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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty-Five: Numbers

The limit between one day and the other was starting to blur again, each day melting in the others with ease. It hadn't been that long since Sakura had been returned to the room after her week-long absence, but already their grim routine had settled back in. Every day was the same. Be fed, retrieving Sakura for a new roung of beatings, returning her, another meal...

It was strange how easily the human mind adapted to new surroundings or habits. He hated these living conditions more than anything he'd ever loathed, but with time it became much easier to bear. Seeing Sakura in the same horrible condition over and over again always made his heart ache, yet the rage it had first stirred in him had quelled, quieting down to a small, simmering fire that sometimes flared up.

This time, when his friend came back, she resumed her habit of sitting close to her ex-sensei and reaching to him for reassurance and comfort, which he readily provided. He held her protectively, taking for granted that her silence meant that she hadn't extracted the last bit of information from their target.

"Are you any closer to knowing when the trade will take place?" He inquired with a hint of hesitance, staring down at the small form of her body in his lap. From the look of the ugly bruise on her lower back, it was obvious there was no way that she could possibly be comfortable, no matter the position, but he tried his best to position her so she would feel the least pain.

"No." She answered honestly, her voice full of bitterness that made him regret asking the question in the first place. The inquiry hadn't been meant to cause her to feel guilty, though that seemed to be the result.

"It's okay. If you rush it, we won't get anywhere." He corrected himself, hoping to repair the damage he had just done.

"I know. We'll get out of here soon enough. I'm sick of being here." She replied vehemently, the anger obviously directed at the situation in general and not here. He bit back a chuckle, fearing it would come across as insensitive. In reality, he was simply wondering where she dug the energy and determination to keep her moxie intact and blazing as usual.

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