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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensei, You're Late

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its character and make no money from this.

Chapter Six:

Sakura was too stunned by his question to respond at first. She had no idea where the hell it was even coming from. Kato hadn't done bad to her. He stepped closer to her again, now barely a few inches apart, and grabbed her wrist when she tried to back off.

"What did he do?", he repeated himself.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Kakashi-sensei! Let go!", she whined, grimacing and trying to free her wrist. She had never seen her teacher like this, it worried her quite a bit and almost made her fear him for a second. He was definitely a ninja to be reckoned with and could kill her in the next second if he wanted to. But she knew he would never, so she felt safe again, although very uncomfortable.

"Why is his scent so strong on you? Did he...", he asked, hesitating at the end of his question. He didn't feel like he wanted to hear it if he had really taken her, made her officially his.

"Did he what? Rape me? Of course not!", she growled back, finally understanding why he had said that she smelled, and how it could possibly have caused such a reaction out of him.

"Whatever would make you think that?", she added, now frowning and glaring at him openly.
Kakashi chose this moment to finally let go of her and step back a little. Right. He was her boyfriend, it was only natural that their relationship progress this way. He had to get a grip on himself and calm down. It was beyond him why it had affected him so much.

"Oh... I guess I'm not ready to see my favorite student grow up and lose her cherry so fast, I guess.", he joked, ruffling her hair. He noticed that a bright blush crept up her cheeks at his comment and she looked away a little, scratching the back of her head.

"We haven't gotten that far yet, sensei.", she reponded sheepishly, thoroughly embarrassed.
Kakashi was a little relieved at this, though he preferred not to go and imagine what they had been doing the previous night to make her smell so strongly. Either way, he now made it his personal mission to get in between them and prevent a disaster from happening. Kato wasn't the right guy for her, he was sure of it. He would just hurt her in the long way. He couldn't let that happen now, could he?

"I see.", he answered her simply before motioning to the training grounds. "So let's train."
That particular day, they had worked on a long-range jutsu, so that her skills would be more well-rounded and she'd have a better chance at making it to jonin. It was a simple fire ball jutsu, but it would help repel enemies in a dire situation. One thing Sakura was certain about was that fire was not her chakra type. She wasn't learning it fast and it frustrated her to no end. Kakashi had assured her that she would get it in time, that it was normal. Like it mattered.

Kakashi chuckled internally as he caught himself thinking that he somewhat felt like a neglected puppy. His student had cancelled on their movie date this Friday because Kato had wanted to sleep over. It wouldn't be appropriate to have both of them in her house at the same time. Not if her boyfriend wanted to have her all to himself to ravish her and-

"I'll see you tomorrow, Kakashi-sensei.", she let out as she started walking back towards the city, waving her hand.

"You cancelled the movie yesterday.", he called out quickly.

Sakura turned back to himself, somehwat surprised he had even brought it up. Did it really matter? "So?", she asked, shrugging her shoulders.

"So you're coming over to my place so we can make up for lost time.", he ordered more than offered, with his happy eye crease to sweeten the deal.

She looked back at him suspiciously, wondering if he had a plan in the back of his mind to make her pay for this somehow. She really hadn't thought that he would care at all when she had called him to cancel. Maybe the mighty Kakashi felt lonely? After all, she never really saw him spend time with others, apart from the occasional drinking out he had with the other jonin.

"Um, okay. Sure, I don't have anything planned tonight.", she let out, waiting for him to step ahead of her and lead the way. She didn't remember the last time she had seen his place, to be honest. She must have been fifteen or so. She had heard he came back from a mission pretty beat up be had refused to come to the hospital anyway. So she had hunted him down all the way to heal what he called a minor injury that didn't require immediate medical attention. The man had his arm nearly chopped off, for Kami's sake!

Kakashi had to remind himself to stop at the video store on the way back, because he owned no movies. He was even lucky to have a tv, since he never watched it. It was a miracle. Hm, maybe Kami liked him after all. It would explain why he was still alive at thirty four after so many S-class missions. Yeah, that had to be it.

Once a his place, he told her to make herself home. His place was very modest, but nonetheless larger than hers. He had two bedrooms, for some reason. He had seen fit to have two in the case of an impromptu overnight visitor. It had never happened. That bed had never been touched. For a while, he had even set Mr. Ukki in the room, happily telling it that it now had its own room all to itself! It had taken a week before Kakashi had remember the room now had an occupant and to go and water him. It was almost dead. He had made sure to apologize plenty to the poor plant, desperately feeding it some fertilizer and lots of water to prevent it from dying. And that was how the room had become empty again.

