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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Thirty-Eight: Trivia

Again, Sakura had been retrieved by Kyo to be brought to Koroku. Letting her go had been harder than usual for Kakashi, breaking his heart a little further as he watched her move away from him. They hadn't been tangled up together anymore when they'd heard the lock open, having been awake for a while and not stupid enough to let anyone see them in such a position. The door closed with a dull sound, creaking on its hinges, blocking Sakura from his sight.

The wait was always excruciating. He estimated that they were almost three to four hours long, though he couldn't tell for sure. Alone with his thoughts, the slouching man could only see pictures of his sexy teammate above him, her pretty face contorted in pleasure. The whole encounter had been completely unexpected for the Copy Nin, considering how distant the girl had been throughout the last few days. To complain would be ridiculous since many of his recent fantasies had been about the pinkette in the past few months, but the jonin was definitely uncertain of her motives.

Even he was far from okay with having let anything at all happen between them while they were here. The environment was anything but sexy or romantic. Such thoughts should never have crossed their mind here, leaving him to feel somewhat dirty. The chuunin had been the one to initiate their initimate exchange, which reassured him a little but didn't dissipate every doubt he had. In fact, it raised as many as it erased.

Through all the years he'd been close to Sakura, never had he known her to have an outrageous sexuality. He was aware of most of her sex life, due to his incredibly sensitive nose, and she always remained discreet about them. Her choice of partners was always safe, never a friend or man who held romantic feelings towards her. The exact opposite of what he was right then.

Why had she been so intent on having sex with him right then?

The silver-haired man sighed in frustation, raking his long fingers through his mess of a hair as he tried to come up with an answer that remained elusive. Muscular legs stretched out from their bended positions, too stiff from the strain of the tendons in his knees. Dreamy images of the comforable bed that waited patiently back at home flashed in the jonin's mind, making him all the more jealous of his plant, Mr. Ukki. Sitting at his window sill, basking in the sun, savoring the caress of the wind on its leaves...

Back on its original train of thought, the ex-ANBU's mind raced, digging through any memories he had of his partner that could explain why she had acted in such a way. No matter how hard he searched, nothing came up. Nothing that he had seen her go through had prompted her to behave like that. The jonin's throat constricted painfully as he swallowed a new lump that had formed in it. The only logical conclusion that he came up with was in no way reassuring to him. His lover had been subjected to an event that had never occured before in her life.

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