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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensei, You're Late

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Three:

Kakashi felt like a total asshole after he had left. She must still be sitting there wondering what the hell she had done wrong. He wondered if he should go back for a couple minutes. He was saved the decision as he turned around to see Sakura jogging towards him.

"Kakashi-sensei, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-", Kakashi cut her off before she could continue.

"Don't be sorry, Sakura. This was all my fault, I promised I wouldn't do anything. I'm sorry.", he apologized, staring at the ground the whole time. He felt like scum. Or worse. He had taken advantage of his student. Of his teammate.

"You don't understant...", she replied, lowering her gaze to the ground as she took a deep breath. "I lied to you."

Kakashi's eye shot up to look at her, wondering what the hell she could mean.

"I... I don't have any missions coming up. I did this to get back at you because of yesterday, but I was wrong, I let this get out of hand... I'm so sorry, sensei!", she let out shakily, rubbing her eyes clean of any tear that threatened to fall. She was afraid he would take this very seriously and want nothing to do with her anymore. She couldn't bear to lose him. He was her anchor, the person that kept her sane. She pratically had no one else that she could freely talk to, even if he barely even seemed to listen most of the time, she knew that he did and he always gave her the best advice. He was the only one who would put her with her temper and her breaking of bones without throwing a fit. He made her feel safe and okay.

The tall man didn't know how to react for a second. She had lied to him. She had done this to take his mask off, nothing more. Well, he felt use, to say the least. Hm, I guess this is what it feels like to be the ugly girl the jock asks to prom just to make fun of her in the end, he mused. How ridiculous. He didn't know wether to feel betrayed or laugh. Little Sakura sure had grown up. In the end, it seemed that he was the target of her first, though self-imposed, seduction mission. Damn, she could get good at this if she really tried, he joked himself mentally.

"You will pay.", he decided quietly, thinking of a plan to make her regret lying to him.
Sakura let out a small whimper, obviously scared of what punishment he would come up with. She tried to pull back when he lifted her chin , but he had a firm hold. His sharingan was exposed and spinning. He was going to use it on her. Oh god. She immediately closed her eyes, not too keen of experimenting the torture of it. She had heard enough gruesome stories of the genjutsu it cast on people.

"Open your eyes, Sakura. You willingly lied to me, so now be brave enough to face the consequences.", he threatened in a low voice that raised goosebumps all over he skin.

She did as he said tenttively, hesitant. Just a couple of seconds after her eyes were opened, she felt everything around her fade. She was alone in the complete dark.

"You forgot my birthday yesterday, Kakashi-sensei, that's why I was so mad...", she called out softly, hoping to calm his anger.

Nothing happened, not a single sound or any kind of light. Suddenly, Kakashi appeared before her, dressed in the regular jonin attire. So that was the reason behind all of this. Right. He had completely forgotten. The scenery then turned in a beautiful beach, the sun almost burning her skin since it was so hot. It reminded her of the deserts back in Suna. She missed Chiyo all of a sudden.
She heard passerbys whisper things, incoherent to her. She didn't make too big a deall of it until she noticed that she was naked. She squealed immediately trying to cover herself with her arms.

Kakashi chuckled before he spoke. "Didn't you enjoy being naked with me, just a few minutes ago?", he teased.

Sakura snapped. This was too much humiliation in one day for her. She launched herself at him, aiming a chakra-enhanced punch to his chest. When her fist collided with him, it just seemed like all the energy she had put in it evaporated and there was no impact. She stared at her fist in disbelief.

"What the hell?", she breathed out, confusion written all over her face.

"The genjutsu, Sakura.", he reminded gently.

She growled,feeling totally could she do? He had completely control over her mind. Kakashi simply watched her, as if expecting her to do some thing. He knew that something else had pushed Sakura to act so boldly towards him. Forgetting her birthday wasn't uncommon to him. Being a jerk either. There was something else that had pushed her enough to act so bold towards him and he wanted to know what it was. That would be the real punishment.

"What changed for you to act like this towards me all of a sudden?", he finally asked none too seriously. He wasn't playing anymore and his student could tell. She had to take a minute to really think about it. She realized that the fact he hadn't mentionned her birthday couldn't possibly have upset her so much. She was used to it after all. So what was it,she pondered. It came to somewhat as a shock to her when she found her answer. It was the boyfriend thing. She wanted to get rid of this girlish innocence that she felt hindered her in her life. She wanted to be a woman and acquire all the necessary experience to become a jonin.

"I wanted an... experience.", she finally admitted, ashamed of herself. How could she have been so desperate as to throw herself at her teacher so shamelessly? Kakashi had trouble believing her answer, but s he processed it, he guessed he understood it. How old had she turned? Twenty? It was a little old to never even have shared a kiss.