Sakura sat on the couch quietly after checking the place out quickly. It was nothing out of the ordinary and propably fit all of his needs perfectly. He was such a simple man. The kitchen was open, only the counters and a half wall seperating it from the living room. The dining set was in the empty space besides it, sitting plainly in the undecorated room. Just as much could be said about the living room. Two couches adjacent to one another, a carpet, a coffee table and a tv.

"Something to eat or drink?", he offered as he walked in the kitchen. Shit. What did he even have? He knew he had to have some tea that must have been sitting in one of his cupboards for the past three years... Or had he thrown it away?

"Do you have anything to munch on while we watch the movie?", she called back, resting her head back on the top of the couch and watching him from the corner of her eye. He was going through each of his cupboards.

Really? He had nothing? How was that possible, the famous Copy Ninja had to be ready for a sudden movie night at any time, he surely was that attentive. 'You never have movie nights.', he reminded himself before surrendering to his empty kitchen. He had nothing.

"I think we can order something.", he offered poorly. He felt quite stupid right then. He had invited her here and he didn't even have anything more than water to offer her. When he saw her answer by a nod, he picked up his nearly rusty phone and threw it to her. She caught it easily and threw him a confused look.

"I never order.", he answered her silent question. He had no number or pamphlets lying around anywhere so he had to hope she knew one by heart. And she did, luckily. She ordered them some fried rice and beef stew it seemed. They hadn't even taken the time to lunch in their training, too focused on it. He now realized he was quite hungry, and so must she.

They stayed quiet, engaged in friendly chatter until their food finally arrived and they ate in comfortable silence in the so-called dining room. It had to be too small to be called that, really. Once their meal was consumed, they moved back to the living room and finally started their movie. It must've been around eleven already, he noted as he looked out the window.

Somewhere along the boring movie, he slipped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her a little closer. Almost like that night they had made up after their little argument. He smiled a little as Sakura leaned into his touch, settling her head on his shoulder. He guessed the move was unconscious since she was so into the movie, but it didn't matter. He liked holding her close like this. It felt comfortable. Natural.

Around the end of the movie, she was gripping his jacket and biting her lip, whining that it couldn't possibly end like that. He was just glad it was finally over. She nearly squealed as the credits rolled back and picked up the box.

"Oh, good thinking Kakashi-sensei, you picked the one that has the sequel in it too!", she said, as happy as he was disappointed. Had he really? He really should pay more attention when picking out movies... Without even asking him his permission, she jumped off the couch and popped the sequel in the player and hastily plopped herself back on the couch, cuddling closer to him. Heh, who was he to complain when he had a beautiful girl almost in his lap.

When the second movie ended, he was almost asleep. The only thing that had kept him from doing so were the reactions of the girl at his side, constantly whining, encouraging or gripping him whenever something sad, happy or dangerous happened. So constanstly. He stretched before wrapping his arm more tightly around her, looking down at her wide, happy eyes.

"Well, since it's so late, why don't you spend the night here since it's so late?", he offered, his eye drooping a little more than usual in his tired state. Sakura blushed a little at his offer, it reminded her a little bit too much of last night. The same situation had happened with Kato, he had stayed too late watching movies so she had asked him to stay.

"Oh. Well, if you offer it so nicely... I can't turn down such a good host, can I?", she joked, lightly swatting his arm. He grinned and stood up, immediately picking her up so she was facing him and her legs were on each side of his waist.

"I even offer the complimentary human warmth.", he joked back, grinning widely enough for her to see through the mask. Sakura tried to struggle free of his hold for a little, finding this position a little too intimate for someone who was involved, but something tugged at her, pushed her to keep going with this light play.

"Hmm, but what good host keeps a mask on in front of his guest?", she threw back, biting her lip a little. She started feeling a little guilty when warmth started pooling in the bottom of her belly, but casual play with another man wasn't wrong if it led to nothing, right? She had read that in some magazine... Flirting with others helps a relationship stay interesting, it said. Kakashi took his time leading them to his bedroom, even though it was unconscious. What teacher in their right mind would bring their student to bed?

"Well... You could take it off, but be warned that it is at your own risk. What's under the mask can be quite a dangerous weapon...", he whispered, leaning his head closer to hers as he opened the bedroom door. Sakura lifted her fingers to his mask, lingering for a little as she hesitated. She was the only one, that she knew of, that had seen him without his mask even once. Could she make it to two times? What about his threat? Biting her lip again, she lowered his mask slowly, blushing as she noted again how handsome he was. Before she even knew it, he had laid her down on the bed and hovered above her.

"I warned you this would be dangerous.", he scolded, a playful smile on his face. Sakura felt herelf melt a little, not even actually realizing what their position might look like to others. Or what she was really doing. The unconscious part of us really had a way to sneak up and control us, didn't it?

