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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensei, You're Late

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Five:

The following week passed very quickly, as Sakura kept herself busy with work. She was a little overwhelmed by what had happened with Kakashi and Kato. She was still racked with guilt over playing him like that. She felt like an hormonal teenager. Maybe that was what she was after all? She didn't feel as bad about the time spent with Kato, though. She did feel quite attracted to him, and might really be a good guy for her. She just wasn't sure that she felt good about having gone that far so early.

She had lunched with Kato nearly every day that week, eating either at the restaurant he had first brought her, where he insisted on paying, or inside his office when they brought their own lunch. On Friday, he had even asked her out on another date. It had gone as smoothly as last time and they exchanged a few kisses, though this time after walking her home, he didn't ask to come in for a cup of tea. Sakura had felt uneasy all day, wondering if he had any expectations for the night because of how it had ended after.

But Kato was his perfect gentleman self. He had noticed that she was uncomfortable. Sure, he would definitely have loved to take it further, but he actually thought she was worth hanging around for. He hadn't meant for anything serious when he had first approached her, but he also had never been one for casual flings. He just felt great whenever he spent time with her. And at the age of 27, maybe it was time to think of settling down, he guessed. Nothing was set his stone, but he had his sights set on the feisty kunoichi.

"I enjoyed tonight.", he murmured into her ear. "I'll see you t work Monday?"

She nodded enthusiastically, so relieved that he wasn't trying to come in her appartment tonight. He rubbed his thumb over the hand he held, watching her for a little before he leaned down for one last kiss. He lingered just a little, deepening the kiss for only a moment before he pulled away and waved good bye.

Once in her appartment, she changed into comfortable pajamas and checked the clock. Ten. She bit her lip in hesitation before grinning and throwing herself on her couch. Late tv night, she decided. Barely a few seconds after starting on a movie, she felt Kakashi's chakra slip in through her bedroom window. She stared at her door, wondering what the hell he thought he was doing.

"Yo.", he greted as he opened the door as if it was his own. His eye crinkled in its usual way as he made his way towards her. He had actually avoided her this past week, in hopes of forgetting whatever might have happened between her and Kato in the kitchen. It had worked, he didn't feel the need to imagine what it would be like to have a taste of his cute Sakura.

"What are you doing here? Don't you know how to knock?", she spat out, staring at him with angry eyes.

"I thought I'd spent a little time with my favorite student. Maybe to make up for last week.", he let out evenly, not wanting to admit he felt had had gone a little too far with the pranks. What was he, Naruto? He sat down on the opposite side of her couch and made himself comfortable, in his jonin attire as usual.

Sakura felt herself soften at his hidden apology. He rarely apologized. She hung her head low a little, looking at him fro the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry for what I did too, Kakashi-sensei.", she spoke lowly, wishing they could just forget all about it.

He placed a steady hand on her shoulder and flashed her another happy eye crease. "Don't worry about it, Sakura. You tricked me good, I just might recommend you for jonin faster than I thought."
At this, her eyes lit up and her lips parted in shock. She squealed and threw herself at him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck as she pressed to his side, shouting thanks. He chuckled as he ruffled her hair. She really minded him of back when she was twelve right then. She was definitely cute. He smiled under his mask and tucked her head between his shoulder and his neck, allowing her to nestle comfortably against him.

"Well, let's watch that movie now, shall we?", he offered looking down at her.

She nodded happily, so glad that he let go of the whole story so easily and agreed to spend time with her had missed his presence a little this week.

By the end of the movie, Sakura was sound asleep against him, even snoring every now and then. He picked her up carefully and went to deposit her on her bed. He stroked her heek tenderly as he sat besides her after pulling the covers up over her small body, watching her sleep for a little. The girl had definitely grown on him with time. As a child, she had annoyed the hell out of him with her whining and pining over the Uchiha who wanted nothing to do with her.

She had aged to be a fine woman, he remarked to himself. She was beautiful, would be a great jonin one day, and barely no medic could rival her skills to heal. She had quite the temper, but he was fond of it. It kept things interesting and prevented from settling too much of a boring routine. He didn't spent much more tie there, heading back to his own appartment to sleep.

The following weeks were quiet as spent most of her time working to pay some bills she had fallen behind on, and the rest either hanging out with Kato or training with Kakashi. Surprisingly enough, he now came every Friday night to watch a movie with her. They hadn't cuddled like the first time again, but Sakura certainly felt the urge to every now and then. On the other side, her relationship with Kato was progressing. He had even spent one night with her, just to cuddle with her in her bed. He had said that he felt the need to spend even more time with her. He admitted he was growing quite attached to her that night.

