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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Day at a Time

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Day Forty-Four: Pack

"Kakashi!" The call of his name made Kakashi's ears perk up at the familiar voice that shouted it, an immense relief washing over him. A quick look ahead of him showed him the fast approaching sihoulettes of their Leaf comrades, their friends. They were finally there. Sakura would be okay. It wasn't more than a few seconds later that he could make out who the four-man team consisted of. Tsunade, Shizune, Gai and Genma. Who would've thought he would once be overjoyed to see Gai running towards him...

"Kakashi, you fucking bastard!" Tsunade roared as she landed barely a foot away from him, not giving him the chance to avoid the punch aimed at his jaw. The brute force of him sent him stumbling back several steps and he groaned in pain.

"Tsunade!" He protested when she raised her first once more. Damn, he could taste his blood on his tongue already. "I can barely walk as it is, can't this wait until after I've recovered?"

"Pussy..." He heard her mutter under her breath as she moved behind him to take Sakura from his back. "How could you let this happen to her?"

The accusation in her tone made his heart clench, the guilt that was already eating him alive heightened by the fact he knew she was right. He had waited far too long. Shizune had rushed to his side as the other two men watched, obviously shocked by the state of their comrades. When the silver-haired man felt his pant legs being rolled up by the brown-haired medic, he backed away, shaking his head.

"I'm fine. I'm sure Tsunade could use your help on Sakura, though." The younger woman gave him a skeptical look before turning to her mentor for confirmation.

"Damn right I do!" The blonde shouted, hunched over the pink-haired girl who had passed out sometime in the last hour. "The girl's on the verge of death!"

Even if her fiery temper hid it well, Kakashi could hear every ounce of worry the Hokage felt behind it. The blonde saw her apprentice like her own daughter, it was a miracle she had even let her go on such a mission. If it hadn't been for the weak, but steady, heartbeat he felt on his back, the ex-ANBU would have tried to wake his partner, scared that she would slip away in her sleep.

"Hey, man." Genma greeted as he placed a hand on his shoulder, his cocky expression long replaced by cautiouness. "How're you feeling? You look like crap."

"The same as I look then." His friend replied, watching the two medics from the corner of his eye. The look was caught by the senbon-biting man. He shook his shoulder lightly, trying to reassure him.

"Hey, she'll be fine. No worries." Kakashi tried his best to believe it. Sakura was in the hands of the two best medics in all the country, after all. Yet, fear still gripped his heart, unrelenting. He couldn't lose Sakura.

"Hop on, friend." Gai let out as he turned his back to Kakashi and squatted, his hand motioning for him to climb on. Even with his legs messed up, the thought of letting the Green Beast carry him made him cringe.

Sadly, the silver-haired jonin was given no choice. Genma shoved him onto the other's back, claiming that there was no way he could still possibly walk back to Konoha with the amount of blood that covered his pants. As the group of six restarted moving, heading full speed towards their home, exhaustion took over him, the comfort of being surrounded bys his comrades enough to make him lose his grip on his body, allowing him to drift off to a much needed sleep.

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