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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty-One: Routine

It seemed that Koroku was returning to old habits. Those of removing Sakura from the room for a couple of hours, then returning her beaten and bruised. Kakashi reacted all the same, the pain of seeing his friend in such a state never lessening. As soon as Kyo left their room, he went to her side and held her, for all it was worth at this point.

"Kakashi?" Her soft voice called out as she settled comfortably against his chest. He simply hummed in response, closing his eyes to try and forget about this hell that they were trapped in.

"Why did you say that you love me?" The question startled the ex-teacher, being completely unexpected. His body stiffened, even if he tried not to let her know how her words caught him off guard.

"Because I do." He answered honestly, praying that she wouldn't pry for more details and accept it as friendly love. It was hard enough to come to terms over his feelings for this woman, the last thing that the jonin wanted was to have to sort them out before they had returned to Konoha, where he could confirm that they weren't only born from a temporary surge of fear of losing her.

"You didn't mean it in a friendly way." Her statement was said in complete calm, so much that he doubted that this issue was even about them, instead of strangers.

"Is it really important?" He questioned, avoiding all visual contact with her. Why she was bringing this up now was beyond him.

"It is to me." She responded quickly as she wrapped one arm around his neck and nestled her head in the crook of it. He didn't want to believe that he could really love Sakura, but the warmth that flowed through him whenever she was close to him, touching him begged to differ. Even when she was being hurt or threatened, the burst of protectiveness and rage he felt were different from those he experienced when another of their friend was in danger.

"I do love you." He whispered as he placed his chin on the top of her head, bracing himself for whatever answer he would receive. A romantic relationship between them was without a doubt possible, since their partnership had always been so flawless and smooth. Not only because their abilities complemented one another, but because they understood each other and fit together. It was why he needed the girl in his every day life, not only on the field.

"Okay." Her reply was ambiguous, leaving the Copy NIn to guess what she felt. His heart hammered in his chest, his stomach dropping in disappointment. He'd been well aware that it was unlikely for his comrade to declare her love for him, but he had expected something else. Something that wouldn't leave him hanging after he'd said such important words.

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