her eyes and voice broke his resolve with little effort, causing the jonin's shoulder to visibly drop.

"If it's what you want..." He replied after a moment of hesitation, uncertainty heavy in his tone. The girl before him nodded firmly, not faltering even for a split second.

His hand reached up to cup her cheek as he searched her eyes for any sign of doubt. There wasn't a single drop to find, which reassured him slightly. It came as a complete surprise when she melted into his touch, suddenly pulling him a crushing embrace. He held her protectively, cradling her head in one head while his other arm was wrapped around the middle of her back. Was there really no other way around this?

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