Sakura had turned on the other side, breaking their spoon position to face him, blushing hadn't foreseen anything like this happening. She din't have the confidence to do more than hope that things would go well between them, and now he was admitting he had feelings for her.

"I've grown really fond of you too, Kato...", she whispered, her voice very timid.

"I'm glad.", he murmured before leaning in to kiss her and stroke her neck. She returned his kiss shyly, She felt her breath hitch when he wrapped an arm around her and pulled her against him, immediately deepening the kiss. He knew just how to kiss her to get a reaction from her by now, and he wasn't scared to use those methods. He used his tongue to play with hers while one of his hands grasped her toned butt. She moaned into the kiss, losing herself in it. He didn't move them from their position, he liked it like this.

He slipped his hand under her shirt carefully, making sure she wasn't backing away fro his touch before fondling one of her breasts. She let a shaky breath out and raised a hand to his naked chest, exploring it timidly. His free hand pushed her shirt up above her head and he pressed open kisses on the soft mounds of her breasts, loving each gasp she would let out. She felt her cheeks flush, though she suspected it wasn't a blush for once. A consuming heat was gathering in her belly, like when he had pleasured her in the kitchen.

He sucked lightly on one of her nipples before slipping a hand under her shorts and underwear, stroking her clit right away in small circles. She let out a groan a gripped his arm tightly, shutting her eyes and biting her lip. It wouldn't take him long to coax her into climax at this rate. He rolled over her, a knee on each side of her as he hovered above her. He lost no time, wanting to hear her cry for him. He took one nipple in his mouth again, toying with it with his tongue, tweaking the other nipple with his left hand while the right added more pressure to her clit and picked up the pace. It wasn't long before she bucked against him, letting out uncontrolled moans.

She came when he pinched her clit just the right way, crying out his name in a broken manner. He grinned against her breast, male ego swelling intensely as he heard his name. He was a gentleman, but even gentlemen had a libido. His erection was straining painfully against his sweats. When Sakura came down from her eye, she noticed just how clouded his eyes were, realizing he must want release quite badly right then. She slid her hand down to the hem of his pants, slowly slipping her finger underneath the wasitband of them.

His eyes never left hers as she wrapped her hand around his manhood, uncertainty clear in her eyes. He flashed her a bright smile and stroked her cheek to comfort her, assuring her it wouldn't be hard to please him. She nodded, biting her lip as she started pumping her hand in a slow rythm. A moan broke from his throat and he closed his eyes, focusing on the feeling of her hand around him. At first she lacked a little in technique, sometimes gripping too hard, but he simply grabbed her hand, guiding it to stroke the way he liked.

He started panting hard, knowing he didn't have all that long before he would cum. He considered for a second to try and coax her into taking him in her mouth, imagining what it would feel like to spill himself inside of it. The thought was enough to push him over the edge though, he with a loud grunt, he came on her stomach. He let out a satifised sigh as he plopped down on the mattress beside her.
Sakura excused herself shyly, heading to the bathroom to clean up the mess he had made on her.

Once she had turned on the light, she examined it in the mirror. It was white, sticky and gooey. How strange. It nonetheless felt somewhat pleasant as she rubbed it between her fingers. She didn't take long to clean up, not wanting to make him wait too long. She slipped back under the covers with him and he cuddled her, already half asleep it seemed.

"That was sweet.", he whispered in her ear before setting his head down and going to sleep. She nodded again, but her mind was too excited to fall asleep just yet. It looked like her twentieth year would be a success. She was doing great with Kato, and her training with Kakashi was progressing quickly. She would be back on missions in no time. The only thing left on her list now was to make it to jonin.

The next morning, after breakfast, Kato had headed back home, having some work to finish before the week-end ended. Sakura went about her morning lazily, she still had a while before she had to go meet Kakashi at the training grounds.

Kakashi, however, had great news for her once he arrived. An hour and a half late. She had been about to chew his ear out when he announced something she had been waiting for so long. "We have a mission in a month, Sakura.", he announced, his eye in a happy crease. Something made him stop in his tracks though.

"You smell atrocious.", he declared nonchalantly. He sniffed a couple ore time before he identified the smell. Kato. They had taken their relationship further, it seemed. His scent had been lingering on her for a while now, but this was more. He couldn't tell if she was a virgin or not anymore, and that sparked something in him. He was angry.

"What did he do to you?", he growled protectively, stepping closer to her.

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