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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sensei, You're Late

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of its characters and make no money from this.

Chapter Four:

Sakura arrived just on time for her date, her first ever! She was as excited as a genin in a weaponry shop. In the end, she had found one intact pair of undies before leaving, which she was very glad about. She really didn't know what to expect of Kato. She barely knew him after all. Would he be a gentleman? Or the total opposite? Would he would her home and try to kiss her? Her quetions evaporated as she saw him standing by the door of the pub, waiting for her. He waved at her as he noticed her.

"Hello, Sakura. You look lovely tonight.", he complimented giving a quick look to her outfit. It was simple but it complimented in all the right places. She blushed at his comment and thanked him, sliding her arm in his as he offered up. Looks like he would fit in the gentleman category, she chided happily to herself.

The pub was barely half full, but that was to be expected on a Monday evening. Kato led her to a booth, offering her the first seat. Sakura had to admit she was a little nervous, she had rarely ever drank before. Hopefully, he wasn't here for more than two or three drinks. If it went for more, she didn't know what she would look like at the end of the evening. He ordered a beer and something for them to munch on, while she had a fruity drink, unsure of what else she might like.

"So tell me a little more about yourself, Kato.", she asked before taking the first sip of her drink. It was sweet, that much could be said. At least she wouldn't have to hide a grimace every time she took a sip.

"Well, I'm a jonin, specialized in medical jutsu as we some long-range jutsu. I moved to Konoha because the Kazekage and Hokage thought it would be great to engage in each other's research and developpment to maintain a peaceful and productive alliance. I love my job and...", he struggled for something more to say, trying to find something interesting to say.

"I also enjoy reading very much.", he added with a small smile. For a moment, she couldn't help but wonder if he read certain perverted orange books. That would be for later, though.

"What about you?", he asked curiously, taking a long sip of his beer.

The pink-haired girl started with her occupation as he had, then continuing on with her education and some of the exciting missions she had gone on.

As the evening stretched, the couple got closer and closer in the U-shaped booth, until they were in the middle, their shoulders almost touching. Kato was really attracted to his female companion, he had to admit. She was definitely cute and endearing, but in the couple of hours they had spent together, she hadn't missed to show him her short-temper and he could guess that she packed quite the punch. He snaked his arm around her shoulders quietly, trying not to distract her too much from the conversation. His other hand found its way on top of of one of hers that was resting on the table.
Sakura, didn't miss the motion. She blushed slightly, but kept going with what she was saying, leaning into him a little more. She was very conscious of their positions, but tried not to worry about it too much. Kato didn't seem to have any idea behind his head and he was acting like a perfect gentleman. He had to be a good catch, she commented to herself as she watched him tell a story about how he had split open his leg as a genin, and how that had resulted in a nasty scar, poking the spot where it was, on the inside of his left thigh.

He paused after a little moment, bringing up his hand to stroke her cheek softly. Her skin was so soft. She was really beautiful. She had a slight red tinge to her cheeks and he wondered if it was from the alcohol or if she was blushing. Her lips looked very inviting right then. Would she let him kiss her, or was it too soon? He leaned down tentatively until their lips were barely a few inches apart. Sakura held her breath in excitment. She hadn't expected to try to kiss her even before they had left the pub.
Once he saw no negative reaction from her, he pressed his lips to hers for a chaste kiss. He lingered for a while, renewing the kiss a few times, stroking her neck tenderly at the same time. Sakura was blushing brightly by then, hoping they weren't giving too much of a show to the other customers. Soon enough he had pulled away though, and offered her his hand as he proposed to leave and walk her home. She just nodded, her voice caught in her throat.

They walked to her appartment in comfortable silence. He felt the girl he was holding tense a little as they stepped onto the steps to her building. He rubbed her arm affectionally. When they stopped at her door, he watched her for a second, playing absent-mindedly with a wrinkle in her dress.

"I had a great time with you.", he whispered, holding her waist and pulling her closer to him. She didn't protest and flashed him a timid shy. He took this as his cue to take the lead, she didn't seem used to this. He lowered his lips to hers again, this time a little harder but Sakura did not complain at all, she leaned into him. He waitedd a few seconds before deepning the kiss, skimming his tongue over her bottom lip in a similar way to what Kakashi had done. He held the back of her head gently and she parted her lips lightly. He smiled against her lips, accepting her invitation. He moved his tongue slowly against hers, so sensually. She moaned into his kiss, feeling the blood rush to her privates.

Kato bit back a moan of his own as he pressed her flush against him. She was very responsive, he chuckled to himself mentally. Sakura clutched his shoulders as he continued his soft assault on her outh, now stroking her back gingerly. She felt a little ridiculous for moaning like that, but it had seemed to encourage him . She didn't spend too long on that thought as the heat between her legs flared when his hand slid down her hip to the side of her thighs.

Kato was thoroughly surprised at how intense this kiss had turned. He had meant it to be rather innocent, maybe a little more intimate, but this was a lot more. He felt himself grow hard and distanced his hips from hers a little. The last thing he wanted was to scare her off. He pulled his mouth away from hers, leaving both of them breathless. Sakura watched him carefully, unsure of how to proceed. He quickly resolved the issue for her though.

"Would you... invite me in for a cup of tea?", he suggested, his voice lower and huskier than it had been back the pub. She didn't know what to answer. She knew this kind of invitation was usually in fact offering your bed for some sinful activities, and she was unsure if she was ready to take that step so fast. How could she possibly tell him now that she was a virgin? She nodded shyly, just to keep him around for a little longer.

