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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensei, You're Late

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Two:

The two ninjas sat in silence as they ate their noodles at the Ichiraku stand. Sakura had been glaring holes in his head the whole time, as he had gulped down his whole bowl in one shot and hadn't allowed her to see under the infamous mask. One thing was even worse though. Today was her birthday. Why hadn't he said a word about it yet?

"You're so mean Kakashi-sensei.", she muttered under her breath as she stared at her now empty bowl.

"Now, now, why would you say that? I just trained you, didn't I?", he answered in his usual aloof tone.

"You're so dense, Kakashi-sensei.", she replied in the same somewhat desperate tone. Didn't anything ever get to this man? It aggravated her so much.

"Maybe you're not dense enough, Sakura.", he replied nonchalantly, his nose already in his book.
She was pissed off. Really pissed off. She loved her sensei, but sometimes he really hurt her. They had become very familiar with one another in the time that all her boys had gone elsewhere to train. They had spent a lot of time together. She was very glad about that, but sometimes she felt as if she didn't really matter to him. Deep down, she knew he would always be there when she really needed him, but she would have liked him to be more present in her daily life. Sai and Naruto were off on a mission with Yamato, so it was understandable that they weren't wishing her a happy birthday, but he had no good excuse.

She would get to him. Oh, yes, she would. She was going to find something, anything, to get him to react. His mask. That seemed like a good idea.

"I'll get you tomorrow. I'll have your mask. Tomorrow after work.", she growled out before putting enough money oon the counter to pay for their meal and leaving immediately.

He would never show it but Kakashi was taken aback by her sudden threat. What had he done to make her this mad? Surely it wasn't that little moment in the lake that had upset her this much? He stared at her as she left, dumbfounded.

Once she was back home, she headed straight to her bedroom, losing no time in ridding herself of her clothes. Her appartment was small, but it fit her needs for the moment. Especially her budget. Space was another thing. All her equipment and clothes were crammed in her only closet, situated in her bedroom. Half of the time, she ate instant meals because they were cheap. She could really use the extra money missions would give her right now. She was tired of living so frugally, and she was convinced her health would pay for it sooner or later.

She glanced at the mirror hung on the wall for a minute. She wasn't ugly, she knew that much. She had a nice figure, she thought. She had filled out a little with age. She wasn't a child anymore, that much was certain. Her chest was still nearly flat though, that annoyed her. At least, she was nicely curvy everywhere else, which comforted her but she felt that her puberty had forgotten about the most important part.

The next day was rather uneventful, at work that is. Her new superior had been introduced to her, Kato Kishimito. He was a extraordinarily tall man, with long black hair pulled back in a pony tail. Sakura had been somewhat intimidated but when she was the sincere and gentle look his eyes held, she was more comfortable. He looked very nice. He had even blushed a little as he introduced himself to her and shook her hand. How charming.

The rest of the day was spent with her mind half on the reports she was filling, and half of planning Kakashi's utter defeat to her. Her sensei's only weakness was Icha Icha but her kept it guarded so well she had no chance to use it against him. That was when an idea sprouted in her mind. An evil, evil idea. The famous and oh so annoying Copy Ninja was a pervert whose reputation was almost up to par with Jiraiya's. Maybe that was her way to get his mask... THat mask. She would burn it, she swore.

They met at the training grounds once her shift was over. He wasn't late today. She must have made quite the impression worked on her taijutsu again was perfect. She was going to get him
Kakashi found the training session peculiar. She was attacking him very aggressively today, but she made no attemps for his mask as she had claimed the previous night. Maybe had she given up already? After all, who could sneak up on him?

After a few hours and a lot of sweating on her part, they headed to the lake to clean up. She let out a sigh once she was in the water, soothing her muscles. It was time to get on with her plan. He would surely suspect something but she was ready to bet he would forget about it if she was convincing enough.

"Kakashi-sensei...", she murmed without turning around so her back was still to him.
He simply let out an 'hm' to acknowledge her."I think I am ready for more...", she breathed out, hoping she sounded honest.

Kakaashi didn't move but he pondered over her words. She had to be teasing him. It must be for the mask. Right. Well, if she wanted to play, he would go along with it. He was sure to win.

"Are you?", he mused as he finally turned around and stepped closer to her.

He didn't lose any time after she had nodded and undid her bra, putting his hands on her shoulders to push the straps down. She still wouldn't face him though.

"What's with the sudden change in mood?", he questionned, leaning his head against her shoulder.
Good thing she was a quick thinker, because she hadn't thought to come up with any reasons today.

 "Tsunade-shishou, she...", she took a deep breath as if to steady herself. "She gave me my first seduction missions.", she finally lied, hanging her head low.

Kakashi's heart clenched as he heard the words. So soon? He had hoped she still had a few years before that. Was that why she hadn't tried to get his mask during the training? Her mind must have been on this mission all day, he guessed.

"I see... I'm sorry, Sakura.", he apologized sincerely as he wrapped his arm tenderly around her small frame, letting out a soft sigh.

"Will you... Will you help me? Like you did before?", she asked timidly, turning her head towards him slightly.

He bit his lip. He didn't know. Nothing he could do would truly prepare her for having to sleep with a stranger for the sake of a mission. She turned around then, still holding her bra to her chest.

"It's not like I have much to show anyway, right?", she let out sheepishly, still not looking at him straight in the eye. At the least this hadn't been a lie. He was warm. It was a funny feeling to be held by someone else so couldn't back down now though. She was going to get his mask.

"Sakura, that's not true... You're beautiful. Trust me." At first, his words had been more for comfort as his view of her hadn't changed since she was twelve. But looking down at her, he realized she had grown very much. Her body was mature now, that much he could tell. He paid closer attention to her face for a little, realizing that she really was quite the sight.