"But I'm not the person to give you that, Sakura. You understand?", he asked gently. Sakura was amazed that he could still be so nice to her after all of this. She nodded her head silently, unsure of what to say next.

Everything faded again around her and she found herself staring in Kakashi's assymetrical eyes. She swallowed hard, now slightly uncomfortable to be so close to him. He let go of her and Sakura backed up immediately. The sharingannnn really wasn't something that she ever wanted to exprience ever again. Being so powerless over a situation while he was on the otal opposite end of the spectrum was frightening. She trusted that he would never hurt her, but he could nonetheless get her very uncomfortable, as he had just displayed.

"It isn't over yet.", he announced. "I'll get back at you tenfold for that."

Sakura stared at him dumbfounded as he turned his back on her and started his way towards his appartment. What evil plan would he come with? Sakura felt that she would live in fear for the next few weeks.

And she had been right. She continually fell in his traps. They were everywhere. In her appartment, at work, at the park, she was safe nowhere! Some of his numerous traps included removing the bottom of her favorite tea cup, resulting in her spilling boiling tea all over herself, blocking part of her kitchen faucet so that the water splashed in her direction only, and putting tiny explosive tags in her pens at work. She had to redo several of her reports after finding out that not only was one of her pens was trapped, but about half of them were.

Kato stopped curiously by her office as he saw the ink stains that were all a bit over the place.

"Is everything, okay, Sakura?", he called out from the door fram, knocking on it lightly.

Her head shot up from her stack of paper as she heard him. "Oh, yes. Just having a little trouble with some prankster. No big deal.", she answered waving him off.

He gave her an awkward smil as he stepped into her small office space, looking around quickly. it ressembled his own, just smalller.

"Sakura?", he asked softly. She had put her attention back to her reports but shifted it back to him as he said her name. "I was wondering if you'd agree to have lunch with me today? I noticed this really nice place just across the street, and I thought it would be nice to bring you along.", he offered shyly, scratcching the back of his head awkwardly.

Sakura didn't give it too much thought before agreeing. Kato seemed like a nice guy. And she wanted a nice boyfriend, rght? He flashed her the happiest smile she had seen in a while, before rushing out of her office and back to his, quickly saying that he would pick her up here at lunch time.

Lunchtime actually came much faster than Sakura expected and she was startled as Kato knocked on her door.

"It's already noon?", she asked, stunned. Time sure flew fast when you were drowning in your work.
He chuckled lightly before replying that yet, it was. They walked slowly to the restaurant together, exchanging friendly banter and sharing stories of embarrassing situations that had happened to them in the hospital. Currently her top stories were Kakashi's pranks. Lunch went smoothly, she had laughed at many of his jokes and he had occasionally brushed his hand against hers on the table. He seemed like a jovial young man who enjoyed life. He was a little sshy and awkward, but definitely nice and confident once you got him talking a little.

As he walked her back to her offfice, he felt somewhat bold. "I had fun with you. Would you like to meet me tonight at the pub for a drink? For a date?", he offered, his smile still bright on his face. Sakura didn't know what took her at that very moment, but she matchedhis boldness.

"Is that even allowed, Kato-sama, to go out with one of your employees?", she purred, stepping closer to him and flashing him a playful smile. She saw Kato swallow a little harder than necessary and revelled in her little feat.

"Luckily, it isn't unless I start showing favotirism towards you.", he replied cooly, brushing his hand agaiinst hers again. "I'll see you there at eight then, okay?", he asked cheerfully. It was nice to have someone so openly display their pleasure to spend time with her.

That evening, Sakura made her way back to her appartment with a bounce in her step. She had a date! Finally. Ino would be proud of her. She had to make sure to see her soon and share the news. But not tonight, she had to meet Kato in a little over an hour. She took a quick shower and fixed her hair immediately after, not wanting to allow it to go wild. She had no time for that.

When she grabbed a fresh pair of undies from her drawer, she screamed in frustration. They all had the bottom cut off.

"Goddamnit, Kakashi-sensei! You'll pay for this!", she screamed at her window, hoping he was still close enough to hear her. He even had the audacity to leave a note wishing her a nice date. It seemed that he was thoroughly spying on her. He would be paying for this. Literally. He had destroyed for a little fortune's worth of undies and she definitely didn't have the cash to replace her whole stash right now.

She sighed, putting on a torn pair anyway, guessing it would be better than nothing. It was still the middle of summer in Konoha, so she opted for a light white summer dress. She gave herself a quite look over in the mirror, deciding that she looked presentable enough before slipping her shoes on and heading for the pub.

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