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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty: A Fine Line Between Dream and Nightmare

Sakura re-entered the room almost discreetly. The man who had fed him over the past week had been the one to accompany her back inside before closing the door nearly silently behind him. The girl had sat across from him, against the opposite wall after uttering a small greeting. For the whole night, or what he assumed to be night, she had been gone. Half a day. Exceptionally, the silence made him uncomfortable. She didn't reek of Koroku's scent, or anyone else's for that matter, which bothered him, made him wonder what had happened while she was away.

"He didn't do anything." She explained, the length of his stare more than enough to disturb her. He weighed her words for several seconds, analyzing their every possible meaning before he formulated his reply.

"I'm no idiot, Sakura." Her brows furrowed at his answer, anger causing her lips to curve downwards at his lack of trust. Why she was trying to hide the obvious from him left him perplexed.

"Can you smell him? I'm sure not. I haven't taken a shower, that much you can surely tell." She asked with an annoyed voice, clearly displeased. "He's so enamored with me, he agreed to wait a little longer. Sick bastard."

Once more, he went over the new information several times before choosing which option to believe.

Her appearance definitely didn't indicate that she had cleaned herself up so he wouldn't detect any traces of evidence. Yet, he still had difficulty believing her. Just like he would, she might be lying to spare him. Since when was it so hard to tell the truth and a fib apart?

"Kakashi." Her voice called softly, begging for his attention. When he looked up, she was barely two steps away from him, her eyes half closed, looking down at him with a tiny smile. She dropped the sensei honorific. That was new.

The girl, wearing a new shirt again, closed the distance between them so she could sit in his lap, leaning back against his knees which were still up. Her hands came up to cup his cheeks, tilting his head so he would have to look at her face and nothing else. Neither in her behavior or her body did he find any hint that a sexual encounter had happened between her and Koroku, which made him uneasy. He wanted to believe so badly that she was safe and sound, that nothing happened to her. So much that he was starting to accept her answer, even if his logic screamed at him to ask for the truth.

"He didn't touch me, I swear. Okay, Kakashi?" She whispered, every word said with care and gentleness. Maybe he was wrong. She could be telling the truth, after all. Koroku was unpredictable and did have a sick attraction to the girl.

"Okay." Before he could react, her lips were on his, coaxing him into a feverish kiss that stole his breath. The dam that held all he had felt during their week-long seperate shattered, he cling to her in as she pressed herself against him, allowing him to fully bask in the comfort of her presence and her warmth. He didn't resist any of her advances, instead welcoming them to fill the void that her absence had created.

Curiosity took over him when one of her hands grabbed his own and led it to the hem of her shirt, making him wonder just what she had in mind. Her small hand kept going, sneaking underneath her shirt and inching up her chest, slowly guiding him to her breast. As soon as he realized where she was headed, he tried to pull away, but her hold was tight.

"I want you to touch me, Kakashi." She breathed lowly to his ear, sending shivers down his spine.

She pressed his palm to her naked breast, sighing contentedly when he closed his hand around the small mound to give it a gentle squeeze. A voice in the back of his head was warning him to put an end it to it right away, but he silenced it. Sakura felt far too nice against him to not enjoy while he could.

A low moan erupted from her throat when he deepened the kiss and fondled her breast a little more agressively, causing her head to roll back against the top of his knees, giving him plenty of space to assault her neck with warm kisses. There wasn't any doubt that his partner couldn't feel the proof of his arousal right then, her thigh was pressed quite firmly to it. Her hands broke the contact with him, instead lowering to grab the hem of her shirt so she could roll it up to her shoulders, exposing herself to him.

He removed his attention from her neck so he could pull back and glance at the sight she offered him, which certainly didn't disappoint. If there was an image of womanly perfection, it had to be this. Or at least, that's what he believed. He didn't lose much time thinking about this, preferring to place some more kisses to her breast instead. Her hips jerked when he closed his lips around her nipple to suckle on it, causing him to groan loudly when she rubbed against his erection. He immediately lost his train of thought, forgetting anything that wasn't about the way her body fit perfectly with his, or the pleasurable pulse in his groin area.

Sakura backed up a little, forcing his legs to straighten on the floor as she sat up on her knees. She remained close to him, more than enough for him to be able to nibble on her neck. One of her hands splayed across his chest while the other went straight for his pants, barely giving him enough time to register the movement before her fingers wrapped around his shaft. He halted his ministrations on her body as a sudden jolt of pleasure coursed through his body, making him unable to move except to grip her hips.

When she started to pump up and down slowly, he leaned his forehead against her collarbone, exhaling loudly as he let the sensations overwhelm him. It wasn't long before she was tightening her hold on him and quickening the pace, turning him into putty in her hands. He groaned into her chest, feeling his climax creeping up on him already. His hips thrusted involuntarily into her hand, his body acting on his own at this point.

His eyes followed her as she lowered her head to his manhood, giving him a quick shy look that only served to turn him on even further, before she wrapped her lips around his head. A grunt escaped him as his hand came up to tangle in her hair, his eyes shutting tightly so he could focus only on the feel of her. Her head started bobbing up and down, sending sharp jolts of pleasure to his groin and elliciting a few moans from the jonin.

"S-Sakura..." He warned when he felt he was about to go over the edge, tugging at her hair weakly. She seemed to ignore his attempt to pull her away and instead kept going until he came, swallowing the evidence of their little session.

After recovering his breath, Kakashi laid down on the floor, his arms wrapping her in a loose embrace. Neither said a word, simply enjoying the other.

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