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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty-Six: Mirror Mirror

Sakura's gaze remained blank as chakra flowed through her fingertips and into the body of the man before her. Treating Koroku disgusted her to the very core of her soul, but it was necessary if she was to obtain the information that was more valuable than her own life. A part of her loathed the council for setting her up for this mission, retaining all the crucial details of it. She couldn't deny she held some resentment towards her shishou for staying silent, but she could understand her obligations as Hokage.

For fuck's sake, she would have accepted the mission if they'd asked. With a lot of aprehension, but she would have said yes. Kakashi was on it, there was no way she would have let him go on this kind of mission by himself.

Even he had known what they were getting into and hadn't spoken a word to her. The pinkette reasoned that he had assumed it would be less stressful on her if you told her what to do as they went, and she was grateful for the concern he'd expressed. Why was everyone not saying a thing to her?

She wasn't a weakling anymore, neither physically or mentally. She could handle this.

This was what she drilled into her head as she worked on her enemy's liver, desperately trying to ignore him and his attempts at making small talk. The man had tried apologizing for his actions, claiming that they could be happy together if she could forget about this. Surely his mother had bonked him on the head one times too many when he was a kid. She would rather trigger her own heart attack than forgive him, much less marry him. The idiot was deranged.

Her eyes had drifted to the small paper note on the wall a few times, wondering just what the date on indicated. For all she knew, it could be a reminder not to forget his own birthday. Who knew. All she wanted was to get out of this wicked place. To see the sun, feel the wind on her face, run freely and then take a hot shower. That would feel heavenly.

The girl clung to her desire for these common activities, keeping them to the front of her mind to help her remain collected when all she wanted was to drop to the floor and break down. Her sore body ached more than she'd ever thought possible. The strong kick to her back had been one of the worsts blow she'd gotten in a long time, the huge bruise marring her skin attesting to it.

Even Kakashi's presence was no longer comforting. She always had a deep affection for the man, but she could no longer show weakness to him. He'd proved not to be trustworthy if she appeared to be too close to breaking down. There were no more times for her to let go of her fa├žade, let her anger and sorrow come out. Keeping them bottled up wasn't impossible for the kunoichi, but it was a strain she wished she didn't have to add to her already exhausted self.

When she stood, signaling that the treatment was completed, Koroku's hands grasped her shoulders gently, cloaking his fightening side behind his sweet and jovial persona. He lowered his lips to hers, pressing them ever so softly together in a faint kiss. Her chapped lips remained stubbornly shut tight and unresponsive, causing her companion to increase the pressure and cradle her head in the grip of his large hands. Even if he tried to be gentle, his touch was nothing like Kakashi's. Kakashi's hands and fingers would roam her body naturally, with no effort to be pleasant, they simply were.

Sakura groaned in pain when Koroku gripped a particularly painful spot on her arm. Apparently, he assumed the cause of the sudden sound was completely different and took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. The kunoichi remained immobile, letting the missing-nin do as he pleased. Resisting would only jumpstart his desire to beat her some more. She could only hope that he wouldn't go further than this and be satisfied with a kiss.

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