Once inside her appartment, he resisted the urge to lower her on the couch and continue their little make out session, but Sakura seemed a little hesitant so he restrained himself. That didn't mean that he didn't allow his eyes to wander a little and appreciate her beauty. She made her way to the kitchen and started some tea. He wasn't sure what he had expected when asking the question, but he found it funny that she went straight for that.

"Sakura, I can go home if I'm making you uncomfortable.", he offered, feeling her hesitation. She quickly shook her head.

"N-No, it's not that. It's just... I don't know how fast I can take this.", she admitted, looking away from him. He smiled at her, finding her too cute to resist right then. He came up behind her, her front still against the counter she had been standing placed his arms around her waist and lowered his lips to her ear.

"We don't need to do anything you don't feel ready for, Sakura. If you tell me no, then I'll respect your decision. It will be for another date.", he comforted her, hugging her loosely to him. He felt her relax at her words. She turned around slowly, looking up at him with a bright blush. He stroked her hair, watching her reaction. She parted her lips a little and let her eyelids slide closed. He hoped he wasn't wrong about her body language as he leaned down for another kiss. She immediately wrapped hier ars around his neck and tried to mimick the way that he had kissed her earlier. He let out a shaky breath as she rubbed her tongue against his hesitantly. It felt like he appreciated this as much as she did. Good, she wasn't doing a horrible job at kissing.

He surprised her when he set his hands on the back of her thighs and lifted her on the counter, settling comfortably between her thighs without ever breaking the kiss. This time, she felt his erection against her crotch and it made her moan again as she clenched her thighs around him at the sudden heat between them. Kato took this as encouragement, pressing himself more tightly to her, breaking the kiss only to catch his breath. He brought one hand up to her chest, hesitantly feeling one of her breasts through her dress. She leaned into him a little more, too intrigued by the sensations washing over her body to stop now. She moaned louder into his mouth when he tweaked a nipple between his fingers.

"K-Kato...", she breathed out, unsure of what she wanted to say. "it's... It's so hot down there.", she let out sheepishly, hoping he wouldn,'t find her choice of words stupid. He grinned against her lips, apparently approving. He ghosted his hand over her body as his hand headed south before slipping underneath her dress, making her breath hitch. Kato was wondering why she seemed so shy about all of this, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her all hot and bothered. He would do anything she allowed him to tonight, far too turned on to just stop by himself. With confidence, he slid a finger through her folds against her underwear.

The cry she let out made his arousal throb painfully, but he continued, rubbing her clit in slow, lazy circles until she bucked against him, now hugging him tightly to herself, her head nudged between his neck and shoulder, her breathing harsh. Something nagged at him then.

"Is this your first orgasm, Sakura?", he breathed out against her ear, giving it a quick kiss as well. He felt a little pride swell in him as she hesitantly nodded her head. He added more pressure to her clit and picked up his speed a little, bringing out another long and shaky moan from the gir he was holding. After a few more seconds before slipping his thumb her panties, keeping up his pace. She grunted against his shoulder, her breathing now erratic. She had fet her arousal spike as soon as she felt the warmth of his skin touch her, and she felt like she was going to break down, letting out uncontrollable moans and cries as he brought her over the edge. She felt her insides clenched and it was one of the most intense and delicious feelings she had ever felt, even if it lasted only a few seconds.

She relaxed against him for a couple of minutes as he let her come down from her high. Once she felt she was fine, she backed up a little to look at him, feeling very shy. He just smiled at her, though she could tell that his eyes were heavy with lust. And then she really didn't know what to do. She knew she should return the favor, but she didn't how, or at least she was too embarrassed to just go ahead and do it. He seemed hesitant as well, unsure of what her limits were.

She hesitantly lowered her head to his arousal, giving it an attempt at stroking it through the cloth of his pants. She felt it twich and gasped a little, surprised. All kinds of scenarios swam in Kato's head, most of them either about her on her knees taking him in her mouth of spreadingher legs some more for him, but he could tell she was quite uncomfortable and that he should call it a night. He took hold of her wrist gently, bringing it up to kiss her palm before speaking.

"It's okay, Sakura. This can wait. Seeing like this was enough for tonight.", he teased lightly before backing away a litttle. She gave him a small, timid smile, glad that he was so understanding. He kissed her cheek before giving her a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow.", he said softly before heading out.

Sakura immediately missed him, but she guessed it was better this way. She wasn't sure she could handle more tonight. She headed for bed, stripping of her clothing and putting it away neatly before she let herself fall on the bed.

That evening, Kakashi had been on his way to her appartment for some more mischief, but when he slipped in the window, he heard noises coming from the kitchen. Hm. It looked like she was really serious about acquiring some experience. Even though it didn't feel right doing this, he couldn't help but stay a little longer, until he heard her cry out her climax shakily. Right then, he probably wanted her about as bad as Kato, but he couldn't possiblly act on it. Hee grunted to himself, hurrying to leave before she felt him there or he did something more drastic like protect Sakura's innocence.

He didn't know where this possessiveness had come from, but he didn't see why he shouldn't act on it. She had played it, and he would return the favor without a doubt. Some cockblocking seeme like the perfect way to go. A little jealous voice in the back of his head told him that he wasn't doing this to get back at her, but rather because he felt that if he couldn't have then no one should, but he shooed it away quickly.

He was her sensei, for fuck's sake. He shouldn't be thinking of her that way. As soon as he was home, he headed for the shower, not hesitating to take care of his little urgent problem, only feeling guilty about using the sounds he had heard Sakura emit just a few minutes earlier only after the deed was done.

He spent most of the night arguing with himself over why he ouldn't possibly think of her that way, trying to beat down any other raging hard-on that tried to manifest itself.

Chapter Five: Click Here

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