She blushed at his words. They were really unexpected. She had expected him to try to comfort her, but not like starated to pull her bra away from her torso before tossing it to the ground. In all honesty, she wasn't that embarrassed by showing herself a little more to him. She felt so familiar with him, she trusted him so much, that it didn't matter in the end.

Out of respect, Kakashi had looked away, before realizing he had to look at her. He took a slow breath, remiinding himself that it really was just to make her feel better about her mission. So that her memorie of first showing herself to a man wouldn't be from a stranger who wouldn't care about her and start grabbing away at her body roughly. The thought infuriated him. He did not want anyone touching his previous Sakura. As soon as he looked down to her beautiful and expectant jade eyes, he felt dirty and uncomfortable. Why wasn't someone else doing this for her? Why couldnn't she just find a boyfriend? He knew she was painfully virginal, as he had never smelled anyone on her. That was on of the awkward advantages of having such a great sense of smell.

He pushed her back against the edge of the lake, refusing to look at her body before he bent down slightly, pulling at the hem of her panties. When he saw little hesitation in her eyes, he pulled them off completely, laying them delicately behind her head on the grass.

Sakura held her breath the whole time, wondering if this was all worth it for his goddamn mask. But Kakashi was really surprising her. His behavior had completely changed as soon as she mentionned the mission, and she knew he was truly worried about her. He was being so gentle. She couldn't help but be curious as to how far this would go if she let it happen.

He took her in his arms again, smoothing his hands down her back gently. He honestly didn't know what to do. He refused to do anything with his former student so what was he supposed to do to help her now? Sakura bit her lip as she felt herself grow a little warmer under his touch. Maybe Ino was right. Maybe I needed to get laid. Suddenly, his hands were on the back of her thighs and he lifted her out of the water and onto the ground, so that she was sitting and he was standing between her legs.

"I'll just look at you and try to get you comfortable, okay? I promise I won't do anything." he whispered softly in her ear, waiting for her to nod before backing slightly and lowering his eyes to her body. She really was gorgeous, he hoped she knew it. He felt his groin stir at the sight of her, but immediately reprimanded himself about it.

The young girl looked away for a little. She did feel a little uncomfortable being observed like this. She couldn't imagine what it would be like to be on a seduction mission right now, being watched by someone she would have to sleep with unwillingly without letting down her cover. After a litle while, she looked at his face and he looked right back at her, making her bluh all the way to her neck. She saw him swallowing before he laid his hand gently above her hip.

"I don't know how to help you, Sakura.", he admitted.

Sakura felt sorry for lying to him at that moment. But the opportunity was just too good to pass up. She was feeling this strange warmth in her belly that motivated her to push this experiment farther.
"C-Can I have a kiss? I still haven't been kissed.", she answered shyly.

Kakashi hesitated for a long time before nodding. His hands slowly went for his mask and pulled it down. She couldn't believe it had been that easy to get him to do it.A voice told her in the back of her mind that she would regret it later, but it died down as his lips ghosted over hers before adding more pression. He placed a hand to the back of her head and he closed the distance between their bodies. He felt Sakura gasp as his chest was pressed flush against hers and he couldn't stop his own body from reacting. He mentally cursed at himself for this. At the least, she wouldn't feel it. The evidence of his arousal was pressed against the ground, mere centimers below her own crotch. Luck was on his side.

Sakura had lost herself in thoughts, completely forgetting about her goal in all of this, although images of her sensei's face swam in her head. He was so handsome. She hadn't expected much but more scars, but the rest of his face was perfect. She had long assumed that due to probabilities, he woul have no disfiguration, but she hadn't expected to be so stunned at how good he looked. Maybe it had to do with the things he did to her right now though, maybe...

Her sensei was likely lost in his mind as well, though his thoughts were far from as pure as hers, and just for a minute, he forgot all about why they shouldn't be here, like this. He pressed more against her, deepening the kiss. His ton darted across her lips quickly, seeking entrance. His ex-student couldn't help but let out a moan at that moment, taken completely by surprise by the sudden jolt of pleasure to that secret spot between her thighs.

The Copy Ninja felt a similar jolt in response to her moan, suddenly wanting much more than to just kiss her right then. He let the hand on her waist, wander up a little, until it reached her breast and he toyed with it, earning himself a whimper from the girl. The kunoichi was completely lost now, she had no idea what was happening,, but it felt delicous. She wanted to feel him too. Her timid hands wandered onto his hest, slowly caressing and exploring him, dipping lower until she reached his boxers. Something told her that was where she should go, that there was something she would thoroughly like down there. She recognized that voice as Inner Sakura, who was ectastic at the current situation.

Just as her fingers slipped under his boxers and brushed against his manhood, Kakashi was thrown back to reality. He couldn't be doing this. She was his student. Ex-student. Whatever. Whatever she was,, he didnn't have the right to be here and about to have his way with her, no matter how bad he wanted, no matter how bad she pleaded him. He pulled away from her immediately. Sakura groaned in response as she missed his warmth, and opened her eyes. She saw the effect she had on him and felt quite proud.

Kakashi hastily got out of the water, reaching for his clothes. He didn't miss the scent of arousal as he passed her, sending a painful pang of arousal down his manhood. This was going to be a long night, he told himself. His female friend was quite lost for the moment, not processing everything that was happening quite as fast as him. Then it hit her, this had gone much farther than she had anticipated. This was wrong.

Before she could react, Kakashi was gone. He hadn't said a word. What had she done?

Chapter Three: Click Here

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