"I like playing with fire. That's why I become a kunoichi.", she let out, sounding just a little less confident than she wanted to sound. And without hesitation, Kakashi was down on her, pressing his body against hers and holding her in a gentle kiss. Sakura felt herself shiver, and pressed back against him. He took this as an encouragement and let his hand slide down her hip to her thigh, lifting to settle himself snuggly between her legs.

He deepened the kiss, dominating it completely. She was a little at a loss as to what to do, but Kakashi didn't leave her much to do, his tongue didn't take long to bully hers in a quiet dance. He was definitely feeling hotter, breaths coming shorter and it wasn't long before he felt his body react. He alsoo didn't hesitate to rub the proof against her own crotch, gripping her thigh a little tighter. Kami, she felt good against him. He had meant to... Well, he didn't really know, tease her, he guessed, but now he wanted her bad. He wasn't letting her go.

Sakura felt like her body was lit on fire when he had rubbed against her. It made her imagine all sorts of unholy things. It just felt so good. It seemed like Kakashi knew perfectly what she was thinking, because he moved his lips down to her neck, placing hot, open kisses there while his free hand sneaked under her shirt to fondle one of her breasts. She let out a moan when he hit a sweet spot, bucking against him and tightening her legs around him. He let out a shaky breath and quickly pulled her shirt off her, losing no time to push her bra aside and take nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue.

Sakura could feel that she was pretty wet, she was slick against her undies and it made her blush. Surely he could tell, she guessed, closing her eyes to try and avoid embarrassment. She was right, too. He definitely smelled her arousal and it turned him on even more. She wasn't going anywhere tonight, he repeated to himself, as if he needed to be convinced. He lifted himself off of her just a little to pull her shorts down before getting rid of his jacket and shirt. He could only grin in pride as she watched him, eyes clouding further in lust at the sight of his body.

He didn't hesitate to press himself flush against her again. She bucked her hips against him again, making him grunt at the rush of pleasure. She really liked that sound, she decided, as she did it again. Kakashi growled lowly, refusing to let go of control in this encounter. He gripped her hips and rubbed his erection against her crotch again. She let out another shaky moan, blushing brightly and now panting. He could see her lips mouthing some words she wasn't able to say. He didn't lose anymore time in removing his pants, now only wearing his boxers. He lifted both of her legs at her thighs so that she would wrap them around him again and she obeyed his silent order easily, quivering as he rubbed back agains her, teasing her and watching her reaction.

He could now feel that she was wet and ready for him, even with so little foreplay. His Sakura was quite responsive now, wasn't she... He lowered a hand to her womanhood, teasing her clit with soft massages, earning himself another moan and even a little growl of frustrating when he pulled back. She tightened her hold on his lips with her legs, pulling him back against her.

"I can't remove your panties if you hold me so tight, now can I?", he let out playfully. She looked embarrassed, but loosened her hold. He could see her unfocus for a moment, faltering. He wouldn't allow that, he thought with a frown. He hurried to remove her panties and lowered himself on his elbows between her legs. Sakura watched him with wide eyes, obviously about to protest, but she threw her head back with a groan when he slowly dragged his tongue between her folds. She gripped the sheets tightly, he could see. He grinned. That was it, he would his beautiful Sakura come tonight. Her moans came in more broken and closer as he teased her clit with his tongue, in slow circles, sometimes giving a kiss. She was panting and throwing her head from side to side every now and then to cope with the sensations assaulting her body.

He could tell she was really close when she whimpered. He added more pressure to her clit and slowly, carefully slid a finger into her waiting entrance, making her gasp loudly. She switched her grip on the sheets to his hair, pushing him just a little more against her. Now she was letting out small "ah"s and "oh"s as she tightened every muscle in her body, getting ready for the big moment. He started a slow pumping space with his finger, making small circle motions with it as well, knowing it would hit just the right spot. And it did. She was almost screaming as her orgasm hit her, convulsing a little against his head as she gripped him tighter and called Kami.

Oh, Kami, she thought as she tried to recover her from her second ever orgasm. Were they really always this good, she wondered as she started letting her body relax. She couldn't bring herself to relax when she head Kakashi take off his last piece of clothing. She felt an alarm ring in her head when he slid the head of his cock across he folds to moisten it. Only another moan came out. Where was her voice gone?

"K-Kakashi-sensei... W-Wai-", she gasped as he didn't wait for her to finish her sentence, he was already pushing into her, half-way in by the time she started on the word "wait". He buried himself to the hilt, shutting his eyes tightly at the pleasure rushing over him. Sakura let a tiny moan, unsure of how to react now that her teacher had taken her virginity before she was even sure she wanted to let him. Now she was definitely cheating on Kato! She pushed againt his shoulders a little, but the look in Kakashi's eyes as they opened weakened her will. If eyes could speak, they were definitely telling you that she was staying there and not moving.

His hips started a slowing rythm after a few moments, letting her adjust. He felt something stir in him, something told him he had won. He had made sure no one would take her virginity. He grunted when another wave of pleasure hit him, pushing him to speed up his space. Sakura was now once again a moaning mess under him, gripping at his shoulders for support.

"You're so beautiful.", he groaned against her ear, now not sparing her and going full speed, his hips hitting her with a small noise every time. "A-Ah! Ka... Kakashi-sensei!", she half-screamed, half moaned as she buried her head into his shouler. "It's too much!", she whimpered, panting hard. Her body felt like it was on fire, and if these waves of pleasure that hit her everytime he ground into her, she thought she would go crazy.

"Shh, it won't be long. I'll relieve it.", he reassured, whispering in her ear before giving it a quick peck. She nodded, trusting him entirely. She tried to calm down, bucking her hips against his every now and then when just holding onto him wasn't enough. He brought a hand between her legs again, pressing a finger against her clit and rubbing in her hard circles. He had her whimpering again, legs clamping againt him. She was so close. She started screaming broken syllables of his name, only screaming it completely when he climax hit her. He felt her grip his manhood and he grunted, losing control. He pounded into her a few more times before filling her with his seed, letting out a final grunt of pleasure and satisfication.

They fell asleep quickly after their short love-making session, but Sakura nonetheless awoke early the next morning, her eyes widening as she remembered what they had done.

"Oh, Kami!", she let out, shaking her head. How could she have done this to Kato? He had been so nice to her... Kakashi blinked open his eyes at the sound of her voice. She was sitting up by the time he was actually conscious.

"Good morning, sexy.", he mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and sitting up.

"No! I cheated on Kato! You can't say that like it's okay!", she snapped back angrily, tears forming in her eyes. Fuck. That was right. She had a boyfriend. Why had he even slept with her anyway? He remembered the urge to flirt with her that was too strong, the need to have her once things had gotten out of hand, her slight protest when he took her virginity, and he also remembered this swelling feeling in his chest at that moment, that no one had deflowered her. He had! How was that right? Nonetheless, the feeling was back, tampered down, but it was there. No one should touch Sakura. But him? How did that make sense?

She started to move out of the bed, but he gripped her arm and pushed her back on the bed, not roughly, but not delicately either. He placed light kisses on her neck. Fuck Kato.

"You're not going anywhere.", he let out, reveling in the feel of her body against his as he placed himself over her again, one hand roaming her body while the other held her head gently. He moved his lips to her for a slow, lazy kiss. She gave in for a moment, unable not to kiss him back. He could feel his morning wood pulsing and decided he might as well have his way with her this morning again. He slid his hand between her legs and started stroking her clit intently. He wanted her and now.

"Uhh... K-Kakashi-s...sensei! I can't!", she protested, though he could tell she was fighting back moans and her eyes already fluttered closed in pleasure.

"Worry after I give you another earth-shattering orgasm.", he proposed, ghosting his lips over hers before pressing them fully against hers, immedialtey slipping his tongue past them when she gasped as he slid a finger in her.

Sakura felt immensely guilty right at that moment, but Kakashi's expert hands and lips had her losing control. What did it matter now anyway, she had already slept with Kakashi the previous night, a voice whispered in the back of her head. She tried to protest again but he wrapped his lips around her nipple and nibbled, making her moan and lose her voice for any kind of complaining. He didn't lose much more time before putting his hands on each side of her head and sliding his manhood in her tight heat.

"Fuck.", he groaned closing his eyes tight. Sakura looked up at him, worried she had done something wrong, but blushed when she realized his face was contorted in pleasure. He threw his head back for a second before rolling them over so that she was on top of him, on her knees and laying over him. He gripped her butt cheeks tightly, and kept her in place while he plunged in her over and over again. Sakura felt powerless even in this position, only able to grip his shoulders and moan as he ravaged her body. Every muscle in her body was clenched and he could feel her so tight around him, making him pant and grunt. Kami, how did she turn him on so much?

It was only a few seconds before both of them were grunting and moaning in their climaxes. He gave a few more pumps, tempting his member into another round. It reacted quickly, hardening again, and Sakura gasped at the sensation.

"What are you doing?", she question, confused as to why he was already pumping in her again, biting back moans as she let her head his chest in resignation.

"I need more than a couple of fucks to be have had enough of you.", he ground out, only telling the truth.

It was a little while before Sakura was able to make her way home. She had never imagined that Kakashi would be so... Horny? How else could you describe someone who had trouble letting you go after three rounds of sex?

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